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Preparing My Friend for His Physical

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My friend Jake, (also 13 at the time), had to have his first physical to play on the track team. Jake came up to me and said he was really scared because he learned that someone would be touching his penis, and that he was really nervous about a stranger touching it.

After a while, I said, 'Hey Jake, if you want, I could help you 'prepare',' and he hurriedly agreed. That weekend, Jake invited me to sleep at his house, and that night I conducted his 'physical' right in his bedroom.

I started with the basics, squeezing his arm really tight to imitate the blood pressure wrap, hitting his knees for reflexes, I even had him pee in a cup so he would be used to it. Of course, soon enough came the part he dreaded. I asked him to lay down on his bed, and I then lifted his shirt up and started rubbing and feeling his tummy. He started giggling with an adorable little boy giggle, and at this point, I was rock hard myself.

Eventually, I slowly worked my hand into the front of his gym shorts, and I could feel his soft, squishy willy through his tighty whities (which surprisingly wasn't hard at all). I then put my hand through his Y-front and grasped his 2' soft member. He let out a little squeal, and I told him everything was fine. I then cupped his balls and gently fondled them and rubbed them. I told him the worst part was over, and he was relieved. I then put his willy back through his Y-front and pulled his shorts back up.

I then told him it was time for the next part of the exam. I told him to stand up and touch his toes. I lifted his shirt up and stood behind him rubbing his back. I was rock hard and super horny as it was, and when I saw his cute little butt cheek outline staring at me through his shorts, I just couldn't control myself. I grasped him and started thrusting into his butt and started fondling his still soft willy. He quickly complied and suggested we lay back down.

Both of us stripped down to butt-naked and crawled into his sheets. We both were too young to have any body hair, so we both tickled and squeezed and rubbed each other's velvety bottoms for what seemed like an eternity. By this point we were both rock hard, but my friend had only masturbated once before, and never to orgasm. I grasped his rock hard cock and told him it would be fine. Still laying down, I stroked his cock while teasingly playing with his balls and butthole. After a while he started shaking violently, I started thrusting into him as I finished him off and he shot a huge load everywhere.

When he finished recovering, he went on to do me. He used his seed to lubricate my dick and started pumping. It was indescribably amazing to have another person stroking me for the first. It was much better than I could have ever imagined, and I was in pure heaven. He also tickled my balls and butt and nipples, and when I was about to cum, he stuck his finger in my hole and tickled me to the point of no return. I then shot the biggest and most amazing load of my life and it went absolutely everywhere.

When I finished, we were too tired to clean up the mess, so we just fell asleep naked in each other's arms, hugging tightly.

This experience was amazing, and it was one of the most erotic moments of my entire life.



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