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Private Time

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Im a Freshman in college and we have Fall Break. I had to come back early for a program I signed up for. Since I'm back early neither of my roomates are here.

I was surfing the web with no bottoms on and got really horny. I love taking digital photos and short clips of myself naked. I got out the camera and started taking pictures, they came out well and that made me even hornier. I went back to the computer to surf the web some more when I got horny all over again. I can self suck but hadn't done it in a while. I got onto a bed and threw my legs over my head. To my surprise I was in perfect position to lick and suck the head of my nice black dick. Before I got too carried away, I got my camera again. I got back into position and took some pictures of me licking and sucking myself. I got a lil wilder and took a few 30sec clips of myself.

I went back to the computer with a rock hard dick to surf the web for the third time. I found some porn, and it was some hardcore fucking. It put me in the mood to fuck something myself. I looked around to find anything that would work. I found one of those big foam hands with the finger pointed. I put my dick inside, but it was too rough. If I was at home I could've used a sandwich bag or something, but I was back in my dorm room. I went into my drawer and found a smooth plastic bag. I put some lotion onto my pre-cumming dick and shoved all seven inches inside. Again I was inspired. I postioned my camera towards the end of my desk, along with my desk lamp for lighting. I hit the capture video button and began fucking my home made sex toy. It felt so good, and I knew that after all of my previous activities, that I wouldn't last long. I fucked the hand harder until I came inside of it. It felt so good that it hurt, and I couldn't keep my dick inside of it any longer. It was just too intense a feeling. I pulled out my dick to find that I had left my deposit completely inside the foam hand, my dick was pretty much clean. After a small rest, I was back on the internet looking at even more porn! I couldn't believe how horny I was, and how long my dick had been fully erect, even after cumming!

I thought back to my short self suck session and decided that I wouldn't waste this opportunity to suck my own dick. I got back onto my roomate's bed and threw my legs over my head again. This time my dick wasn't as close to my mouth as it was before, but after a little muscle relaxing, it was where I wanted it to be. I teased the underside of my dick head licking and flicking it with my tongue. It felt good, but it was time to move on to another trick. By rythmically 'bouncing' my legs up and down above me, I managed to fuck my own mouth. As my dick entered my mouth, I sucked it hard, making a popping sound when it pulled back out. I would never be able to do this with my roomates on campus. I kept fucking my face until my dick head was really sensitive. I stopped and went back to my computer for the fourth time. I watched a few more fuck clips, my dick never lowering an inch. The entire time this all was happening, my dick never stopped pre-cumming. This was the most pre-cum I had ever seen come out of my own cock. I was amazed and turned on even more.

Finally, I could stand it no longer! Even without the porn my dick was aching and begging to cum. I rubbed under the head while I watched a clip or two. The precum worked so well, and I was so close to cumming. I looked and glanced over to see my new home made sex toy. I pulled out the plastic bag, and felt inside with my finger. There was my entire load. I turned it inside out, and rubbed my STILL HARD DICK with it up and down. It was so smooth, better than any other lube I had ever used. Some of my cum managed to slide down to my balls as I was lubing up my dick. I rubbed my balls, spreading my cum all over them. I never really played with my balls while I jerked off, but it felt great! I rubbed my semi-loose balls with my left hand, and stroked my hard dick with the right. The sound of moaning of a porn clip in the backround made it so hard to hold back. I jerked my cock harder and really massages my balls. I came hard!, but my cum was more like a fluid this time. My cock head was so sensitive that I couldn't touch it, I had to focus on the shaft. I massaged the rest of my cum out of my dick, and spread it all over. My dick and balls were now glazed in two coatings of cum. I just looked at myself. The cum made my dick radiate a chocolate glow. I'm light skinned so my dick is a nice brown.

This may sound weird, but as I was writing this, I could feel my balls pulsating. This post was way longer than it was supposed to be, but these past few hours have been so intense! The only thing that could've made this better would've been a friend to share it with. I'm not gay, I'm actually abstinent, so I haven't even had sex. I release my sexual tension through masturbation and of course my own little Amateur Porn. Hopefully before the semester ends, I will have found someone else at Villanova who wouldn't mind joining me once. I hope you all enjoyed my story, it just happened October 11th starting at around 1:00am. I don't think my dick can handle another round, but I have four more days of privacy! Believe me, I will be posting again!



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