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Post-match Cooldown

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I'm a junior; she's an 8th grader.


Recently, at a wrestling meet, I was warming up on the mat with a buddy of mine when I looked into the stands and saw my family walk in. My sister Ellen, had brought along two of her good friends, Jen and Caitlin, to watch the match with her. Her friends always looked up to me because I was in high school, and they always took an interest in wrestling from whatever I told them. Anyway, I continued to warm up before my match, working up a sweat and stretching out. As my match got closer, I took off my warm-up gear and pulled up my singlet to get ready to go.

For those of you who don't know anything about wrestling, a singlet is a tight spandex suit that has straps over the shoulders, and legs that go about halfway down to the knee. They're fairly revealing by guy standards, and the outline of the penis is visible. I'm in pretty good shape, because I lift before school and in my gym class every day, not to mention wrestling practice after school. As I stood there in the singlet, Ellen's friends watched me from close behind. I went out onto the mat, and from the other corner, another kid walked out, distinctly bigger than myself. At the 215lb weight class, he was close to 215, and I was 197 with little fat.

The match came and went slowly, and lasted three exhausting periods before my hand was raised as the winner by points. I walked to the bench, sweating and panting, and took the singlet off from my upper body. As I bent over shirtless, my sister and her friends came right up to me, and Ellen congratulated me. Her friends, however, remained quiet. They all looked me up and down nervously, as I was breathing hard, sweating, and half-naked. In the lower half of my singlet, my penis was small and retracted from physical exertion, and pointed out from underneath the spandex. I could tell that all of them, even my sister, were staring right at my penis.

They walked away, and I went downstairs into the locker room. The meet was still on, so the locker room was empty. I walked in and sat on a bench in an aisle of lockers, and sat there with my singlet half off. I heard giggling, and opened the door to find Ellen's friends standing before me. They kind of forced their way in on me into the locker room, and closed the door behind them. They stood in front of me, staring at me critically, eyeing my retracted penis. It still was tensed into a near nub, and poked a pointy little outline into my singlet. Jen took a step forward and put her hand on my chest, and slid her fingers down my front to my genitals. She poked the quivering lump with her fingertips, and caressed me gently through the fabric. Caitlin watched from a few feet away. Jen then took off her shirt, then her bra, and showed me her modest breasts.

She's only in 8th grade, so she's not up to her potential yet, but her breasts were small and pointy, with little pink nipples stiff in her excitement. I was shirtless, and quickly pulled off my singlet and stood before her in just boxers. She pulled down her pants, but left on her panties, and bent over to pull off my boxers. I looked over her back to stare at her firm little butt, still hidden in her uncompromising panties. I felt my boxers slide down my legs, and Jen burst into laughter at the site of my genitalia. The nub remained, and it stood embarassingly stiff and on point, at only 1 1/4 inches. My testes were pulled up into me as well, and I looked like a nervous, underdeveloped mess. She and Caitlin laughed for minutes at my small, trembling privates. She again began to touch me, simulating masturbating my nub with the very tips of her fingers.

'Your penis is tiny, Jay,' she said. 'My dad's is way bigger, and my brother's is bigger.'

Her brother is an 8th grader as well, so that is a reflection on how I looked. I didn't say anything and she continued to touch me with her fingertips. My nub faded into a less pathetic form, until I had a decent strength erection. Even so, my penis measures only about 4 1/8 inches hard. She clutched my stiff cock, and the fingers from her small hand touched comfortably as they wrapped around it. She slid her hand up and down my short shaft. She continued to jerk me as she went to her knees, and I soon felt the numbness growing in my tip. As I was ravaged by a great orgasm, semen shot out in tiny burts, two or three drops at a time falling onto her chest and breasts. She kissed my penis a little bit, and then wiped my cum off her body with a towel. She smiled at me and left with her friend, leaving me naked and hard in the locker room.



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