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Preacher's Son 3

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I was now a new Phi Mu. The preacher's son would soon be going to his first jacking club meet up. First a XXX theater. This is part of a trilogy. Please read the first two submissions for context and continuity.


I got the news via cell phone. I had been accepted into the music fraternity. The call came from my sponsor. I was now a new Phi Mu. I told my roommate but he still did not know about the jacking club and it's meetups. He would know soon enough. I would make him my approved guest as soon as he turned 18. My sponsor told me that the jacking meet up during pledge week sealed the deal. He claimed that several of the frat brothers "wanted to see more of that dong." I will surely accommodate them.

My roommate would not be 18 for two more weeks making him ineligible to attend a jacking club meet up. I had plans that would help him when he was able to go. I knew he would be reluctant to expose himself in front of a bunch of guys he didn't know. I needed to break the ice and acclimatise him to the world of exhibitionism. I am a shameless exhibitionist and voyeur. I often go to gay nude beaches to gawk and be gawked at. If a hook up ensues all the better. In the winter I go to XXX theaters. They are kind of seedy but there is nothing hotter than a room full of men beating it together. It will take some convincing but I will be taking the Preacher's son to the XXX theater.

He got back late. It was six pm. He complained about a rehearsal. I told him I had plans for us that night. It was Friday. We wouldn't have to study. We had all weekend. He would turn 18 on Monday. I used that as an excuse. I wanted to take him out for his birthday. He was curious where we were going. To the theater to see some porn was all I told him. Trust me I implored. He would. I told him to dress light, even though it was cold outside. I suggested scrub pants, T-shirt and flip flops, no underwear. Although he found my suggestions strange, he complied. I donned blue jeans, a t-shirt, and sandals, no underwear. We hopped a cab to avoid the winter chill. He dropped us off at a small and dilapidated concrete block building. I paid the cabby. He wished us a good time. We ran inside avoiding the cold.

I gave the cashier $20. That would get us both into the theater. There were dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and all kinds of rubbers in glass cases around the cash register. There were magazines for heterosexuals, Lesbians, transgenders, and gays. Lots of magazines for gays. There were DVDs for every possible fetish lining the walls. We walked by them all to the theater door in the back. It was an old wooden door with an electronic lock. The cashier buzzed us in.

It was dark. It took awhile for our eyes to adjust. There was a 60 inch flat screen at the end of the room opposite the door. Flimsy plastic chairs lined the perimeter of the room with their backs against the wall.

There were about a dozen guys. Weekends were busy but it was early. My roommate whispered his disgust in my ear. I motioned for him to sit down. I took a chair on the opposite side of the room, directly across from him. I called his cell phone which was in the back pocket of his scrub pants. I told him to relax and just watch me. He seemed to relax. I glanced to my left. It was a middle aged guy kneading his cock through his pants. My roommate had a guy who looked about 30 beside him. He was an Asian looking guy. There was a chubby guy and a slutty looking woman going at it on the screen. The Asian guy had his cock pulled through the fly of his pants. Whenever the door opened he would cover his dick with his shirt tail. I unbuttoned my bluejeans. I unzipped my zipper. The guy beside looked over hoping for some action. I gave it to him. I pulled my jeans down around my ankles. My soft dick flopped out. There were a few other guys in the room with their pants down around their knees. I had been here before.

After you pay your money, anything goes. The cashier may come in but he just looks around the room then leaves. My roommate just sat there with his hands in his lap. I took the baby oil out of my pocket. I lubed up my dick. Everyone in the room was sneaking peaks. I tossed the oil across the room to my roommate. I took off my shirt. I was pretty much naked at this point. The guys with their pants down to their knees felt comfortable pulling them down to their ankles. The guys who were hiding their cocks brought them out now. It was a good cross section. It always was at a place like this. One guy in particular had a looker. It was about 8 inches and uncut. He seemed quite comfortable displaying his cock. My dick was rock hard at this point. The oil made my cock skin appear translucent. This accentuated my purple and blue veins. They were popping. The guy beside me now had his pants down and his dick out. It was about six inches and cut. He stroked it with purpose now. Having my roommate wear scrubs had a purpose. He couldn't just pull his cock through a fly, he would have to pull the scrubs down. I looked across the room at him. He had done just that. I was proud of him. He had lubed his dick with the oil and was fondling the Asian dick beside him. The Asian guy was now completely naked, fondling my roommate. The Asian had a rather small dick but a luxurious black bush. My roommate was fully hard. The chair beside me was empty. The looker with 8 inches came and took the chair beside me. I kicked my jeans off over my sandals. I was now completely naked except for my feet. I did not want to walk around in strange semen. The looker took off his shirt and pants and joined me in my nudity. I motioned to my roommate. I wanted the lube back. He tossed it to me. I relubed my cock then offered it to the looker. He squirted some in his hand and smeared it on his cock. He needed more. I gave him more.

