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Preparing for the Swim Meet

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Amazing...you wanna drink a lot of water for this one


I had just gotten finished with my swimming practice when I decided to forgo my usual shower and drop by my team mates house. He lived right in front of the school and we had walked from the pool to his house in our shorts and a towel before. We planned to shave our body hair for the upcoming swim competition. We had just joined the team and didn't know about the necessary shaving situation...it lessens drag and makes you faster...plus you feel faster when you feel slippery.

Anyway, before we started Kenneth and I were goofing off and he knocked his only first place trophy off the shelf. The head of his statuette broke off, so Ken started to glue the piece back together. The head wouldn't stay in place so I suggested he hold it together while the glue dried. A few minutes passed as Ken sat there holding his trophy together when he started to squirm. 'dude, I gotta pee real bad.' he said. He danced around hysterically as he tried to hold his precious statue together while fighting off his need to urinate. 'help me out' he said motioning to me. Now the smart thing to do was to grab the statue from him so he could go pee...however, perhaps due to his desparation or lack of both our common sense, he pulled the statue away from me when I went to take it. Not thinking, I continued to 'help' him by pulling his speedos down so he could pee. We both looked surprised at my attempt to help him. 'not exactly what I meant when I asked for help.' he said breaking into a laugh. We were both laughing hysterically when he yelled for me to raise the toilet seat...I ran behind him and lifted the seat as a strong steady stream of urine rocketed out of his huge cock and onto the floor. Without missing a beat, I quickly grabbed hold of his member and aimed the stream into the toilet. 'ahhhhh, thank God!' he said. 'again, not exactly what I meant when I asked you for help.'

He peed for a good two minutes straight. I could feel the force of fluid pulsing through his cock and as he neared the end, the short burst of urine he forced out with his muscle flexed with each spasm. His cock was heavy in my hand when he finally asked me to give him a quick shake. I was mesmerized by his cock, it was so long and thick.

My mind started to wander into that horny zone when I felt my face blush with embarrassment and I turned away to hide the growing bulge in my speedos. 'well that was fun,' joked Ken. 'shall we go ahead and shave everything.'

I liked Ken a lot as he knew I got embarrassed and wanted me not to feel embarrassed. He laid his statue down (still broken) on the counter and then grabbed the shaving cream. He filled his hand full of cream and grabbed my forearm. 'let me do you first.' he said looking me square in the eye. He rubbed the cream up and down stroking my forearm until it was completely covered with foam from my wrist to the elbow. His application was quite suggestive as he stroked slowly and softly. He positioned himself between my legs (I was seated on a counter) he began to shave my forearm very gently so as not to knick me. My cock began to grow as he worked on my arms. Occasionally his upper thigh would brush my knee or his knee would hover near my cock and balls.

He was talking away, but from time to time our eyes would capture each other wandering to a point where they would touch and then dart away again. I noticed he had a huge erection beneath his speedos. He finished my arms and a little tuft of hair on my chest when he did the most unexpected thing that I almost came right there. 'now what do I do about this?' he said as he ran his finger town my torso and through the thick trail of hair that ran down my belly down to my cock? 'I have a very sparce happy trail, while yours looks like the black forest.'

'I don't know about that but what are going to do about this? I said grabbing his thick hot cock, it had been straining to come out and play the minute he started to shave me.

We dropped our speedos to the ground and delighted in the large penises that swung before each of our faces. I covered his cock with shaving cream as he did the same and we started to masturbate each other on the bathroom floor. We were basically in a 69 position and both covered in shaving cream. we lay there for a GOOD 15 minutes exploring each others secret spots when we fell into a nice rhythm. We stared into each others eyes as we both glided our hand up and down each others cock.

After another 20 minutes, my breath started to be labored and sweat was pouring down my forehead back and pooling on the floor beneath me.

'I'm going to cum', I said as I began tensing my back and butt muscles. It was then I felt his probing finger quickly and gently enter my ass and upward and inward to my prostate. The sensation was soooooo wonderful. I felt my whole body spasm as I felt electricity shoot up from my core outward through my body. I started to shudder and convulse violently as he manipulated both my manhood and my virgin prostrate. 'OMG OMG OMG' I shook uncontrollably as I entered what may have been my fourth dry orgasm. Ken skillfully manipulated every inch of my cock tickling my balls and thrusting his finger deep into my ass while I moaned loudly. I tried my best to keep busy with Ken's monster cock but ecstasy was too strong I couldn't even concentrate. Soon a pent up ball of electricity began building in my core and my ass clenched Kens finger and I let loose a sea of sperm that covered his chest and face. I collapsed onto him trying to regain my senses.

I quickly realized that I had a job to finish, grabbed hold of Kenneth with both hands intertwined around his massive dick. Slowly I stroked paying attention to every inch, every vein, every throbbing inch of his dick. I gripped it firmly and when I glided up and touched the sensitive head, I tickled it with my fingers lightly. He moaned as I worked him up to a frenzy. I imagined him as he peed...as he flirted shamelessly while he shaved me....I imagined his cum covered face, eyes locked into mine...and I made him cum like an old volcano just simmering for centuries, lava built up and spewing out onto my chest and hands.

We collapsed onto each other and lay there laughing for a few minutes.

The room was heavy with the scent of man juice, our sweaty body imprints on the laminate floor of the bathroom, and our swimming trunks and shaving gear thrown all over the sink and bathroom tub.

It was the first time with my dear 'husband'....decades before we said our 'I do's'...



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