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Practice Makes Perfect

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I met Mario at work, and, still a virgin, he taught me about sex while we masturbated together.


I got a summer job at a restaurant/inn near my house, and became friends with the matre de, a handsome blond Italian named Mario. Mario was quite a lover, and it turned out that he was sleeping with a couple of the waitresses on the side, at his apartment nearby on the beach. I'd hang out around him after closing, and if he wasn't going off with someone, he'd tell me stories about different women he had sex with, describing in detail their breasts and bush and how they sounded as he was fucking them.

Needless to say, this always made me very hard, and I would go home each night and jack off thinking of what he had told me. When he told stories about sex with one of the waitresses, I almost came in my pants, and after that I was obsessed with watching her in he restaurant, thinking of her moaning at the thrust of Mario's cock.

The effect Mario's stories had on my cock couldn't be hidden from him, and he sometimes made a comment about it. He also began to instruct me, a virgin, in the art of sex and seduction, which I loyally absorbed with wide eyes and quivering breath. One afternoon he invited me over to his apartment before work, and I eagerly went. Already dressed in my white shirt and black pants, I watched as he slipped into his ruffled shirt and cumberbund. We sat for a while while he told me about fucking the waitress earlier that day on that very bed, and then kidded me about my hard-on. This time he show me his own bulge, and said he often jacked off before work, but there was no time.

Wow. I thought it would be so cool to jack off with Mario, listening to his stories. He'd already described his cock as large and meaty, and I'd imagined what it looked like many times. For me he was the ultimate in macho, and to watch him jack off seemed unbelievable! The idea of actually stroking with him was an honor and bond that I never even imagined. Well, that night, after work, when everyone had left, Mario said he didn't have a date and was totally horny. Did I want to jack off with him?

Gulp. Yes!!

Mario went over to the desk and came back with a room key for a room vacated that afternoon, and told me to follow him. We went down a path to the room and let ourselves in. He began telling me about fucking the wife of one of the guests in the room next door, and while he was talking he sat in a lounge chair and began to unzip. He motioned me to the bed and I thought he told me to take my pants off, and then there I was half naked, hard, sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at the cock in his hand. It was, like he had said, very large and surrounded by curly light hair. It was awesome.

Embarassed, I grabbed my cock and began stroking, and in seconds was almost going to cum when Mario told me, 'Hey, stop..let it last!' I caught myself and eased off, and then Mario began talking about how he practices going to the edge and backing off so that he can last longer when he's in somebody's pussy. 'Watch me,' he said.

Well, I don't know how long we were there, maybe half and hour, maybe an hour, while we each got blazing hot and stiff, then backed off and relaxed and then stroked longer and harder until again we reached the edge, and then relaxed. Over and over, I watched him and followed, mesmerized. Finally he told me to get a towel for him from the bathroom, and I ran over my cock bouncing in the air and got it for him. He spread it over his clothes and said, 'Ready?'

When he reached orgasm, Mario grunted like I'd never heard anyone, deep grunts of pleasure and strengh, over and over until his cock spurted ropes of cum. Moments later I came so hard, and so much, like I'd never experienced before, covering myself in cum. Before I relaxed enough to grab a sheet and wipe myself clean, Mario had packed away his cock and zipped himself up. On his way out the door he said, 'Nice cock. We should do this again.'

And we did. Many times. After work at his apartment he loved to strip off all his clothes and jack spread-eagle in his big couch. Sometimes I'd call before work and ask if I could come by-we knew it meant to jack off-and if he was in the mood, and didn't have a 'date' later, we'd have a quick jack-off, me still in my pants, and Mario sometimes half-dressed or just out of the shower. Those times made me shudder with raw, male sexuality. Other times, usually after work, we would edge while he told me all about making love, about different women, about how to treat them, now to nibble on their tits or run a tongue along their ass.

It was a few months before I was able to practice my lessons, but when I did I discovered that Mario had been an excellent teacher, and thanks to him I was a much better lover than my bumbling and over-excited friends in high school. I went by Mario's one afternoon a couple of days after I lost my virginity, and he congratulated me and wanted to know all the details. In a few minutes we both were masturbating together, for the first time to my own stories of sex and sensuality, a new chapter in my life!



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