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Porcelain Saga Continued

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Emma started something in October


In my contribution, I said I would detail my experiences of using the men's room with women present if anyone wanted to hear. Someone in the comment section did, so here goes. First of all, I have to say that I'm not into any pee fetish or anything, but I am turned on by women discovering unknown things about the male gender.

I used to work in a very busy building with a large public area. There was an attractive lady that cleaned the restrooms. The men's room was never dirty, as she cleaned it several times a day. One day I walked in, while she was there. She rolled her eyes and said that she was never going to get done because men kept coming in, and asked if I could wait. Truth be told, I could not at all. I told her I didn't care; she could stay if she wanted to. To my surprise she did. Now I had a choice to make. If I used a stall, she could hear me, and I would freeze. At a urinal, she could not, and there were privacy shields, so I selected a urinal about three or four away from her. She cleaned the counter while I relieved myself. Then it dawned on me that I had my penis out and a woman was only feet away.

To my surprise, she walked over and started cleaning the urinals, coming closer and closer. Relieved from it's condition, my penis began to stiffen. She said, 'You men are lucky, I've never seen one of these in use before. I've always heard horror stories about the men's room, but it is usually in good shape. Urinals must be so much easier for you guys'. My penis was now throbbing, as she was beside me. I flushed the urinal, and stood there. She smiled, as I tried to coax my erection back into my pants. I went and washed my hands, said goodbye, and left.

My next job, I worked at had a unisex restroom with two stalls and a urinal, but no locking door. It was accepted by the mostly young female staff that the restroom was open to either sex at any time. The urinal was fairly private, so it was actually better to use it than a stall. I would get so used to it that the sexual nature of my first story was not a factor. One day though, I was there by myself until when four women came in. The two stalls were taken, so two of the women stood around and waited. Soon one walked around to the urinal side, and saw me.

'Sorry Rob,' she said, but I told her it was okay. Then she came up beside me, and started to talk. Thankfully there were privacy stalls again. She told me she had wondered how men used a urinal and now she knew. We started talking business and I caught her eyes wandering. She sneaked a look over the stall as best she could. Then gave me a startled look when I said her name. Her face turned red, and she said that she was so sorry, and to please forgive her. She told me that she just wanted to see how men did it. I told her that was okay, but asked her to go so I could put it up.

Just then one of the other women came around and said, 'What are you doing, back here?' I saw her eyes go to my waist area. She could not see me, but her face showed total surprise. She said she was sorry and left. Then I noticed why there had been a look of shock from the second woman. She could not actually see me, but she could see my reflection in the privacy stall. The polished metal distorted the actual image and made me look ten inches long. While I am no longer around any of these women, the thoughts of these episodes make me horny to this day



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