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Preacher's Son 1

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He had come to college well prepared in all subjects but one, the joy of self pleasure. I took care of that.


We had been dormitory room mates for about a month. Although we had developed a friendly relationship, we knew little about each other personally. We occasionally studied together since we took some of the same classes required for freshmen. Tonight was one of those occasions. As we did a computer based homework assignment a pop up ad for a gay website popped up on my room mate's computer screen. He clumsily cancelled it but not before I had seen it. He mumbled that he hated those things. I showed him how to enable his pop up blocker and jokingly suggested that he should not go to those sites. He laughed nervously.

It was about 11pm when our study session ended. This is when I usually showered. The communal shower room was deserted at this hour. I needed the privacy as masturbation was part of my nightly shower routine. With the pop up ad still in my mind, I decided to test my room mates sexual proclivities. I gathered up my shower supplies. As I was going out the door I invited my room mate to join me. He hesitatingly accepted my invitation. I paused in the doorway as he got his stuff.

I quickly stripped off my shorts and got in the shower. My room mate followed closely behind selecting a shower head several spots down from mine. As I lathered up I shot some furtive glances towards my room mate. The appearance of his genitalia did not betray his other handsome features. He had a very thick and kinky bush covering the lower half of his abdomen. The pubes were jet black. He was nearly hairless everywhere else. My pubes are brown and quite fine, more like fur. Although I was unfamiliar with the normal dimensions of his cock, it appeared to be slightly engorged but still pointing towards the floor. He appeared to be straining to get a view of me through his peripheral vision. I made his effort easier by giving him a full frontal view. My cock was partially hard anticipating what was to come. Tonight I would have to disappoint my cock. We rinsed off, dressed and returned to our room.

It was Friday. The dorm emptied on Friday as many students went home for the weekend. My room mate and I were two of probably 10 or so students that remained. It was late. It was shower time. Wanting to further satisfy my curiosity, I again invited my room mate to join me in the showers. This time he did not hesitate. I stripped down to my shorts, put on a pair of flip flops then headed to the showers.

Tonight would be different, there would be no pretence. We got naked. Again my room mate decided to put a space of several shower spots between us. I lathered up paying special attention to my crotch. The lather in my bush would provide lube for the fun to come. Tonight the furtive glances would turn to a lascivious stare. I checked out his cock with the enthusiasm it deserved. My dick became rock hard. My room mate had a glare that was fixated on my groin. No embarrassment or shame tonight. As I watched, his uncut cock got stiff in slow steady jerks. He smiled and nodded approvingly as I started to stroke my dick. He mouthed the words "how big". I told him 6 1/2 inches. I asked him the same question. His was 7 inches. He also noted the enormous girth of my cock. It is 6 inches in circumference, More than a fist full. His was rather thin and perfectly straight. He began to clumsily stroke his dick. He started rather slowly but picked up the pace as he neared orgasm. He threw his head back let out a muffled groan and shot three ropes of thick white cum that hit the tiled walls of the shower. It took him about three minutes. All the while his eyes were glued to me and my cock as I stroked it. He rinsed again to remove any residual jizz. He exited the showers and dressed. I usually edge three of four times before I cum so it took me about fifteen minutes. I did not have to disappoint my dick tonight. In fact he was very pleased with the added stimulation my room mate provided.

He was already back in the room by the time I got out of the shower. Nothing was said for about thirty minutes. I finally broke the ice by asking him about his family. His father was a preacher, his mother a school teacher. He had one sister. They were both home schooled. He never had a girl friend. I asked him if he had a good time in the shower tonight. He assured me he did. Will do it again I promised.

It was Sunday. Students that went home would be returning tonight. My room mate was at church. I was sleeping in. We spent the afternoon together watching TV and roaming around the campus. At the usual hour I gathered up a towel, shampoo and soap. Without any suggestion my room mate did the same. There was someone in the shower when we got there so we stalled until he was done. I intentionally beat my room mate to the showers. I turned on two adjacent showers so that tonight there would be no space between us. When he got in I motioned to the adjacent shower indicating that I had warmed it up for him.

His dick was already hard. I noticed that his bag was very dark and hung very low. After we lathered up I asked him If I could check out his balls. That enormous low slung scrotum fascinated me. He let me. His nut sack was so dark because it was covered with the same black hair he had above his cock. Most of the bags I had seen were sparsely covered with hair. I had never seen a bag covered with hair like this one. It was as though his cock had a beard. I gently fondled his balls between my fingers. They were huge! When I was done inspecting his scrotum I slowly brought my hand up to his gorgeous uncut member. He did not resist. I wrapped my fist around his cock. It was slender and smooth. When I palm my cock my finger tips barely touch. After wrapping my fist around his they overlapped by an inch. I slowly stroked his cock using light pressure. I grabbed his cock at mid shaft so that with each long stroke his foreskin would fully retract exposing a shiny purple head. I let the shower hit the exposed glans with each stroke. He grabbed his cock at the base when he stroked it so that the head was never exposed. I found out later that he had just begun jacking off. I changed speed and pressure to enhance his experience. I offered him my dick. He took it in his right hand as I stroked his with my left. When I felt his cock throb I stopped stroking and tightly squeezed the base of his cock, forcing him to edge. He was clumsily stroking me so the chance of me cumming any time soon was slim. He groaned and stiffened. After edging him several times I finally let him shoot. It was a generous load that landed all over me. Since he was getting me nowhere I backed away from him pulling my cock from his hand. I knelt down, drew back his foreskin, then gave that shiny purple head a kiss. I took over pumping my cock. I edged several times. I finally blew a big load. He stayed and watched. His dick was now limp and retreating into his hot black bush. I rinsed off then dressed.

