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Posting J/o Vids Online

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Since you have to be 18 to post vids on the web... obviously Brian and I are both 18.


My friend Brian and I were watching some amateur porn one night on the web, and he clicked on a video of a guy jerking off. I couldn't figure out why he did that, then at the end he told me that it was him. We then read the comments which he really got into, and he was also proud that he got four and a half stars out of five. He had shot it so you couldn't see his face, but I watched it again, and I could tell from his chest and the stuff on the night table that it really was him.

That week I taped myself and uploaded it, then the next time we got together, I showed him my video. In three days, I got over 800 'viewings', four stars, and three 'favorites' . We talked about how we got turned on knowing other people were watching us, and getting off watching us do it, and we ended up jerking off together for the first time. It was so awesome to actually see another guy cum, and to watch Brian's face as he came, and I had one of the hardest orgasms in my life. Brian wanted to make a tape of us jerking off together, so we set it up for that next Saturday. He set up the camera on the chest across from his bed, and we kept our heads above camera line.

We started jerking off, and then all of a sudden Brian reached over and started to jerk my dick, so I grabbed his and did him. I had never had anyone ever touch my dick before, or touched anyone else, and it felt great. then Brian had this idea, and got up and turned the camera off, and put it on the bed. Then he told me to face him and put my thighs over his so we could push our dicks together, and jerk both dicks at the same time. He took both our dicks and held them together at the base with his left hand, then started sliding his right hand over both dicks, pushing them together. It felt really awesome, and me being up on his hips made up for the fact that my dick is about an inch shorter than his. He told me to take the camera and zoom in on his hand jerking us off. It was really hot, listening to the slurp as his hand rubbed our oily dicks, and he would vary his speed, I came first, then he kept jerking using my cum on both our dicks, and he came right after that. I turned off the cam, we cleaned up, then we watched it. It was so hot we both jerked off to it, then we posted it. That was six months ago, and our vid has five stars, and 27 favorites!



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