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Pool Shower

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This is just one of those random events that sometimes occurs in places of public nudity. Usually I am quite bashful when it comes to these sorts of things, but not this time.


During the summer between eighth and ninth grade my friends and I would go to the pool every day. Usually this group consisted of me, my friends Brandon, Andy, and Jeff, and Jeff's two little brothers: Jack and Joe. Me, Brandon, Andy, and Jeff were all 14 at the time, Jack was 12 and Joe was 10. By this time me and the three older boys were well into puberty, although at varying stages of development. We would often discuss these things with eachother, though we never went beyong talking. Jack was in the early stages of puberty, and would often try to join our discussions, but the older boys ignored him.

Puberty for me was a very awkward stage. Beginning around the age of 11 my penis had started to grow until it was approximately 6 inches long by the time I was 14. I had been masturbating regularly since I was 12. My voice had also broken late in eighth grade while the first whisps of facial hair appeared that same year. Despite this, I had absolutely no pubic or underarm hair, which Jeff, Andy, and Brandon all had. Even though we had never shown each other, this became painfully obvious to me every time we went to the pool. I could clearly see the dark areas under their arms and the trails of hair beginning at their navels and stretching below their waistlines. For the sake of honesty, I confessed to them that I had no pubic hair and they were loathe to make fun of me considering I knew all of their secrets.

Like I said before, the six of us went to the pool virtually every day and we would often stay the whole day until it closed at 5:00 PM. One day I had to leave early to go somewhere with my mom. She said we had to leave no later than 5:00, so rather than leaving the pool and hour earlier, walking the two miles back home and getting ready there, I decided to shower at the pool. Since the pool was on the way, my mom agreed to pick up at 5:00. Usually I would not have even considered doing this, but since the pool was practically deserted I thought my chances of getting seen naked in the showers were minimal. Little did I know what it would lead to.

I took my leave of the others about 15 minutes before closing time, saying I needed to shower and wash my hair before my mom came to pick me up. So I went into the shower room, I'm sure you've seen the kind before: one room with about a dozen shower heads poking out from the walls. I got underneath one of them, turned the water on, took my swimtrunks off, and began lathering up. When I was about to wash my hair, Jack walks in the room. He takes one look at me, smiles broadly, and walks to the spout right next to me, takes his trunks off, and starts washing himself. Jack had an immense curiosity of all things sexual, and I know that he had wanted to catch a glimpse of an older boy's cock for some time now. He himself was further into puberty than I thought, I stole a glimpse of his crotch while he was washing his face. It was pretty big for a 12-year-old, even unerect, and I could clearly see a small tuft of blonde pubic hair at the base of his dick. Still, I knew for a fact that he could not ejaculate, Jeff told me he tried to demonstrate it once and couldn't.

Just as I was about to leave he turns to me, looks at my crotch, studies it carefully and says, 'I have more hair on my dick than you do... funny, I never thought I would be more developed than a 14-year-old.' Then he stroked his dick a few times and brought it to a full 4 inch erection.

At this point I was determined to put the little upstart in his place. I grabbed my own penis and began to pump it, soon my 6 incher stood in all its glory. Jack just stared at my boner, a glazed look in his eyes. I turned to him and said, 'Having hair on your dick doesn't make you a man, the only thing that matters is what you can do with it.'

Then I began stroking my hard dick, using soap as a lubricant while Jack looked on with a mixture of curiosity and satisfaction. I hadn't jerked off for a few days prior to this, and having someone look at you while you masturbate is a real turn-on. It only took me about 40 seconds to reach orgasm; when I released I quivered with an intense spasm and let loose two long ropes of cum, both of which splattered against the tile wall of the showeroom. I collapsed on the floor, panting heavily, the water still on at full blast. Jack just gaped for a few seconds, got hold of himself, and began clapping. I stood up, washed the remaining semen off my dick and stomach, and shut off the water. Then I faced Jack, still clapping with a dazed look on his face. He just said, 'Holy crap, man, that was amazing.'

Now it was my turn to smirk, I said, 'Can you do that, you little cocksucker?'

Jack turned his head downward towards the floor and said nothing for about 10 seconds. I heard a faint 'no' escape his lips.

'That's what I thought,' I replied as I walked out of the shower room. I got dressed and met my mom a few minutes later outside the pool. Despite my best effort, I could not prevent my face from breaking into a huge grin, so great was the satisfaction I felt at Jack's humiliation. I never told any of my friends about that incident, and neither did Jack. Whenever we discuss sex-related topics, Jack refuses to look me in the eye.



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