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Preschool Experience

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Preschool Experience
Hi, I just wanted to say that your site it great, i've been coming to it for over six months now....and I am always eager to read the new stories. Great job! And I think everyone's stories are great, read just about all of them by now.....lol.
Well, anyhow, I have my own story that i'd like to share. I'm 17 now, and I was about 5 or so when this happened. Well, I was in preschool and one day I had walked into the bathroom and there was another boy about my same age that was in there too. He was just washing his hands when I came in. We kind of knew eachother and stuff, so he said hi. Then he asked me if I'd like to see something, and I said, ok, sure. So, he faced me and unzipped his pants to reveal his cock. It was hard and sticking straight out. He then asked me if he could see mine....so, without a second thought, I pulled my now hard cock out of my pants too. Mine erects so that it sticks straight out...so, we were both facing eachother with our hard dicks facing eachother.
He then moved forward and started to touch mine with his hand....feeling it up and down. I shivered at the wonderful feeling....something I hadn't felt before (since I didn't start masterbating until 11 or so). I reached out and started to fondle him too. I stroked his bare cock and his balls. He said that he liked it a lot. Then we started to sword fight with our cocks. And how we did this without someone else walking in on accident and catching us is beyond me. So, we were standing there for a good ten minutes slapping our hard cocks together. We laughed and thought of it as a fun game. Then the boy turned around and asked me to "stick it in." I hesistated for a minute, but then I thought, ah well, I'll give it a try. So, I slid my dick in his ass and I put my chest and thighs pressed against him to feel his whole body....with my cock all the way in. He then asked me to push it in and out fast, so I did. He moaned in delight. He wasn't stroking his cock in a masterbatory way, he was just playing with it. We just did this for fun...not so much as to "get off" because we were preschoolers, and didn't know a thing about what jacking off was.
So, after screwing him in the ass for a good five minutes, we pulled our pants back on and went out to play. And I still can't understand why I remember something from so early in my childhood.....but I guess it was just too good to forget...lol. Thanks for reading! -Anonymous



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