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Private Mental Pleasures

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This is submitted in appreciation for the recent stories by Squeeze Girl and Lee, and an older story by an anonymous contributor ('Masturbation Fetish')


I have always craved the intimacy of knowing what other people do in private. Especially females. As a teenager, it was common knowledge that guys were masturbating, but girls? The very idea that a girl I knew might be home alone in her bedroom doing what I was doing; having thoughts and feelings and fantasies just like mine, would have given me so much satisfaction, and I guess some confidence that I was okay. (I wish Solo Touch had been around then.)

Like Squeeze Girl, I would have regular days and extra horny days. On regular days, I might tease my nipples while I enjoyed the feeling of hardness in my dick, then remove my shorts, get out the lube, and watch myself in the bathroom mirror while I teased and stroked myself until I came. I would try to imagine what a bare pussy might look like, or whether a girl would like seeing my bare dick. Or think about a girl with bare legs and panties and try to imagine her bare ass. Those were regular days.

On extra horny days, I would crave something in my ass. While I teased my nipples and tightened my ass muscles and watched my hard dick throbbing against my underpants, I would imagine myself bending over and feeling something pushing into my lube-coated ass. That would start a titillating search for the right object to stick in me. My mom's douche nozzle, a bottle from the medicine cabinet, a candle, a pen or pencil. Even the act of getting the lube out, smelling it, and rubbing it between my buns was part of the erotic foreplay.

Sometimes, I would play mind games like 'Maybe I'll just put lube there but not actually penetrate myself.' I'd apply the lube, then rub some into my nipples while I looked in the mirror, bending over the sink a little bit to help me imagine myself fully bent over and getting it in the ass. I might have the douche nozzle on the sink top in front of me, so I could look at it and think about what it would feel like sticking all the way up my ass, while teasing myself about maybe not doing it today at all. I'd coat the nozzle with lube to add to the reality of my fantasy. Each little act of preparation got me closer to the reality of having it up my ass. When I couldn't take it any longer, I would bend over the sink and just touch the tip of it against my hole and imagine the feeling of it going in me. Finally, I would stick it in a little, pull it out, and then stick it in some more until I felt it filling me. I might pause for a long time like this, rubbing my nipples or just teasing the end of my dick by rubbing some precum around it, and enjoying the feeling in my ass. When I finally beat off, it was the most delicious sensation on earth, and I would try to savor it as long as I could. Extra horny days and the prolonged process made the orgasms especially intense.

Then came the feelings of shame and mild disgust with myself that other writers described so well. Sometimes I would swear of ever doing it again, but would yield to the temptation the next time an extra horny day came along.

I so strongly relate to the person who wrote 'Masturbation Fetish.' I don't think of it as a fetish, but as a fascination. She said, 'Basically, I masturbate thinking of watching others masturbate and I love to hear all the little details in the stories, mostly the female ones.' Like her, I love to hear the little details of other people's masturbation experiences, especially females. The idea of you letting me see into your private, taboo world is so wonderful and intimate. As much as I enjoy hearing what you do to pleasure yourselves, hearing your inner thoughts and feelings is what really turns me on and makes me feel connected. I can't get enough of that!



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