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Portland Fun

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This was fun, and this IS ALL TRUE, please let me know what you think as this is my first story.

I know it is long, but it is VERY GOOD.


OK first let me discribe myself, I am from a small town. I have brown hair and eyes, about 5'8' and have a 7 and a 1/2' cock.

And now on to the story, I recently went to Portland for a robotics tournament, and you would think that all the girls there would be 'geeky' but in all honesty they were not. (some of them even out did porn stars) Anyway when we were not occupied with our robot I decided to try and meet some chicks. Well I met a few but most of them were very busy with their robots. I was getting very dicouraged but finnaly I met a girl, lets call her Paige. Well both of us got done with the robots at six, so I asked her to dinner.

We had a very nice dinner, we talked about all kinds of stuff including sex and masterbation, we both learned that we do it and saddly that was all that was said. After dinner I offered to walk her to her hotel, she agreed and come to find out that she was staying in the same hotel that I was staying in.

I walked her to her room, and she said to call her room later. I was so excited to see what would happen.

So after my lodging buddies fell asleep I called her. She said that she was lonely and wanted me to come up to her room. So I quietly left my room and went down to the lobby and bought some flowers and went up to her room.

When I got there I knocked on the door and she opened it. I gave her the flowers and she ivited me in. When I reached the main part of the room I saw she was not quite as lonely as she had said, there were two other girls in the room sprawlled out on the beds completely naked, my dick went instantly hard. When I turned around to see Paige, she was also naked and had a look of satisfaction on her face.

She then said to me 'you look hot in those clothes'. This must have been the que, because as she said this the other girls got up and began to remove my clothes.

I was in pure exstacy, there were three hot naked chicks undressing me!!!!

Well I was not wearing an excesive amount of clothing and with the three of them working I was down to my boxers in seconds.

At this time the other two backed off and laid back down on one of the beds, who we will call them Nikki and Lorry, as did Paige who sat on a chair next to them.

Now they started to chant, take it off, so I obliged. When I dropped my boxers they gasped as my hard-on popped out. They then said that they wanted to take turns jacking me. So Paige moveed onto the bed with the others and let me sit down. They then began to decide who got to go first. This took a few minutes as they all wanted the first turn. It was finnaly decided that Nikki would have the first turn.

As Nikki sat down in front of me, the other two started kissing and rubbing each other. Nikki then started kissing me on the lips and moving down. As she was doing this, I was watching Lorry and Paige play with each other.

Eventually Nikki's lips were on my dick. It felt so good. She then inserted my dick in her mouth and pumped a few times. She then grabbed it with her hands and pumped a few more times.

This felt very good, but I was still focused on Paige and Lorry who were now in a 69 position licking each others clitortis. (HOT!!!!) Anyway after watching them and having Nikki alternate between sucking and jacking my cock I lost it. At the time Nikki was sucking my cock and it surprised her, and she took my cock out. And although she took it out after the first shot, two or three more spurts shot about 4 feet and landed on the other girls.

Nikki said she liked the taste, and wanted more. So the three girls took a few minutes cleaning my cum off each other with their tounges.

Now it was Paiges turn while the other two pleasured each other. This was about the same except that she just gave me oral, until I shot my second load, this time I shot my first shot past her onto the others, and the rest hit Paige on her beautiful 36-DD breasts.

Again they toook time to clean each other off and let me recupporate. This time I told them to take a few extra minutes, because I was tired.

This must have been what they were waiting for, because Nikki went over to her bags and pulled out a medium sized silver box. She brought it over to the bed and set it down and opened it. It turned out to be full of sex toys. She then handed a vibrator to Paige and she took one herself.

I now saw that Lorry was left out, so I then told her that I was ready. She then came over and gave me the best hand job I have ever had, it took a little more work though because I had already came twice in an hour. But after watching Paige and Nikki use the vibrators and rub each other I came in about ten minutes. This time I came just on Lorry, which then led to another session of them cleaning each other off.

I now suggested that we all get in the fairly roomy shower and clean up. In the shower I took turns soaping them up and rinsing them off.

After we got done it was around two in the morning and we all decided that I should spend the night with them, and so I did.

We stayed up until around six am, and now it was my turn to get them off, which I did to each of them at least 3 times.

After that we went to sleep holding each other while still naked. An hour later when we woke up, they gave me a sex toy that they had modeled after their own pussies, they signed their names and numbers on them, so I could call them.

It was the best night of my life. Unfortunately that was the only night that we got to do that. After we exchanged numbers and I relised that we only live 30 miles apart, we all decided to meet and do it again.

Thanks for reading this and if you don't belive it is real, too bad because it is, and please let me know what you think.



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