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Posing Nude

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I went to a college that had dorms that were co-ed by hallway (all men or all women). My high school girlfriend and I were still trying to stay together long-distance (she was 700 miles away in Ohio) so I 'made friends' with many of the girls who lived on the adjacent hallway. My suitemates and I hung out with three cute girls-Jen, Karen and Tina-who lived around the corner and we often flirted and cuddled out in the common room between our two hallways (it had a kitchen and couches, etc.)

Jen was a photography student and she had to take portraits for a class. I was perilously skinny back then (6'1' and perhaps 140 pounds) and I had longish hair, so Jen thought I would make a great subject. I was considering it when Karen joked that Jen should take pictures of me naked. I resisted at first, but soon all of my friends and the three girls were cheering me on and I agreed.

Jen and I went into my room, a double that I shared with a roommate, Tom. Just to be sure, we wedged the door shut with a chair against the doorknob (I could imagine the pranks being concocted outside that door). Jen and I were both a little nervous. She was a very pale-skinned redhead with short, boy-cut hair and a spray of faint freckles across her nose-cute and pretty in a very clean-cut sort of way. She asked me to pose first for a few pictures against the painted cinderblock wall.

Awkwardly, I asked, 'With my clothes on?'

'Sure,' Jen said. 'Unless you feel comfortable in your boxers.'

I was a little bit freaked out and a little bit excited by the whole thing. Now here we were, alone in my room, and I wondered what my girlfriend would think when I told her about this. I was pretty frustrated with her already-typical teenage overly-serious stuff-and it suddenly occured to me that I could go ahead and pose naked for Jen as 'ammunition' for our next, inevitable argument.

I stepped out of my jeans and pulled my t-shirt over my head. I was wearing loose, yellow-paisely boxers that stopped at my upper thigh, not much below where my flaccid dick ended. I felt an erotic shiver as Jen looked at me through her camera-I was practically naked.

Jen posed me at different angles and postures and snapped a few more pictures. Then she paused, again, a bit awkwardly. 'You don't have to get naked if you don't want to,' she said. 'These are great.'

As soon as she said 'naked', I felt a stirring down below. I realized with alarm that I hadn't masturbated yet that day (back then, I needed to cum at least twice a day just to be able to stay soft during classes and social encounters-luckily, we had locking showers).

The thought of exposing myself to Jen seemed so thrilling even though the horror of popping an erection was terrifying. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down, giving her my answer without a word.

I have slender legs and an almost girlishly curvy ass, but flat abs and pretty defined arms (especially back then, when I was so thin). I stood there with my arms at my sides and my cock, hanging perhaps 4' and a bit thicker than soft, but not yet hard, right in front of Jen.

Jen didn't show any emotion at all, to my disappointment, but she had me turn around and look at her over my shoulder, exposing my ass. She snapped a few pictures and then she had me stand in the same position on a chair and shot a few pictures up my leg. I looked down at her, suddenly very aware of how quiet the room had become and how tightly her green turtleneck fit around her small, round breasts. I started swelling.

I tried to control myself, but my cock wouldn't listen. She asked me to turn around and I did, now about 5.5' and thickening towards horizontal. She shot another picture straight up my leg towards my abdomen, making no apparent notice of my cock.

I thickened up and stiffened more. Now my cock was standing straight out and I was starting to get embarassed. 'I'm sorry,' I said. 'I guess this is sort of arousing.'

'It's beautiful,' she said, smiling. My dick extended to its full 6' and tightened up into an arc standing out from my body. 'I want to photograph it.'

Jen had me stand against the cinderblock wall in profile as my pulsing cock curved up towards my belly. I was starting to feel precome oozing out of my notch and I reached down to wipe it off.

'Are you okay?' she asked. I could see her nervously biting her lip now. Was she getting turned on? So exciting.

'I'm just so horny,' I admitted quietly. 'This is really turning me on.'

'I'm done if you want me to leave so you can do something about it,' she said. A droplet of precome oozed down my shaft.

I had a whole range of thoughts. Part of me wanted her to leave, but part of me wanted to do something dirtier...something more wrong.

'Do you want to watch me?' I asked.

'Watch you...what?' Jen asked, a bit startled. Her blue eyes widened in surprise.

'Watch me touch myself,' I said.

'Could I?' she asked.

Again, I didn't answer her. I just reached down to touch my thick, firm, sticky cock and started stroking it. She sat down on the bed across from me, transfixed.

I ran my hand down my shaft to my balls and back up again and then very slowly grasped my pulsing head in the 'O' shape formed by my thumb and forefinger and started pushing down towards the base of my shaft.

I sped up and now my balls were bouncing. 'Ohhhh,' I groaned. 'It turned me on so much to be naked in front of you.'

I ran my free hand down my stomach and around my waist to my ass. I love the curve of my ass-it turns me on to this day to see myself from behind (I know, a bit weird, but whatever). I just kept rubbing my ass and stroking my slick cock while Jen stared at me until I felt the familiar welling up in my balls.

I am a squirter when I cum, very thin jets at first, and I can distinctly remember Jen's mouth dropping open and her eyes widening and the cry she let out of surprise when I shot straight out across the room onto her jeans, right onto the inner leg and crotch-one big wet spurt-then another arced out across the floor.

I groaned and milked myself down to a few weaker squirts that ended up on my own jeans and t-shirt on the floor beneath me and then I collapsed against the wall.

'Wow,' was all she said, and then she grabbed a Kleenex to try to get my jizz off her jeans.

I felt so much giddiness, guilt and fear all at once-I didn't really know what to say. Jen smiled at me and said, 'That was a lot.'

'Um, yeah.'

'Well, that will be our secret,' she said.

She told me the pictures didn't come out, much to my disappointment, and that was the last I heard of it ... until Senior year, when Karen told me that the pictures DID come out, and that she looked at them often when she was by herself ... but that's another story (and Karen is now married to my older brother).



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