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I'm still looking for a first 'real' MM experience. I've masturbated while covered in the presence of three other guys before, but nothing recently. I still have one more year of high school, and then there's college; hopefully, something will happen by then.


I'd like to think that I have a well-sized group of friends, but I'm part of one particular tight-knit group, made of three girls and two other guys. We'll call the girls in our group 'A,' 'B,' and 'C,' and the other two guys 'D' and 'E.' Long story short, B and C are best friends, and C and D have recently broken up.

I was driving around town with B and C today when the conversation turned to an earlier online conversation B and D had about anal sex and if they were gay men. Interestingly enough, the female B said, if forced to choose, she would 'pitch' (or be on the giving end) and the male D said he would rather 'catch' (or receive).

Suddenly, B goes, 'that reminds me of D's secret' and B and C burst into giggles. I smirked, 'Oh! I'm intrigued.' I had began to conclude that D had confided into his ex-girlfriend C about experimenting with anal play (although they had been sexually active together). Neither told me in the car, but later, after C and I had split from B, C told me that he had 'heard that you could have an orgasm from doing that, so he said he tried it and had 'one of the greatest orgasms of his life.'' I smirked and made sure to show an attitude of amusement but also suggesting that 'yeah, I've heard of that before-not that I've done it.' (I have, on a few occasions, experimented with anal play.)

Later, this got me to thinking. D is not a particularly attractive guy to me-he's as hairy as I am, something I do not like at all; and he doesn't exactly exude sexiness. But the idea of masturbating with him (among other things) is something I believe I would act upon.

(The story reminds me of a time a few years ago when D and I had gotten bored and were playing online truth or dare. We had no way to ensure the other was following each other's dares but faith. Having learned one day in class that he could get his foot behind his head, I dared him in our little game to perform autofellatio. He agreed and, after comments both online and in person that 'I can't believe you made me do that,' I'm fairly confident that he did it.)

Because I think he wouldn't be totally opposed to the idea of experimenting with masturbating in each other's presence, or even masturbating each other or further, I'm very tempted to 'test the waters' and see what he'd be willing to do. We've spoken only a little this summer and haven't hung out any since school let out, but school is beginning to start again for the year and that could bring some major possibiilties-we have a couple of classes together.

If this ends up to be my first MM experience, that'd be really nice (and I'd be sure to report back here). Until then, this could be some nice solo material.



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