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I became aware that my penis was a source of pleasure when I was five years old. Three of my cousins and I were spending the day at my aunt's house being watched by the nanny, a no-nonsense woman of about 45, who had authority to spank them for misbehavior. She never did this unless she had warned them of being spanked if they disobeyed one or more of the rules they were expected to follow. My cousin Sue who was about ten at the time had been trying the nanny's patience all day and finally pushed too far. She was told to go to her room, and get ready for her spanking, but made the mistake of refusing. The nanny picked her up, pulled her shorts and panties off, and began slapping her bare behind with her hand. The spanking must have lasted about five minutes because Sue's behind was red from the top of her cheeks to her knees. As I watched her behind turning red, I was aware for the first time that my little penis was hard as a rock. I went into the bathroom to carefully inspect it and wondered why I had not had this experience before. I held it between my thumb and forefinger, pulled on it and rubbed it between my hands like an Indian making a fire. This felt good, but I did not know enough to continue. I stopped, resumed playing, and when my mother returned, went home and then to sleep without any further attention to my penis. When I awoke the next morning, I was aware that my thing was hard again, and began rubbing its head against my leg which felt pleasant but still didn't continue for more than a few minutes. This process became a ritual; every morning before I got out of bed, I rubbed my penis against my leg and reproduced this pleasant sensation. I must have gone on like this rubbing my penis on my leg to get the feeling for six months or a year. The next improvement in technique was due to one of my cousins who spent several days with us while his parents were out of town. He slept in the other bed in my room, and was two years older than I so at the time I must have been about eight and he was about ten. When I awoke the first morning after his arrival, as usual I rolled over on my back and rubbed my penis on my leg. He could see that something was happening, and asked me what I was doing. I replied that I was getting my good feeling, and asked him if he did the ame thing in the morning. He got out of bed, and pulled my covers back to se what it was I was doing. He could see my little hard three inch penis sliding up and down on my leg. He watched for a few moments, and said that I could get a much better feeling if I held my penis with my thumb and two fingers. He pulled his own little hairless penis out, and demonstrated what he meant for me. I imitated him, and learned that he was right that this new technique was superior to mine. He also added the immensely valuable information that I should keep going until I came. I didn't understand him, so he said just keep going like I'm doing, and you'll see. We must have stroked away for about ten minutes when he lay back on the bed, began gasping for breath, his body stiffened and his penis began quivering and jerking in and out even when he was not holding it. Mine felt better than it ever had, but I hadn't felt anything like he apparently had. After he recovered, he insisted that I keep going, and after a while pushed my hand away and stroked my penis for me. Suddenly I began to feel the same pleasure that he had just experienced, and like him my body stiffened up, my breath was short, and I had the greatest feeling ever. He explained that had jacked off, and the feeling was called comming. He told me that in a few years I would be able to shoot when I came. I wanted to know how he knew all this, and he explained that his older brother who was 13 taught him how to do it.
I now learned the basics that all boys learn sooner or later. As my penis grew, I was able to wrap my fist around it and jack off properly. When I reached 13, my penis was six inches long when it was hard, I had the beginnings of pubic hair, and wasn't surprised when during a good orgasm, I shot off for the first time. By the time I was 15, my penis was 7 inches long with a hard on, and I could jack with both hands. My final technique consisted of starting by rubbing my penis head with the flat of my palm while holding the shaft with my fist. Then lubing up with vaseline, and jacking with one hand until I had my pecker really red. Then I would stop for a few moments, begin again until I began to feel the beginnings of orgasmic twinges, stopping again, repeating the process until I couldn't resist the need to come, them finishing with a two hand grip until I began to come. I always tried to keep going, but I always got so sensitive that I couldn't stand it and had to stop.



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