I moved my chair away from the wall and turned it around so I was facing him. I sat down. Our knees were touching. Each of our dicks were pulsating with the beats of our hearts. I leaned forward and grabbed his huge cock with my right hand. He leaned forward and grabbed my dick with his right hand. It was perfect positioning. I glanced over my shoulder at my roommate. He was standing, facing his new Asian friend with his scrub pants down around his ankles. I had never noticed but he had a beautiful ass. He and the Asian were going at it with fury. I refocused my attention on my new friend. We wrapped our fists around each other's meat. We each pumped with purpose. Many in the room were watching. We each appreciated the other's expertise. We went at it for 20 minutes. I had no reason to edge I was ready to cum. My ass muscles got tight. My toes curled up in my sandals. I blew a load straight up into the air. I grabbed my partner's monster cock a little tighter and pumped a little faster. After about 10 strokes he stiffened in his chair, through his head back and shot his wad. I retrieved some paper towel from a dispenser strategically located at the door. I gave him some. I dressed. I looked across the room. My roommate was cleaning cum off his dick. I called a cab on my cell phone and motioned for him to go.

On the cab ride to the dorm I told my roommate about the jacking club and the Wednesday evening meet ups. He had questions but was satisfied with my explanations. He was ready to go with some reservations. He wanted to have the option to leave if he chose. I let him know that no one is held captive. He was worried he may know someone there. I assured him that if he did that they would be there for the same reason he was. I made him understand that nothing would happen there that he did not see tonight. The only difference would be better people and a nicer environment. That is why I took him there tonight, to rid him of his inhibitions. He seemed satisfied and anxious to do the jacking club meetup. I confessed I had been to one already but even though it was a hazy event, I had a great time.

I checked with the appropriate people about bringing my roommate to the jacking club meetup. Since he was a fine arts major and one of us, they saw no problem. Most fine arts majors have the same sexual proclivities so they usually fit right and can be trusted. They were reluctant to approve admission to students of other academic disciplines but fine arts majors were usually approved and he would be. Sometimes an education major will win approval but never an engineer or or business major. His name would be left at the front desk where you check in.

It was Wednesday evening. I picked up two extra clean white towels for my roommate. I gave them to him.

I asked him to dress like he did for the XXX theater. I would be wearing the same thing, T-shirt, scrub pants, no underwear and sandals. It just made it easier and the frat house was only a block away so we could walk there without getting too cold.

We hustled to the frat house and got there right at eight. They don't like late arrivals because they lock the parlor door for privacy. I gave my $10 to the naked frat brother sitting behind the small desk at the entrance to the reception room. There was a curtain over the doorway so the inside of the room was never visible to the outside corridor. Guests were not charged. He handed us both large paper bags. I wrote my name on the outside. He also asked us to check our cell phones so that no pictures or video could be taken (like I would have a place to put a cell phone). My roommate's name was on a list with three other people. An unusually large number of guests I was told. We had the option of stripping right there or go to the bathroom area adjacent to the parlor room. Being the exhibitionist I am, I stripped right there, put my clothes in the bag and handed it back to him. He put it in a pile by the wall to be retrieved on departure. My roommate hesitatingly followed my example.

