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My first 'ejerkulation'


My best friend, Carol, and I constantly talked on the phone. One day she called, bursting with unbridled enthusiasm, to tell me she walked in on her older brother having sex. Neither of us had the vaguest idea of what sex was.

I can recall almost verbatim, her words spilled out in one frenzied pronouncement. 'I came home from school early, his bedroom door was open instead of locked as usual, and I saw him with his pants pulled down looking at a magazine on his desk. He was rubbing his weiner up and down and it was big and red. His other hand was holding his 'strocum'.

Suddenly his hips went back and forth and he grunted. Globs of white stuff called spermatazoa ejerkulated out of his weiner splattering on the newspaper that was spread out on the floor and that's how you get babies!'

Well that was a lot of information, none of which made any sense at the time. One thing I knew for sure, however, I wanted to see a boy ejerkulate.

Three years passed before I had the opportunity. That summer my parents brought me with them to a business seminar they were attending at the largest hotel in Miami Beach. They were in meetings all day, leaving me the freedom to enjoy the gigantic swimming pool. Out of sheer boredom, I engaged in people watching.

I noticed a young man in the pool leaning against the side and he appeared to be reading a book. I became curious when I saw a very pretty girl in a revealing swimsuit lying on a lounge chair directly within his line of sight. She was sleeping and her legs were slightly parted.

By age 13 I knew what turned boys on,and with closer observation I could tell he was pretending to read, but was actually gaping at the delectable view in front of him. Out of curiosity I put my goggles on and slipped under the water. The pool was packed with people and the likelihood was he'd never notice what I was up to. From several yards away I could clearly see that he had pulled his swimsuit aside and his engorged penis was

being furiously pounded by water rushing out of the pool's outflow vent.

I had a hunch that by exercising a little patience I might finally get to witness my first 'ejerkulation'. I was right. After a few minutes he was holding his boner against the onrushing water, and suddenly it happened, streams of cum burst forth and were quickly dispersed in every direction in the pool. I hopped out to see that he had his head resting on the pavement, gasping for breath. The lovely young thing who was the object of his lust remained unaware and asleep.

My mind was dizzy with delight and I couldn't wait to get back home to share this exciting experience with my friends. But something strange was happening down below. For some unknown reason I detected a tingling, warm, wet, sweet sensation emanating from between my legs and I had an urge to touch myself down there. I tried to resist, recalling my mother's admonition, ' Nice girls don't do that'. But then again, I knew my mom was an old-fashioned nut case.

This compelling urge continued the rest of the day, making me feel antsy and anxious. When I went to bed it only got worse. I finally gave in to the compulsion to touch myself and slipped my hand into my panties to find my sparse pussy hair soaked. My breathing quickened and I certainly didn't want to wake mom and dad sleeping in the bed next to mine, so I forced myself to stop, falling into a restless sleep.

The next morning I was almost frantic with desire, although I had no idea what it was at the time. I simply couldn't get the vision of that large penis spurting 'spermatazoa' out of my mind.

I went down to the pool, but had no success in finding the sperm guy again. And then I wondered what would happen if I pressed my aching pussy against the gushing water the same way he did.I eased myself into the pool, glancing around to make sure no one was paying any attention to me, then nonchalantly leaned over the side of the pool. I slowly moved to the left and positioned by seething snatch directly atop the powerful current of water. Copying sperm guy's technique, I pulled my swimsuit aside to direct the water's full impact to my pussy. Instantly I was engulfed with spasms of unimaginable pleasure that nearly caused me to faint. My hips had a mind of their own, humping the rushing tide with quick thrusts, I resisted the temptation to scream.

Wow, what a poolgasm. I never again experienced anything so intense.



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