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Preacher's son 2

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Winter break is over and pledge week is coming up. This is a continuation of Preacher's son 1. Please read it first for continuity and context.


It is a mid western liberal arts college with a student population of about 2000. It is known for it's fine arts programs. There was a jock dorm, a teacher dorm, an engineer dorm and a fine arts dorm. I was in the fine arts dorm. I was a music major. My room mate, the preacher's son, was a theatre arts major. He wanted to write, produce and direct biblical themed plays and movies. He was to return that evening. I got back early that morning. I called him. He reported that he would be getting in about 6pm. I told him we would get a bite to eat and catch up when he got there.

I decided to kill some time at a local college watering hole. There I ran into an upperclassman I had become friendly with. We engaged in some small talk about what had happened during break and what we had to look forward to now that we were back. He told me that fraternity pledge week would be coming up in about a month. He said he would be able to sponsor a pledge and if I was interested he would sponsor me. It was the music fraternity. I assured him I was interested. As we were talking, my room mate strolled into the bar. We had some bar food then returned to our room at the dorm.

Pledge week included open house at the frat house. Pledges could visit the house to see what frat life was like and participate in some of the frat activities. One activity I learned about was the jacking club. It was for fraternity members and approved guests only. It had a mission statement, participation requirements and rules. The mission statement: To promote the health and happiness of the members' penises.

The requirements:

1) You had to be a male at least 18 years of age.

2) You had to be a member of the fraternity or an approved guest of a member.

3) You had to be free of communicable STDs (This was on the honor system as no health certificate was required).

The rules:

1) Manual and oral stimulation only. (No anal, S&M, or sex toys).

2) Two clean white towels. (One for sitting on and one for cleaning excreta).

3) Mandatory nudity. (Kind of hard jacking off with shorts on).

4) $10 donation. (To defer the cost of the meeting. Drinks and snacks provided).

5) Mutual masturbation was allowed and encouraged. (Kind of hard to suck yourself).

They met on Wednesday evening from 8 to 11pm. Since it was pledge week and open house, pledges were invited as an approved guest of their sponsor. My sponsor invited me. I accepted. During pledge week, as a pledge, you had to do anything your sponsor asked you to do no matter how embarrassing or humiliating. This was just part of hazing. I learned that most of the "frat boys" were either bisexual or gay. The few that weren't were very tolerant. I also learned that every pledge had been invited to the "jack off" meeting. I was beginning to see a pattern.

I made it back to the dorm from the bar with my room mate. I was a little buzzed from the beer. My room mate unpacked his bag while I laid on my bed, stripped to my tighty whities. We shot the shit while he unpacked. When he was done he sat on the edge of my bed and pulled off my briefs. He said he had something for me. He stood up, took off the T-shirt he had on then dropped his jeans. He was commando, without underwear. I put my hands behind my head wondering what was to come. He grabbed my soft cock and tried to stimulate it to erection. With the beer on board, my rod was a little slow to respond but respond it did. He knelt on the foot of my bed then leaned down to level of my waiting member. Veins bulging and cock head throbbing, he took my 6.5 inch horny dick in his mouth. He gagged a couple times but recovered. I suggested he not take it so deep. He claimed it was just too fat. The warmth and wetness caused my balls to ache. I kept my eyes open in order to watch my roommate give his first blow job. He lovingly but aggressively sucked my cock. Every now and then he would give my dick a soft bite. It was not painful but rather erogenous. I got turned on by watching him. I noticed his gorgeous 7 inch cock was stiff and wet with precum. His huge balls were gyrating in his dark hairy bag. All of a sudden I heard a muffled moan. He jerked slightly then dumped a huge load of cum on my bed. He had cum without ever touching his dick. I guess he was so turned on by sucking my cock he came. He never took my cock out of his mouth. I concentrated on cumming. My balls were aching to the point I couldn't stand it. My cock pulsated several times, I felt my dick head swell in his mouth. I shot a load in three long spurts. I shivered violently then let out a long deep breath. He never took my dick out of his mouth. He swallowed hard, taking my fresh cum down his throat. Here was a guy who before winter break said he would not put a man's dick in his mouth. After I gave him his first blow job he changed his mind and returned the favor.

It was pledge week. The masturbation club meeting was tonight. I had to go out and buy two clean white towels to comply with the rules. I was dressed warm because it was winter and I had to walk to the frat house. The frat house was a three level Victorian. The top two levels were residential, housing about 30 on each floor. The first floor was the social area. I had been there several times that week for open house. The jack off club met in the parlor suite on the first floor.. It was a big parlor room with a smaller ante room that served as a reception room. There was a restroom adjacent to the parlor room.

