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Pleasures of the Video Booth

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I've frequently watched other guys masturbating while at the adult video booths near where I live. One of those nights, I got extremely lucky and got a really nice show from this tall, well-dressed man in the booth next to mine. The booth entrances face each other in pairs down the hallway, so I was assured that I'd be the only one watching him as he stroked himself.

It started out with him facing his screen while massaging his cock through his pants. He glanced my way and caught me staring at him, so he unzipped his fly, faced me just inside his booth, and motioned for me to enter his booth. I shook my head 'no', but he upped the ante by working his powerful erection out of his pants. I was amazed at his boldness, not to mention the sheer beauty of his penis. I worked up the courage and quickly joined him inside his booth. Once there, he had me sit on the bench as he stood in front of me, his cock bouncing just a foot or so in front of my face. Without as much as a word, he urged me to take his cock in my hands, and since we were alone and with no chance of being caught, I reached out and touched another man's cock for the first time. He leaned towards me and moaned a bit, which got my own juices churning inside my balls. He then showed me how awesome the technique of 'edging' was.

After several minutes of stroking him softly, he'd worked up quite a lot of precum, which lubed his cock up nicely. Once he got to where his orgasm was impending, he had me stop stroking while he fought back the overwhelming urge to climax. I'd hold his erection firmly for about 30 seconds, then he had me start over again. It was a good thing he had plenty of tokens for the video, because this whole session lasted about 45 minutes. I brought him right to the edge of cumming several more times, only to have him fight back his orgasm each time. The last few times this happened, his cock would actually drool cum in a steady stream, without him ever having an orgasm. His cum was much thicker than his precum, and made a much better lubricant. His moans were becoming more intense, as I could sense that he could not take this torture any longer.

Finally, he could take it no longer. I brought him to the edge one last time, and this time, he begged me to finish him. I gently moved my cum-covered finger along the underside of his shaft slowly, from the base to the head. His cock was so sensitive by this time, that I could feel the cum welling up his shaft with my finger. Another gush of his white cum flowed out of his cock and landed on the floor with a 'splat.' When my finger reached his cockhead, he arched his back and growled so loud, I thought the guy at the desk would hear him! I grabbed his cock with my hand, and felt the first of many contractions as his orgasm rocked through his body. He sent two long ropes of cum over my shoulder, and I managed to catch the rest of his huge ejaculation in my free hand. Feeling his cock throb with one hand, his cum filling the palm of my other hand, and watching his body flex and contort uncontrollably was too much for me. I began shooting off my own fantastic load right in my pants, with no direct stimulation at all.

Soon, it all subsided, and we were both thrust back into the reality of where we were. He thanked me for helping out with his fantasy of being masturbated by another man. It was only then that I caught sight of his wedding band on his finger. It appeared he was just as curious to try mutual masturbation as I was! He zipped up and walked out, leaving me with a handful of his cum in my hand, a wet spot developing in my pants and an experience I'll never forget swirling in my mind.



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