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Power of Water - Total Enjoyment

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I as well as other family members, and friends love this site. We read it daily. Thank You one and All.


I started as most of us at an early age. I noticed when I was a very little boy that the touching of the penis was so enjoyable, but then there was something that made the touching even more enjoyable, and that was the ever increasing joy of allowing your penis and body to be observed by girls and women. The idea was for the girls to see your nude body while changing clothes, or removing your various pieces of clothing while not letting the girls or women to know that you are doing this for their personal viewing and hopefully their enjoyment as well. I knew from the beginning of the first few grades in elementary school that the pure pleasure was not only to touch myself, but to allow others to see me while naked. There were many times while showering at home, that I would need something, perhaps a towel, or some soap, I would call to my mother, and of course, she would always bring me what I needed,as I moved to her, I was nude, and she always looked at me and noticed that my young and little cock was standing straight out with a hard erection. She loved to look at my nude body all the way from being a little boy to the time when I was in my twenties. Mom even commented to me about my cock as she would tell me that it would not be good for any girls to see me naked as they would also stare at my growing hard cock and the very noticeable balls. I would even enjoy the shower many times all most everyday as the summers were so hot and humid, mom would always know that I was down in the basement on the concrete floor and doing my daily shower, she would almost always watch me as I stood there and soaped my nude body and so enjoyed the feeling to soaping my semi-hard cock and balls while knowing all along that someone was watching me. This made the total experience so memorable. It was at this time when I guess I was 8 or 9 maybe 10 years old that I loved how the water felt on my nude body while the stream was moving from the legs to the exposed cock. I being completely circumcised, the penis or head was so sensitive that the water was almost unbearable. The very first time I stood there and the steady stream of water was trickling over the penis and balls, and then the head got the strangest feelings. There was no mistake that the feelings were the greatest, then there was the sensational feeling that something was happening and not to move your body, or not to move the water stream from the head of my cock, it just happened, the sperm or cum was shooting straight out and the total euphoria was unbelievable. I continued to keep the water on the same spot and not move until I knew that I was empty. This was the first time that I ever used the water for my total enjoyment and to ejaculate cum all over the floor, and my mother who was watching from a distance was also surprised but pleased. I, of course, was not aware of her being there or observing me, at least that is what she thought and I pretended as if I was alone and then to enjoy my masturbation with the help of water. I also found that with the hot temperatures, and the high humidity, that it was always so easy to chafe between the legs at the crease of the thighs, and the area right between the balls, my mom knew of my constant chafing, and was always buying me 'Corn Starch' as this was the in-expensive way of putting a powder on the chafed areas and never was the expense of buying regular baby powder. The feeling of the corn starch being applied to the moist skin was like in heaven and akin to being powered like a baby while in diapers. So I always enjoyed telling mom that I was chafing and if she would take some time and apply the corn starch to my tender areas, I knew she would do as I asked, and of course I would removed my pants, and shorts and be completely nude. She would have me lie down on the bed and either she would spread my legs or I would ask her if she needed more room to apply the corn starch to my 'raw open chafed area' Mom would love to take a lot of time to apply the soft powder like materials to my inner thighs, and the balls, and of course she would move the penis around to make sure it was covered in white powder, and always to make sure the entire shaft, head, and the skin behind the head was not sore or chafed. This was an ongoing process for me and my mother from the time I was a baby, then again while I was in the lower grades of the 3rd, 4th, 5th etc. then I was able to continue this loving tenderness all the way thru the teens and into my middle twenties. I think mom knew that I could do this myself, which I could have, but I always pretended that I could not and always needed her help as I was not at all easy for me to do this correctly. I just loved the way she touched me, to move the balls, the cock, to add powder, and to take more time than necessary as she loved looking at my cock and balls, she will most likely see me nude in the next week or so as I will be visiting her at her home and always leave the bathroom door open. To leave the bathroom door ajar is never a problem as the excuse is to allow the air to cool from the shower, and to also allow the moisture to leave the room. With a mirror on the bathroom door on the outside, it is so easy for someone in the next room to be there and casually look in the mirror to see the reflection of my nude body. I would always stand there in the bathroom after finishing the shower and slowly take a towel to dry and all along knowing full well that someone in the next room was watching at a distance. The enjoyment of being nude, enjoying rubbing my body with the towel while being watched was and will always be so erotic. Those in the room, my mother, my mother's mother, my sister, or her friends would find some excuse to do something in the room while talking to themselves and constantly taking the time to look at my nude body and savor the excitement of seeing a male cock just hanging there. Sometimes after using the towel, I would take the hand cream or jergens lotion in the bottle on the sink and put some in my hands and then to apply the lotion to my cock and allow the cock to grow and attain an erection. To this day no one ever says anything to me or mentions about the door being open or me standing in there drying off. I so enjoy the fact that they WE ALL think that no one is watching or seeing anything, They think that I am totally un-aware that they can see me, and I think that no one is there or if they are, they can't see me because the door is partially closed at an 45' angle----however the mirror is never taken into account. I too have experienced another source of enjoyment with the cutting my pubic hair. It seems to grow like wild fire, So I usually cut the hair with scissors, or a clipper, but my mom has also helped me with with as I tell her about the problem, and that the hair gets in the way as there is so much, so she offers to cut it or trim as I have cut myself from time to time. We have always talked about pubic hair on both women and men and have had some rather interesting conversations, but no one seems to know why all women and men are born with hair that grows in the pubic area. If someone out there can shed some light on this it would be most interesting. Other than the head, no other parts of the human body are covered with such dense growth of hair as the pubic areas of women and men. Help Anyone ??? I am now 29 and still today enjoy the water on the exposed penis head, and the times with my mother, mother's mother, sister and her friends while they see me in the nude, Thank you. More to cum with other true stories about how I grew up over the years.



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