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Private Anal Pleasures

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I guess I am lucky because the older I seem to get, the hornier and more interested in sex and masturbation I become. I have been an avid masturbator since I discovered humping my pillow while thinking about penises in about third grade. I had much guilt surrounding this activity-I actually thought that orgasm would somehow harm me-until I read an article in a magazine about masturbation and felt soooo very relieved to know that others we doing it too! From then on I enjoyed myself knowing that I was not harming myself, despite some infrequent bouts of Catholic guilt.

To set the stage I must tell you that I am fairly attractive, although slightly overweight, with an hourglass figure-large high firm ass and large breasts that are still sitting pretty perky with beautiful pert nipples. I have a very active imagination for fantasies which always accompany my self-pleasure sessions. I love to imagine myself with women, watching my husband with another woman, watching my husband masturbate or having him watch me while he stimulates my nipples. This has recently lead to me fantasizing about finding a masturbation partner because I simply don't have enough hands to simultaneously stimulate every area I would like to. I've thought it would be great to have a non-judgmental partner to share the joys of masturbation. Though I do masturbate in front of my husband occasionally, I feel a bit shy because I have a great need for fantasies of anal stimulation and/or acts of anal stimulation along with a bit of a hang-up about this being dirty and not 'normal'. My husband would probably accommodate me on this, but he is very straight-laced and I haven't the nerve yet to ask. Hopefully someday I will. I think he believes it to be deviant behavior. If he only knew how many people include anal play in their sex lives!

I usually start my day by working out-pantiless under my sports clothes with the seam of my stretch pants rubbing and stimulating my vulva and clit with every move. I have had some great hiking sessions where I fantasize the whole way while my clit is being rubbed by my pants seam all the while enjoying the great outdoors. After a good hard workout, I go home for a shower and some visual stimulation from some online porno: cum shots on girl's faces or girls being anally penetrated or some literary stimulation from Solo Touch. When I can't take it any longer I go to my room, lock my door and work on myself until I climax and then have a little siesta before I start my work for the day.

I have two types of lubrication I use. For my vulva and clit, Vics Vaporub is amazing!!! I start my session with applying some to my clit and vulva. In 30 seconds I am engorged and wet as I give myself over to the glowing heat sensation. I have tried it once in my anus, but was allergic and itchy for days afterward, so I would caution against using it in that area, thought the initial sensations were great. For my anus I like Vaseline. Silicone or waterbased products don't seem to last on my toys or provide enough glide.

If I am mildly excited and have been masturbating regularly-daily orgasms-I will usually apply the Vics, then put a bit of Vaseline on my finger and reach around and massage my asshole with my left hand fingers, maybe with slight penetration. In my right hand I will have my trusty Oral-B working its magic on my clit. Orgasm in 30 seconds. I might go for one or two rounds of this.

If I am extremely horny, I will have a great need for anal penetration and for watching myself in my large floor-to-ceiling mirror. First I lay down lots of pillows on the floor in front of the mirror. My tools for anal penetration are either a long taper candle with the tip rounded down a bit or the handle of a hairbrush that has subtle little bumps all over it. I lay down on the pillow with my legs up in the air with my feet resting on the mirror way above my head. This gives me a great view of my vulva and asshole. I lube myself up and insert a toy anally. I love to watch my muscles squeeze and release around the toy. I quickly push it in and out or keep it inserted about 8 inches and move it furiously back and forth. I try to savor this activity as long as I can because it is highly pleasurable. Soon it will take about a 10 second touch with my fingers or my Oral-B on my clit and I will be enjoying watching my spasming asshole and vulva. I will be spent and a bit disgusted with myself afterward, but that never stops me from doing it again the next time I desperately need release. Another variation of this is to be on hands and knees over the pillows while working myself anally from behind and clitorally from the front. I then need to turn around and look back into the mirror and the sight of my large ass getting thoroughly worked is mind-blowing!

Another highly stimulating activity for me in the past has been giving myself enemas. I had no idea it would turn me on until I had to do one as part of a liver cleansing routine and needed to masterbate right in the middle of administering it to myself. After that initial discovery, I like to give myself a warm enema using the larger douche tip that comes with the bag, generously coated with vaseline. The anal pressure is out of this world. I have also in the past used filled vaginal cream applicators in my anus and have dispensed the cream into myself during orgasm.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can get over my feelings of disgust afterward? I'd like to hear from others that this is 'normal'. I'd love to hear other stories of creative anal play. Well, writing this has worked me up quite a bit. I think I'll now go furiously work my asshole to great satisfaction!



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