We had been forced to move our dalliances behind closed doors. We almost got caught on two occasions in the shower room. Although it was more exhilarating there, the risk was not worth it. My room mates masturbation technique improved tremendously with my coaching. I taught him the proper grip, mid shaft and under hand with the thumb on top and the fingers underneath. I also taught him the overhand grip for variety. I taught him to edge. He was now jacking with varying tempo and pressure. I introduced him to baby oil as a lubricant and cock skin conditioner. We were jacking each other off a lot. He insisted that I go first. He claimed he lost his enthusiasm after he shot his rocks. It seemed that he felt he was doing me out of obligation when he got off first. I had no problem maintaining my enthusiasm, or for that matter my hard on when he got me off first. He nicknamed my dick the cannon. It was a big symmetrical cylinder with a large mushroom shaped head blasting from the end of the barrel. I nicknamed his dick the spear. It had a long narrow shaft with a triangular head, slightly wider than the shaft, adroitly positioned on the end. "Shooting the cannon" and "chucking the spear" were euphemisms we used for jacking off.

We would be going home for winter break after classes tomorrow. I was waiting for him to return from his last class for the day. I had brought sandwiches to the room from a deli across the street. He came in and threw his books on his bed. I was lying around in my tighty whities and nothing more. He quickly stripped to his underwear. This would never have happened six weeks earlier. We both had large bulges in the front. We sat at our study table and ate the sandwiches. We sat and talked awhile. During the conversation I brought up the topic of fellatio, mostly to see my room mate's reaction. He couldn't imagine putting a man's cock in his mouth. I assured him I would change his mind. We got our shower stuff. I told him to wash real good "down there."

We made our way to the showers. It was early. There was another student in there showering, I took a place at one end of the row of showers, he took a place at the other end. I recognized the guy between us. I had seen him in the shower before. His cock was incredibly small. It was about the size of my thumb. He was oblivious to our presence so I got a good look at his tiny member. His pubes were shaved. He probably hoped it would make his penis look bigger. It didn't work. My room mate finished before I did and returned to the room. I finished and instead of dressing I just wrapped the towel around my waist. I hoped that that would help set the mood for the evening.

We met back at the room. I locked the door behind me. He was sitting at the study table with scrub pants on. He was on his laptop. I went over and closed the lid on his computer. I ordered him to get naked. I dropped the towel. He stood up. I untied his scrub pants. They feel to the floor. We stood there face to face, completely naked. Neither of us was hard yet. I fondled his balls until he was hard. My dick rose to the occasion just fondling his balls. My dick stood out at a 45 degree angle. His pointed higher. I rubbed our cocks together. I then pulled his foreskin forward and docked the head of my cock into the tunnel created by his foreskin. It was a tight fit. The precum on the tip of my dick helped with the insertion. Feeling both of our heads in the same fold of skin was very horny. I withdrew my cock reluctantly. I told him to sit back down. I knelt on the floor in front of him. I spread his knees apart. I positioned myself between his knees. I peeled his foreskin back and put his shiny purple head and about half of the shaft in my mouth. He had an apprehensive look on his face but did not resist. I rolled my tongue around the head of his dick. I felt it swell in my mouth. His dick seemed bigger in my mouth. I began sucking hard and rhythmically. The slurping sounds were disconcerting but essential for the authenticity of the event. My room mate leaned back in the chair and threw his head back with eyes closed. Apprehension had turned to lust. His huge nut sack hung off the front of the chair.

While I sucked his rod furiously, I grabbed his bag and massaged his nuts. I found testicular massage added to the stimulation. He must have too because he began to moan and quiver. I had taken in so much of his dick that my nose was now nestled in the thick black bush. I felt my still hard dick throbbing with pleasure. Precum was dripping off my dick and pooling on the floor. With my free hand I began gently stroking my cock. My room mate suddenly stiffened in the chair, grabbed the arms of the chair then let out a long moaning sound. I felt his cock expand in my mouth in three evenly spaced throbs. My mouth filled with his sweet hot cum. At the same time my cock let go of one of the most intense orgasms ever. A thrill ran through my entire body. I let go of a load that joined the pool of precum on the floor. I swallowed hard taking my room mates load. I took my mouth off his cock and laid back on the floor spent and exhausted. My room mate just sat in the chair with his head back and eyes closed. After about ten minutes I broke the silence by asking him how he felt about blow jobs now. He claimed he was now a fan.



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