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'Prom Night'

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A guy's prom night can be a night to remember, if you have the right buddy! I started out with my best (female) friend and ended up with my best (guy) friend, and a HOT limo driver!


Solo Touch Rocks! You Guys Are Awesome!

Every high school senior guy dreams of his prom night! The night to basically have a good time and hopefully get his rocks off! My dream of my prom night was no different. I was no different. I thought of myself as mostly straight, but I was beginning to become more and more curious about other guys and their bodies. I thought there was the possibliity I might be bi-sexual. My best guy pal was CJ. We were the same age and had been friends since junior high. He was half black and half white, but looked mostly white with straight, black hair and the most incredible blue eyes I'd ever seen. He also had an awesome body, buff pecks, six pack abs, hairy legs and a nice, big, thick dick! I'd seen him naked many times at school and hanging out at each other's houses. I had wondered MANY times what it would feel like to stroke his big dick! Little did I know that Prom Night would give me that opportunity.

CJ and I had worked out all the arrangements for 'our night' down to the last detail, from the tuxes, corsages, to the limosine. It was going to be a night to remember! I was taking my best 'gal pal' Stephanie and CJ was taking a girl named Ami. We weren't sure what would happen, but, we agreed not to masturbate for at least a couple of days before. We also bought a box of condoms, you know, just in case!

The day of the prom, we muddled through our day, barely able to think about anything else. Even the girls were excited! At 3:00pm we all made a beeline straight for our respective houses to start getting ready! I decided to take a nice, long, hot, relaxing bubble bath! But, as soon as I stripped off and climbed into the hot water and started relaxing, I started to think about CJ and his awesome bod. Well, my seven incher began to immediately swell. As I pictured CJ naked, I gave my rock hard cock a few mindless strokes, but stopped before I came! I wanted to save my reserves, if you know what I mean!

7:00pm finally rolled round and the limo arrived to pick me up. I immediately noticed that the driver was a REALLY hot college aged guy named Devin. As soon as he introduced himself, I liked him! We were supposed to go over to CJ's, get him and then over to Ami's house to pick up the girls. When CJ got into the limo, I couldn't believe how handsome he was in his tux. I couldn't take my eyes off him. If he only knew how bad I wanted to take his pants off him and introduce his cock to my hand! Well, him and Devin! (wink! wink!)

After Ami's mom taking many, MANY pictures of us we escaped for the prom about 7:45pm, arriving at the prom at 8:00pm. It was your pretty standard prom. The next two and a half hours we danced, ate snacks, had our portrait taken, and watched the captain of the football team and the head cheerleader get crowned king and queen. Bla, bla, bla! About 10:30pm we decided to leave. We 'arranged' to have the limo driver take us up to Indian Point so we could make out.

He parked the car and got out to go for a walk, leaving us and the girls alone. Well, we made out, kissing, touching, fondling, and having a great time. But after about an hour, the girls were ready to go. Reluctantly, we 'summoned' Devin and told him we were ready to go. We took the girls home and got a little good night kiss and drove away. Well, Devin asked us, 'Where to now, guys'? CJ and I looked at each other and I was hornier than hell and was NOT ready to go home. It was as if CJ read my mind and told Devin to take us back up to Indian Point. Devin immediately headed back for the lake.

On the ride up there, CJ kept smiling at me sheepishly. His hand was on his lap, but he moved it to let me see that he had developed a major hard on. Mine did the same. My stomach began to churn with anticipation! We arrived at the lake and Devin parked the limo. He started to get out and go for another walk, but CJ stopped him, telling him he was welcome to join us in the back if he wanted. Devin did not hesitate for a second!

Within seconds, he was in the back with us, I was between him and CJ and we were all three kissing and fondling each other. CJ was first to strip out of his tux, Devin and I soon followed suit. Soon CJ was on the floor, between my spread legs, jerking my throbbing hard cock off as Devin and I were kissing and I was stroking Devin off! I looked down to see CJ's massive cock and had to masturbate him! I grabbed him and started stroking his hard cock! Soon, we were all three moaning, groaning and breathing heavy. I couldn't take it and exploded all over CJ's bare chest! My single most awesome orgasm of my young life! Devin grunted then shot several white ropes across my legs! and CJ finally let loose with a major load all over my stomach and chest! It was grade A, number one, AWESOME!

After we recovered a bit and cleaned up using our underwear, we decided to repeat the experience, not once, but twice! Hey, we had the limo until 6:00am, so, Devin was at our service until then, and Devin was pretty awesome at providing service! (wink! wink!)

All in all, my prom night was a night I'll NEVER forget! CJ, Devin and I are still friends. I start college in the fall and I'm still a tad confused as to my sexual preference, but thanks to CJ and Devin, I'm a little clearer. I know I like to be jerked off, but really prefer a guy's hand! Sexy, good-looking guys just seem to know how it feels and are better at it in my judgement!

Hey, CJ, Devin, you guys know who you are! Thanks for that night! Let's get together again, soon! Love You guys!

Hope all you readers enjoyed my story!



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