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Pleasure Week

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PLEASURE WEEK a time of hedonistic freedom. I love my wife of 42 years deeply, would be lost without her, but, she goes away some times and I have a time of complete privacy and freedom, to set up and enjoy my favourite solo techniques and fantasies, to sleep when drained, to clean-up at leisure, no need to hide my toys and aids a time of dedicated hedonistic self indulgence and repeated joyful satisfaction.

Our wonderful grandchildren live on the east coast and I am reluctant to travel too often (have better plans!) as I am wheelchair dependent after a series of minor strokes (the non-pleasurable sort). I use penile injections (no pain, the opposite!) to get upstanding and hard so that I can pleasure myself, in many ways, to shuddering exhaustion. My wife usually goes on a night flight, so I wake to the heart starting realization that the much anticipated week of delight has begun, the week/day counting is over, Pleasure Week is NOW and the pent-up fires and aching balls can be dealt with in grand laid-back style. Now is the time to enjoy, to shoot the first of many big loads of thick white cum. The injections are a little restrictive, only one per day / three per week, which I stretch to every two days. That's enough, except for the odd irresistible impulses! When the dates are firm, the flights paid for, I begin planning, nothing too rigid, but a rough outline of days and ways I want to re-live or try. I order the joy juice, always an ample supply, more than in the plan, to allow for the impromptu delights. This time alone is as special as I can make it, within the frequency limits, tame the beast, when I feel the urge, without concentrating on anything except the job in hand or glove, or pussy tube.

My physical limitations (and age!) permit me to spend only a short time standing before the bathroom mirror, watching the stirring cock, swelling, twisting with the flow, rising to its battle station, standing ready to be severely dealt with. However, when I get my favourite toilet roll/sock/latex glove/handtowel roll model pussy properly set up I amaze myself by the time I am able to stand thrusting. It can be so good that it seems like twenty years ago, I actually feel that were it a wee bit tighter, more form fitting, I would reach a knee-trembling, mind and cock blowing peak.

I keep a good supply of disposable latex examination gloves as I find them the most rewardingly versatile aid, equally sublime when simply well lubed for a quick violent tug or incomparable for a prolonged exhausting multi-technique session. My most engorged rampant erection is between four and five inches, at best on a most feverish day, so long strokes, or two-handed enjoyment are not for me. I make the most of 'normal'hand/wrist action and 'reverse'grip strokes, with less of the latter, which while great in work-up, are not for the serious cum strokes when the cock is most responsive when it is best held away from the body, pointed slightly down towards the legs. That way the cum shoots up with the first convulsive explosive salvos, and the later outpouring gushes run down your cock, between your fingers, which is delightful visually, and forces the last drops from your spent cock with the last cum-slippery strokes.

I have to spread my rapturous sessions, to about once every four weeks!! as that is financially comfortable, the 'elephant juice'(my wife's description) or erection producing injections are not cheap. Consequently, I am constantly in countdown mode, when at last I am free to enjoy myself, the preparation/set-up time is slow, methodical and, in itself, highly erotic. I keep my lubes, latex gloves, condoms, pussy models, and other paraphanalia in a combination locked briefcase so I feel it is all secure. Opening the 'safe' to prepare for a session is in itself stimulating. I anticipate the imminent arousal, lay out my material, prepare and painlessly plunge the syringe, relax and watch the cute, dormant cockhead stir in his hairy lair, twisting with the bloodflow, swelling and rising to stand pointing slightly upward, hard and straining for attention, ready for action.

It's hard to hold myself from starting play until my cock is fully strong, ultra-sensitive to the slightest touch, then I ease the tingling length into my wet pussy model, totally, 'balls deep' and the battle is joined. Thrust...in-out, in-out, faster, firing every nerve end on the shaft, pleasuring the dark head with each penetration stroke, settling into a steady glorious rhythm of bliss, breathing faster, losing all sense of purpose except heightening the ecstasy sweeping my whole body, building to the thrust of abandonment, of loss of control, trembling, moaning, shuddering toward the inevitability. At last the explosive release, compulsive spurts of the thick goo pumped into the perfect receptacle, once more, then again, straining to expel the last globs, drops. Now...nothing..........gasping for breath, eyes shut, utter exhaustion, but exultation and the full well-being of surrender of total peace. Recovery is a langourous time, as I slowly regain full command of my senses, stabilize after the high of sexual arousal and fulfillment. Often I slide into a light sleep, and jolt awake to the joyous feeling that my cock is still swollen (an advantage of the injections, erections last well after the first ejaculation) and a quick wet roll around in the glove stirs the urge again, and soon my practiced slippery hand has brought me to a final ball emptying series of blasts. Now I am TOTALLY spent and movement is nigh impossible, this time the sleep is deep. How wonderful is absolute privacy, the house is locked and no-one nearby has a key.

Sometimes I like to concentrate on a second orgasm, as I always find it a surprise that it is possible, it is happening, a sublime encore. A quick sloppy tug and jerk in a latex glove is a nice way to get the first blow away, it coats the glove with natures lube, and keeps the injection erection fresh, so that after a pretty short interval, it is a thrust into the cum sleeve for another almost desperate, deeply felt jerking, up to a bum lifting, moaning climax. The 'second cumming' is really intense, my moaning guttural, the amount of cum surprising, so soon after a seemingly total ejaculation. There is no doubt now that the ever dependable cock has given it's all in my service and now claims a well deserved rest. I drop into a blissful sleep after the physical and sexual exhaustion, my solitude means that all cleaning-up can be postponed.

Far too soon, the week is all but over, my wife returns tonight. I certainly have missed her cooking, but there is time for one last feverish climb to the peak of ecstasy, of sensory suspension and the rush down the slope to fulfilled exhaustion. The glove 'pussy' awaits, thickly coated with the outpourings of recent days, a syringe is readied and emptied into my limp cock, which responds quickly, rising to tingling sensitivity with compelling urgency. Again, the shudder and groan of wonderment as the raging stalk first lunges into the tight super-lubricated paradise. With each thrust the tempo quickens, excitement builds, until my legs start to protest under the load and my compulsive movements, up and in-out, in-out, in-out and yet again I lose control to the most powerful of my instincts, and with deep moans and wild spasms, I empty my deep reservoir of warm, sticky, white seminal fluid.

A thorough clean up, all the wastes put aside over the weeks extravaganza's, gooey gloves and condoms, spent syringes, all collected and securely wrapped for the trash bin. The clean house of an angelic devoted husband awaiting a good meal! But ooh what a week!!



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