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Professor Pleasure

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This is my first year at university and I've had a lot of things to get used to. I share a dorm on campus and have been horny as hell since I moved here, sometimes running across campus between classes to let off some steam. I have a perfect tanned body with large c cups.

My first class was english with the 50-something seemingly uninteresting, monotonous-voiced Professor Holloway.

We were reading Virgil in the first few weeks, something I found particularly engaging and interesting. I had been told by my older university acquaintances that many professors do not object to spontaneous visits from legitimately interested students outside of their office hours. I had a class during the english professor's office hours but I had just read a really beautiful and enigmatic passage that I needed to discuss with someone. It was about eight at night, after the prof's office hours but I decided to pass by his office anyway.

I walked down the hallway and could see one door open and emitting an electric glow in the semi-darkness. I realised in a few more carpet-muffled steps that it was my professor's office.

When I got to the end of the corridor, I raised my fist as if to knock when I saw an unbelievable sight. The professor was sittting at his desk, watching porn on his computer and jacking off.

I was intrigued and too shocked to move or say anything. The professor was still oblivious. Finally, I turned to go when the floor under me creaked audibly and the professor discovered my presence.

I apologised for the intrusion and turned to go. The professor turned around, zipped up then turned again to face me and apologised. He said he didn't know anyone was here and shouldn't have left the door open but got carried away.

I was amazed at his ability to compose himself. He apologised again and told me not to be embarrassed. He asked if he could make it up to me by making me a cup of tea, and remembering my original purpose for coming here, I said sure and allowed him to lead me into the room by the hand.

I sat down at the visitor's chair on one side of the desk while he bustled around making the tea. I told him about the enigmatic virgil passage and we chatted amiably for a while. I must have shifted around in my chair too much because he turned around to ask if I was uncomfortable then saw the flushed look on my face and the popup on the computer screen of a woman fucking a huge cock and pinching her nipples.

By this time the tea was ready and as he bent down to place my cup on the desk in front of me, he brushed my breast (perhaps not by mistake), which sent a jolt of electricity up my spine and made my nipples both instantly rock hard. I brushed my hand up the side of his inner thigh as he stood back up, which renewed his erection.

Emboldened, I apologised again for having intruded and told him that I knew the frustration of not being able to finish yourself off. I asked him to allow me to finish him off since I had interrupted him. Without waiting for him to respond, I unzipped his fly and let his eight inch erection out. Since we had gone this far, I decided to get my horniness over at the same time and stuck the other hand down my own pants as I stroked the professor's cock.

When he was about to come, the prof unbuttoned my shirt and pulled out my tits with their hard nipples, caressed them a little and then blew his load all over them. While I continued to masturbate myself, my orgasm getting closer all the time, he licked and sucked my nipples. To make it last longer, I took my hand out of my pants.

Who would have known that behind the glasses, greying hair and scholarly expression would be the extremely virile object of my carnal desire?



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