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Pool Jets

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Me and my wife just bought a new house with a pool. The other night at about 11pm I decided to get in the pool. It was great! It was about 85 degrees out (hot night) and about 72 in the pool. It was so refreshing. As I was swimming around I started thinking about skinny dipping as I have never done that before. I started to get hard thinking about it but was a bit scared to do it. What happens if a neighbor sees? What happens if my wife comes out? So I sat there quietly in the pool and looked around. My neighbors might be able to see in the pool if they wanted. It was dark out, but if they stared they might be able to see my naked ass if I was to take off my swimming trunks.

My wife was in bed so there should be little chance of her catching me I thought. I paused for a minute and put my hands underwater and pulled down my swimming trunks. My hard dick sprung out into the open water. Freedom! I swam around for about five minutes. It felt great. There I was naked in my pool swimming around. After a few minutes I was in the deep end and getting a bit winded so I swam to the side of the pool to rest. As I held onto the side of the pool in the deep end...I started to lift myself out of the pool. I have done this many times since moving into the new house. All of a sudden I froze with only a part of my body out of the water. I couldn't move as I felt something fantastic. The pool jet was only a few inches from my semi hard cock. It was sending streams of water all over my cock and balls. It felt great!

I just sat there in this position for a moment not knowing what to do. All I knew was that my dick was extremely hard now and getting massaged. It is hard to explain what it felt like but a blowjob is a decent comparison. So there I was at one end of the pool, half out of the water with my very hard dick a few inches from the pool jet. I looked at the neighbors house closest to me. I thought to myself that if they looked out their window now, even though it is dark out, they would probably easily spot me and wonder what in the world I was doing. If possible the danger of being spotted in this position made me even hotter. Without thinking I positioned my dick right in front of the pool jet so that the water would massage my foreskin and a little bit of my cock head. It felt great! I was not thinking clearly anymore. The pleasure took over. I had only been in this position for like 45 seconds and I started to feel the pleasure deep in my balls. I started to feel the pressure building. Once again I wasn't sure what to do? I can't cum....if someone is watching??? It was too late. I pushed my dick right up against the pool jet. Water squirted onto my dick so hard. The cum was building up in my balls. I could feel I was past the point of no return. I started to orgasm.

I tried to be very quiet but this orgasm was amazing and happened so fast. Probably in all of a minute or so. I breathed heavily with a low moan as I squirted out my first shot of cum. Then a second shot and another moan and then a third shot and another moan. Ohhhhhhhh! It was amazing. The pool jet did not relent. It continued to milk my balls as I remained half out of the water with my dick against the pool jet. I was spent and breathing heavily as I lay in this awkward position half in and out of the pool. I moved my dick bit further away from the pool jet and allowed it to massage my cock and balls for another minute or so as I got my wind back. I then looked around for about 10-15 seconds hoping I was really alone. I wasn't sure anyone saw or heard me but I decided to swim around for a few more minutes. I lowered myself back in the pool and slowly swam back into the deep end. After a few more minutes of feeling completely refreshed I got out of the pool and dried off.

Since this first time I have done it on purpose twice more. Each time I had similar results. For some reason I cum very fast and hard each time. I cannot wait to do it again tonight!



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