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Pro Organ Pleno

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To the other organ students who have written in. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much!


I am shy. My best friend says I am 'terminally shy'. I only started to play with myself six months ago and only then under the covers with the light out. I would never have dared to do anything else...until two days ago.

I love Solo Touch and it has helped me to cum.

OK. My lesson is in a large cathedral in the UK. I am allowed the organ key to practice and it is a very large intrument dating back to the 1500s. Once in the door you can lock it and you are in a world within a world. Guided tours take place all the time and the place is never empty. Behind the door is a wooden staircase going up then turn left up again left again and up to a landing. Half way up I realised that I was there on my own and I could do anything I wanted. For a moment I stood on the step and just lifted my skirt around my waist and stood there. I looked down at my knickers and then had the baddest idea to tug them down round my thighs. So I was naked from the waist down. I was so turned on I could smell myself.

I touched a little and then I knew I had to cum in that dusty old organ. I sat on the step and pulled my knickers off. I leaned back wich was uncomfortable but also helped a lot as in my head I imagined someone about to do it to me on the steps. I guess it was a rape thought really, and that's bad, but it helped me.

I spread my legs and touched myself. I can't tell you how fast my heart was going and that I could not even breath with excitement.

I felt something between my legs deep in my tummy. This was not some light build up to orgasm that I knew about. This was something urgent something big. So I backed off then touched again. It came back stronger than ever and I didnt know what it was. It didnt feel like an orgasm coming at all. I hitched my t shirt up over my boobs and pinched my nipple like I thought a guy would do if he was forcing me. Then I touched again and was determined not to stop.

The pressure built so fast and almost took my breath away with it. Then suddenly it exploded between my legs. I had the most powerful orgasm I have ever known. It was so much I cried out several times I couldn't help it. Then I felt and heard something.

I dont know how to tell you this but I wet myself. I've read about 'squirting', but this was pee. I cummed so hard I peed onto my knickers and onto the organ's staircase too.

I lay there and thought about what to do. I slipped my knickers off and used the tiny dry parts to clean myself up. The rest was already soaked into the old wood and I couldn't do anything about that.

I rearranged my t shirt and walked to the console and switched on the blower. I heard someone call up. Looking over the rail I saw a tour guide. 'I heard you cry out are you ok?' I must have turned all shades of read. 'Mouse.' I said. 'I slipped on the stairs.'

My practice session was not one of the best because I could not help but think about what a slut I had just been. What MUST I have looked like lying on those stairs, t shirt up and at myself like some bitch in heat? Disgusting....but then again....

So apart from the peeing which scared the crap out of me will I do it outside of my bedroom again? Probably, but not till I know how to stop myself wetting myself.

I have to be honest though. I liked it. No. That's not right. I mean. I have been thinking about wetting my knickers you know...on purpose.

I don't think that's normal though.



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