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Pocket Pool

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Best Ever


I grew up in a small town. My parents never taught me about sex, but they gave me a book that I really didn't understand. Books can't adequately tell you about how things feel.

There was a river that flowed through the town and I frequently went fishing under one of the bridges.

One day while fishing in the afternoon, (I had propped the fishing pole on a pile of rocks) I reached into my right front pocket of my jeans and not realizing there was a hole in it, my index finger went through and accidentally touched my cock head on top of my undershorts. The feeling surprised me, it was extremely pleasurable.

The night before I'd had a wet dream, but I awoke with only a small amount of cum in my P.J.'s There had been a few before, so I knew what it was. It felt good, but not as great as before.

Now that I had touched my cockhead, I knew I had to keep going, in spite of the fact that there were a few people on the opposite bank (mostly girls) about 30 feet away. I couldn't start jacking, so I very slowly started rubbing the head of my cock with my index finger tip. It was a silky smooth and electrifying feeling, just slowly circling the rim. The feelings were going through my whole body, like electricity flowing everywhere, especially through my nipples which are very sensitive. I so badly wanted to rub my nipples, but couldn't because of the people on the other bank, and they obviously had no idea what I was doing. Precum was flowing heavilly, and the orgasm was building faster and faster, but I had to keep going slow. By this time my cock was out of my underwear and I knew if I came, it would shoot down the front of the leg of my jeans. I didn't care. It was too late to stop, and after about five minutes of this heavenly torture, I erupted with a massive, many spurts cum all over my leg and crotch. The feelings hit me so hard I almost fell down.

After a few minutes of revival I started worrying what my Mom might think when she laundered my jeans, but I got over it and started thinking about how wonderful it had felt, and the next thing I know I started to get the urge to go again and my cock started getting hard again. I stuck my hand in my pocket, poked my finger through the hole and started slowly rubbing again.

I couldn't believe it, but when I came the second time it was almost as good as the first, and my load was almost as massive.

I lost interest in fishing anymore that day, and sat on the rocks hoping everything might dry before I got home. It did, but everything was really crusty. When I got home I quickly changed, hoping my Mom would'nt see what I had been up to.

These were my first two masturbation experiences, and were the absolute best of my life. I guess it was because I had to exercise such control, and I had done it in front of other people without them knowing.

I think about some day being with another man and seeing if I can give him that same electrifying experience. Even though I'm happily married and have a great sex life.



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