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Privacy at Last

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I love this site!


I've been a frequent masturbator since about the age of 10 or 11 when I used to hump an almost life-size doll, probably in the imitation of some stuff I'd seen on the tv. That's the way that I've always masturbated really... humping things.

After my doll I moved onto hot water bottles, positioning it upside down with the firm, top part under my clit and humping away... the warmth pressing against my stomach made it feel even better. Since then I've humped anything I could use really to get myself off... teddies, pillows, the side of the mattress, the end bar on my bed, the arm of a couch...

I've never really used penetration during masturbation before. When I was younger I only humped things because I liked the weird tingly feeling that it gave me 'down there'. Afterwards, when I learnt of penetration I tried a couple of times to use my fingers but it wasn't very successful... either I couldn't even fit a finger there or when I did, it didn't really give me any more pleasure so I forgot all about it, I prefer clitoral stimulation on its own anyway.

Then, my friends bought me a dildo and a vibrating clit stimulator, as a joke, for my birthday and I began to think about penetration again. It was a long time since I'd tried it and thought maybe I might like it better if I was using a proper sex toy. I used the clit stimulator often and it was wonderful but I was anxious about using the dildo.

Paired with the fact that I was a bit anxious because it was new to me, was the fact that I didn't have much privacy. Living with your parents and younger sister means there was usually someone in the house at all times, and even when they were out I was worried that they might return unexpectedly. I got a couple of chances to try the dildo but it was pretty uncomfortable and even hurt a little bit when I attempted to push it inside... so I left it.

I'm 18 and have just started University and have recently moved into University Accommodation which meant leaving home for the first time. This, of course, means that I get a lot more privacy. Yeah, I have 'flat mates' but because of lectures and stuff I can judge pretty well when I'm going to be alone and as there is a lock on my door, even if somebody is home it means that there is absolutely no chance of them walking in on me.

I decided to make the most of my new found private time and was reading stories on Solo Touch and had stripped off totally. I started rubbing myself and after a few stories I was well and truly soaked and on my way to orgasm. A woman in one of the stories was talking about using a dildo on another woman and it got me thinking about penetration again, and I thought... what better time was I going to get to try it out.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring my dildo/stimulator with me to the new flat and it was still sitting in my bedside table at home. I was really curious about it and I knew I needed to try it right away. I looked around the room for anything that I could possibly use as a substitute and saw my hair brush lying on the bed. I had read about women using these instead so I grabbed it and held it near my pussy. The flat was quiet, everyone was out, my door was locked. I pushed the handle of the hairbrush slowly into me and there was very little discomfort at all compared to usual. In fact, it felt amazing... not the actual handle but the thought of me with a brush sticking out of my hole was fucking amazing.

I tried pulling it out a little and then pushing it back in. It was a very slow process as I was still a bit anxious... afraid of hurting myself. After several minutes I was slowly moving it in and out and was amazed that I'd finally done it. However, I was a little disappointed with the sensation. It made me feel sort of 'full' but it wasn't like intense pleasure or anything. It was the idea of fucking myself with a hairbrush that turned me on more than anything. I stood up and bent over the corner of my bed, resting the brush head on it and holding it in place. I started to lift myself off the handle and push myself back down. I found that I could do it much more quickly in this position, that it moved in and out much more smoothly. I was fucking the brush over my bed, I just wish there was some way that I could have kept it in place without having to hold onto it.

After fucking it in that position for a few minutes I lay on my back and pumped the brush into my soaking pussy, slowly again. I rubbed my clit with other hand as fast as I could and before I knew it I'd had my first orgasm that included penetration.

When I took the brush out it was covered in my juices, but I was shocked to see a little blood on it too... probably from my hymen breaking as I'm still a virgin. However, I expected it to hurt a lot when this happened, I didn't actually feel a thing.

And since this... which happened about six hours ago... I have felt constantly horny. I'm definitely going to do it again before I go to sleep. The flatmates will likely be home then, and I'll be able to hear them. Knowing that they are so close whilst I'm fucking myself with the brush is going to be such a turn on. I'm getting wet just thinking about it.

This lock on the door is a God-send.



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