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Pool Boy (1)

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When I was in sixth grade, my parents bought a membership into a country club near us, in the hills at the south of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. They are avid golfers; I've never been that enthused with the sport. On weekends, when my father wasn't working, the three of us would head to the country club. While they were playing a round, I would lay out by the pool. (During the summer, when I was not at school, I would sometimes tag along with my mother on some weekdays as well.)

The pool was an olympic-sized one, and on weekends it was pretty busy. I used to notice this one man, around thirty-years-old, who used to use the pool on weekends too. He was always alone, even though he was very handsome. I had trouble keeping my eyes off him, and I'm pretty sure he knew it. He seemed interested in me. More than once we caught each other looking at each other.

He would tan in a lounge chair that was usually pretty close to mine, and while I pretended not to notice him, I was stealing glances at his body the whole time. Sometimes we would get into the pool at around the same time. I usually managed to be swimming underwater near him, checking out that bulge under his swimsuit, imagining what was there. Once in a while, I'd see him adjust himself with one hand underwater but never actually exposing himself to me.

Near the pool's edge was a cabana-style structure housing restrooms and a few lockers. (These were not the same as the much larger locker rooms available for the golfers.) The men's restroom had a couple of sinks, two urinals, an enclosed toilet, two open-sided shower stalls, and a few lockers. Near these were some benches and a few stacks of towels.

Eager to see this guy naked, I once entered the room just after he had gone in, just to grab an extra towel. He was peeing at the urinal, and I got a good look at him sideview. He had pulled his suit down below his butt to pee, so I got to see his hot ass and of course that nice-sized cock. He made no move to cover himself, and he may have even turned slightly, so I could get a better view. I left quickly with the towel and returned to my chair. Later in the day, he and I smiled openly at each other. I remember thinking of his tanned ass, wondering where he was able to get an all-over tan. (I was jealous, wanting my own ass to be the same color as the rest of my body.)

It seemed that the following week took forever (time moves really slow for eleven-year-old's), and I was certainly eager to return to the club next weekend. My parents had an earlier tee-off time than usual, so for a while, I was nearly the only person out at the pool. After maybe a half-hour, he arrived. He saw me laying in my chair. He was fully dressed and went into the restroom/locker to change.

Moving quickly, I poured my Coke onto the front of my swimsuit and then headed to the restroom to clean up from the 'accident.' He was still undressing as I moved toward the sink and I started brushing water onto my swimsuit. Pretending that my cleanup wasn't working, I removed the suit and held it under the water. (I'm sure I was being so obvious to him, but it was quite exciting.)

I put the plug in the sink and let the suit soak, turning to face my friend. I was of course naked, and I saw that he was too. He was sitting on the bench looking at my body, in a bit of a trance, it seemed. I couldn't help grabbing onto my little dick as I looked at his naked body; I may have been unconsciously masturbating. He spread his legs open a little, and I could see his fat cock getting even fatter.

I moved close to him to get a good look, and he leaned back slightly, moving his legs apart even more. His cock was now standing up hard, pointing almost straight into the air. I reached out to touch it but hesitated. He said, 'Yeah,' and I put my finger tips on the head of his cock. He made a little moaning sound. He reached his arm out and around my waist, pulling me close between his legs. I kept feeling his cock, now using both hands, going all around. He put one hand between my legs and under my cock, grabbing at my butt. His hot cock was rubbing against my chest.

We heard some laughing outside the locker area, and this brought us back to our senses. I grabbed a towel and put it around my waist and moved back to the sink. He continued to put on his swimsuit. No one came in, but the thought of it scared us enough to quit what we were doing that day.

We were naked together two other times during the weeks that followed. One of these was while he was showering. He soaped up his cock and started jerking off in earnest. I was transfixed as I watched, also turning around occasionally so he could see me from all angles. He moaned his appreciation. His body started to jerk, and he was soon cumming onto the shower floor. This was a first for me, and I was fascinated.

It wasn't too long after this that I was able to do the same thing. By then, though, I was old enough (thirteen) to be on my own at home while my parents golfed. I had a bike, and my sexual adventures were just about to begin.



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