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Pressure Orgasms Reply

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A reply to Caitlyn.


Like Caitlyn in story #29602 I've always wanked by pressure or tension and for a time in exactly the way she describes. But I'm amazed to find someone else who has used the end of bed/edge of sink technique. I thought I was on my own until I saw a video clip originally I think from yanks.com, of a girl masturbating by rubbing her pubis on the edge of a bathroom sink while she balanced on both hands. You should try to find it. The way her legs shake as she does it is very familiar and very exciting.

My experience started as a child when my older sister and I spent a summer with a (male) cousin at an aunt and uncle's cottage. There was a gate at the bottom of their garden leading to an adjacent field and the gate had an automatic closer. My cousin showed us how to play a game he called 'hanging' which involved opening the gate then balancing on the top rung as the closer swung it faster and faster until it bumped closed with a bang. We innocently used to talk about the nice feeling we got as the gate swung and as we rubbed against the top rail.

When my sister and I got home after the holiday we took to pretending we were playing the same game on the back of an old settee in the playroom we had in our attic. This was more rubbing than swinging though, and I think we knew we were up to something our parents wouldn't approve of.

The next part of my memory is when my sister would have been 13 or 14. I was lying on the settee reading and she was playing the game when I noticed that her humping against the settee back seemed more intense and that she was breathing hard and going red in the face, when she suddenly dropped off onto the floor. I went round to her and asked what was wrong, had she hurt herself, and she said no, just that she was doing something different. I badgered her until she explained that if she pressed her thing against the edge of the settee back, made her legs stiff and bounced a bit she could make the feeling better and better until 'something happened'. The game as something we did together naturally died a death about then and I suppose we both carried on what was now clearly masturbation on our own. We've never talked about it.

After some experimentation on the end of my bed I discovered what my sister was talking about, and found that arching my back and really tensing my legs to the point where they would tremble out of my control was best of all. I must have wanked that way practically every day until I was about 17 when I almost got caught. I was doing it on the edge of the sink with my back to the door which I hadn't bothered to lock, when my father walked in. He said sorry and closed the door quickly and since neither of us ever mentioned it I've never been sure what he saw, but from then on something else that I used to do sort of took over. It's just as uncommon from what I can tell and I've only seen something like it described in the Shere Hite book on sex as practised by .05% of the female population.

I always read pornography when I do it. I lie on my front supported on my elbows with the book between them and press my groin slowly against the bed with my legs crossed at the ankle. For some reason I've never worked out I like to be naked from the waist down. Every so often I drop my head and arch my bum off the bed so I'm supported on my elbows and toes with my legs crossed. Then I just sort of clench and tense everything, my backside and my thighs, rhythmically until I get close to coming and then stop. I can do this for ages until it gets too much to resist and I keep up the tensing and clenching until I come. I've never touched myself when I wank and the closest I get is pulling my nipples when I'm in the bath reading, but that's more of a comfort thing.

Like Caitlyn I'd be interested to know if anyone else does it quite the way I do. I'd also like to know if Caitlyn has ever let anyone watch her doing it. I've never shared the way I do it with anyone or let anyone watch, probably because it seems more personal and unconventional than the more usual ways.

Kim from London



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