We went through an arched doorway into the expansive parlor room. There was a fire in the fireplace. Several naked men had congregated on a semi circular couch in front of the fireplace. It looked like the coziest place in the room. I recognized two of them as frat brothers, in fact everyone in the room was a frat brother but the guests. No one had a hard on and no one was yet masturbating unless they were doing it out of sight. There did not seem to be any place out of sight but the bathroom. There was a large metal tub full of ice and beer along with several trays of hors d'oeuvres. There were several bottles of wine in wine buckets. There must have been about 30 guys there. I asked one of the frat brothers I got to know well from my previous meetup where the action was. He assured me it would start about 8:30. We found a comfortable place on a settee near the fireplace. We chatted up the guys on the couch in front of the fireplace. I knew most everyone but introductions were in order for my roommate and the ones I didn't know. some other guys had joined them by then. Of course everyone was naked but no one was even remotely hard yet. I would usually have a raging boner by now with all these naked hunks around but somehow in that environment it just seemed kind of natural. I noticed my roommate beside me was getting a little stiffy going though he was trying to ignore it.

All of a sudden A blond guy about six foot tall came up behind us and whispered in my roommates ear. My roommate nodded his head. My roommate slid over to my side of the settee. The blond guy sat down beside my roommate. They talked quietly. The blond guy had a nice looking schlong. Even soft it had respectable dimensions. He was uncut like my roommate. He put his hand on my roommate's thigh. I asked him if he was a Phi Mu. He said no. He was an Alpha Pi. He was an education major, another guest. As he stroked my roommates thigh his rod began to swell. My roommate's wiener was at it's full seven inches of glory (I know it was seven inches because I measured it). His huge balls were squirming around in his big hairy bag. My roommate was obviously over his shyness. The blond guy was now fully erect. I saw more whispering then they both got up and went to a foot stool in a private place on the other side of the room. With their backs to the rest of the room they began fondling each other's cocks. The guy who was my pledge sponsor suddenly appeared. I told him I didn't see him come in. He said he was cleaning up the kitchen. He had been there for awhile. He showed me a large pantry area where you go for relative privacy. There a couple of counters and a couple of kitchen chairs. He had been there. His dick was flaccid. Either he had just gotten off or needed to.

I had an idea. I notice my roommate and his new friend were still just noodling around with each other. In fact neither of them was that hard anymore. My pledge sponsor told me he wanted to get together again when we were together in his room at the pledge meetup. I promised we would. I reminded him of my promise I suggested the room he just showed me. He was to meet me there in a few minutes. In the mean time I went over to my roommate and the teacher and asked if they need any help. They indicated a little privacy would be nice. I told them to follow me. They followed me to room I had just been shown. I closed the door. There was an awkward moment before my fraternity brother open the door and made his entrance with his flaccid dick swaying back and forth. Everyone introduced or reintroduced themselves.

I advised them that the privacy here was only relative and that we would be joining them. With that I pulled both chairs over placed them facing each other. I gently grabbed my frat brother by his limp dick and led him over to the chairs. I sat down in one and patted the seat of the other indicating for him to sit.

I was hard by now. My 6.5 inches were at full attention. It is actually 6.625 inches (I know because I measured it with a laser rule) but who says their dick is 6 and 5/8 inches. My frat brother had a nice 6 incher with a coarse reddish bush. He was cut with a nice big mushroom head. I had beat it once but was anxious to put it in my mouth. By this time the other two had caught on. The teacher was sitting on the counter while my roommate worked on his cock. I could see a blowjob coming. The only other dick he had ever sucked was mine. The teacher had a big one when it was hard. It was longer than my roommates. It was easy to compare with them so close together. I'm guessing eight inches. Between them they had two uncut monsters. The teacher had a soft looking blond bush. I put my frat brother's now hard cock in my mouth. I took the whole thing. As I sucked his dick I massaged his balls between my fingers and tugged on his bag a little. That stimulates me, I hope it does him. He started breathing heavy and straightened his back. He braced himself in the chair with his hands. As his cockhead pulsated in my mouth his hot warm load rolled out the corner of my mouth and down my chin. I saw that the teacher was about to cum. He was breathing hard in long irregular gasps. Hi face was red and his toes were curled. He let out a "hell yes" and let it go.

My roommate and I got our blowjobs. As we did we watched each other and smiled knowingly. We spent the rest of the night cruising around the room scoping out the most incredible collection of manhood I had ever seen. We got our rocks off with the other guys a couple more times before the night was over. We would certainly do it again, probably every Wednesday night when school was in session.



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