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Pony Boy

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My next door neighbor is sixteen. He is real buff because he is in cross country and can really run. We have known each other since we were little kids so we are like good old friends. My secret name for him is Danno.

So we used to play together in his wading pool when we were toddlers, and would go and pee behind the old shed, so we are not shy about being naked around each other. We grew up and now I am a football cheerleader, Danno, like I said, runs cross country and track. We don't hang in the same circles at school, so we don't have that much time to see each other much now days. We both have computers in our bedrooms, so we instant message at night.

It is thanks to Danno that I found Solo Touch. I had my first big O from what I learned on the web site. He just told me to check it out, but did not tell me what to expect. All I knew about that stuff was from the other cheerleaders. Half of what those guys told me was random or bogus.

So anyhow, I started to get real curious about how a guy would look when he jacks. I can imagine it from the stories here, but my mind keeps wandering off to how Danno would look. I have not seen him since he showed me his little pee pee when he was little. Must be bigger now. I wonder.

So Danno is next door mowing his lawn. Just boxers on, and a real nice sweat on his chest. Working real hard. I'm watching him from my upstairs bedroom window wondering if his pee pee has grown into a great big dick.

So I get dressed in something that might get his attention. No bra for my A cups. Just a cut off tee shirt that shows the bottom half of my boobs just below the nipples. For the bottoms, old worn out cut off denim shorts, slit up both side seams. I check myself in the mirror. Long long legs. Everybody tells me so, and the shorts make them look even longer. No panties.

So I wander down to Danno's yard, real casual, and stand under the big shade tree next to the old shed. He keeps working, but I stretch and pose everytime he comes by with the mower. Finally he stops to talk. So I give him a cold drink I brought out. I go 'Howzit goen Danno.' 'OK' he goes. 'Time for a little break?' I go. He gives that little Danno smirk. 'Wadda you want, Sissy?' 'Just to cool off here in the shade with you' I go.

So we talk, and lay back in the shade. I sit so he can see whatever he wants on me. He looks. I never came on to him before. He seems cool about it. I go 'Thanks for telling me about Solo Touch. I really got off.' He goes 'Ya, I get off every time I go there.' So I get to the point 'Can I see you get off, Danno?'

He seems OK with that. So he suggests we go into the old shed. To my surprise, he has an old arm chair in there, and a bunch of porno mags. He sits in the old chair and asks if I want to see the porno mags. I tell him 'No, I want to see if your dick has grown up big and strong like you.' So I kneel down in front of him and reach right in and pull out his dick from the leg of his baggy boxers.

So his dick is kind of semi-hard. I can see the rhythm of his heart beat in his dick. With every heart beat it gets a little harder. It is standing straight up in just a few heart beats. Then I freak out a litte. His pink dick looks kind of like a pink my little pony I have. That is if you look at the bottom side of his dick, it is like looking at the neck and chin of one of my little pony's.

I go 'Let's name your dick. Lets call it Pony Boy.' He goes 'Very funny.' I start singing 'Pony boy, pony boy, won't you be my pony boy.' I wrap my hand around his dick and rub up and down in rhythm to my little song. Danno just lays back and grins. His dick gets even bigger. I push the boxers up further and check his balls. When I tickle his ball sac it gets all wrinked up and pulls his balls up to his body. It is fun to tickle and watch it jump.

So I keep singing pony boy and stroking when suddenly Danno pushes my hands off his dick and balls. He grabs himself and starts stroking like 60. Finally he shoots his giz on my t-shirt and hair. I duck because I don't want that stuff on my face. Random squirts come out and run down his dick too.

I go 'Nice mess Danno.' The smell of it on a hot day is making me a little sick. My own crotch is wet and hot, but my stomach is starting to heave. 'Gotta go, see ya Danno,' and I'm gone. I sneak up to my room and dive in the shower. My stomach feels better, but my litte clit still needs attention. It takes about five minutes in the shower to get my big O. Now I feel shaky and weak.

I put on my baggy sleep t-shirt and belly flop on my bed. My little pony collection is up on the shelf. I can't look at them. Later I pack them in a box and put them up in my closet. Sex is both hot and sickening. I feel like I just grew out of my little girl stuff, like my little pony. I can't stop thinking about Danno's pony boy. I work my clit again at bed time for another big O.

Danno's not boy friend material. He is still just a good old friend. I don't know if we will ever go to that shed again. It makes me kind of sick to think about it. Problem is, I can't stop thinking about it.



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