It was ten minutes to eight. I opened the door to the ante room. Right inside was a frat brother sitting at a small desk. He was naked. He asked for $10. I gave it to him. He handed me a large paper bag and told me to write my name on it and put my clothes in it. He said I could use the restroom if I wanted to. I chose to strip right there as I am quite unashamed when it comes to nudity. The door to the parlor remains closed to insure privacy. I wrote my name on the bag and put my clothes in it. My clothes filled the bag. He put the bag in a nearby closet to be retrieved on my departure. I went into the parlor room and recognized several people including my sponsor. Everyone was naked. There were about 30 people in the room. I was evidently one of the late comers.

As soon as everyone was assembled the pledges were ordered to sit on one of two couches lining one wall. Each couch held six people. 12 of 18 new pledges were there. All of their sponsors were there. It was rumoured that one pledge decided not to participate because he had a severe case of venereal warts and didn't think he could withstand the humiliation. He would have been rejected for violation of the rules, no communicable conditions. One pledge was shielding his genitals with his hands. He was ordered by his sponsor to place his hands on top of his head until ordered otherwise. So much for the prude hiding his cock with his hands. Another pledge had tucked his dick between his thighs, concealing it. His sponsor ordered him to hold a basketball between his knees. His smallish dick was now in full view. Each pledge was ordered to grab and hold the cock of the person next to him. It was obvious that this meeting was an extension of the hazing pranks. A low round pedestal was pushed into the center of the room. One by one each pledge had to mount the low round stage and beat off. Pledges were chosen randomly. As you were called to perform you could release your grip on your neighbor's dick. I was reluctant to release my partner's dick. It was a rather handsome specimen. It was fully erect, as was everyone else's. It was circumcised but retained enough foreskin that I could partial cover the head of his peter. It was about the same length as mine, 6.5 inches, but not quite as fat. I did recognize him from music classes. He had a drop of semen that had accumulated at his pee hole. I complimented him on his dick. He was holding mine. He responded that I had a nice one too.

The first pledge was called to perform. The masturbators' ejaculates would be measured for distance. A tape line was put on the stage. That is where your toes were to be. The first guy was rock hard pointing towards the ceiling. He was maybe 5 inches and cut. Most of the guys in the room were cut like me. He fisted his dick and pumped like hell. It seemed he was trying to get it over with as soon as possible. He came in about two minutes. There was a clock on the wall. I timed it. His load did not go very far. several others were called before my partner mounted the stage. I reluctantly let go of his manhood. He put on a very good performance. His load shot a good distance as measured by the judges. He was able to delay orgasm by using long slow strokes and varying rates. It took him about 7 minutes to cum. He seemed quite comfortable up there in front of a crowd beating his meat. Several more of the pledges were called to perform before they came to me. For me this would be easy. I am an exhibitionist. The more eyes on my cock, the happier I am. I went to XXX theaters so I could jerk off in front of groups of men. I know how to make my dick shine. I toed up to the line. I had brought baby oil for lube as I figured without it I would probably rub my dick raw this night . It also gives your cock a glorious shine under the lights. With the other jackers there had been cat calls and heckling from the frat guys. No different for me. I had pre lubed my meat with baby oil before mounting the platform. It was glistening. I fisted my fat rod underhand with my fingers underneath and my thumb on top. One of the frats asked me if he could put a saddle on that horse or ride it bare back. Another asked if this is what was meant by ripping a new asshole, referring to the generous girth. I slowly stroked it using the full length of the shaft and even drawing some of what was left of my foreskin over the head of my cock. I had warmed my balls with my free hand so that they would be hanging as low as possible when up there and they were hanging low. I held my dick at an upward angle to exaggerate the sway of my balls and to make my bag and balls more obvious to the audience. Like i said, I've done this before. As I came close to cumming I stopped pumping and squeezed my penis at it's base forcing me to edge. My dick was throbbing and my cock head was swollen. The big blue veins were bulging. The pros in the room knew I was edging and started chiding, "let it blow", "shoot it". After edging twice more I could not stand it any more. I let four long, thick, white ropes go in four separate spasms. It took me 22 minutes to cum. My legs shook and my knees buckled. My best shot landed on the edge of the platform, about three feet away. By edging you build up a tremendous amount of pressure due to the extreme orgasm. I knew this. I had practised this. I wanted to put on a good show and I did.

I made it to closing time. I jacked off several more times in the remaining two hours. By the end I was barely dribbling cum when I shot my rocks. Several frats cornered me and wanted to jack with me. I ended up in my sponsors room upstairs in the living quarters. We jacked together even though I was spent. He suggested we meet again soon. I didn't have the biggest dick that night, there was an eight inches, but I gave the best show.

I returned to the dorm. My room mate was still awake. I told him I had been to the frat house but not what I was doing or what had happened. He wanted to know if I wanted to jack off with him. I had to disappoint him tonight. I could not cum one more time. My cock had performed long and hard.

In seven hours I had jacked myself off twice, had been jacked off by friends three times, and was blown once. That's a record for me.



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