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Pleasure Trip

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An experience


Firstly, I'd like to say I love this site and have been going to it since about a year ago.

Ok, well this all happened when we were returning home at night after a family pleasure trip from a famous hill station in Southern India. Through the hair-pin bends of the road there were no street lights, it was pretty cold and dark in the bus, we were all tired after a long journey. (Six adults and three children). I sat in the very back and lay on the big seat (The bus seated about 15). Next to me, my gorgeous sister-in-law, (who's husband is working abroad) was sitting. After some time she fell asleep and kept falling onto me while the bus was making turns and jumps. I felt myself getting hard. Slowly, after making sure no one was sitting where they could see me, I dropped my hand into her lap. No response. I slowly reached out and placed my hand on her crotch. Carefully, I started to rub her mound. The braver I got, the more pressure I applied. As I rubbed back and forth, I tried to position my hand so my fingers were sliding softly between her tender thighs. All of a sudden she moved, but didn't wake up. This gave me better access to my target location. I looked up to make sure she was still sound asleep. Her eyes were closed, her breathing was slow. She was in a deep sleep and I was getting incredibly excited and braver. I was rubbing her more firmly now, and (of course trying not to let others find out) put my hand on her boobs. I gently squeezed her breasts over her dress. She stirred slightly, but I could tell that she was still sleeping soundly. Her breathing was a little deeper than it had been. This went on for about an hour, on and off.

So after letting me feel her thighs and crotch, I slowly and cautiously pulled up her churidar and I realised she was not wearing panties, so I put my head down over her stomach, near to the top of her pubic mound. I tried to feel her cunt, and at first she wouldn't let me, being very nervous, I tried to inhale the musky odour of her juices, savouring the scent. After a while of trying she stopped protesting and she covered my head with the top of her dress, and parted her legs slightly, inviting me to continue. I moved my fingers over her clitoris, between her small labia, pressing slightly into the vaginal opening, then bringing the slippery wetness back up to her hardening and erect clitoris.

Running my fingers back and forth, up and down, faster and faster. I was anxious that I didn't alert the other passengers. That was such a turn-on. I got increasingly hard by the second. I was feeling her slit and she put her hand at the zipper of my pants. When she had it open, I pulled down my underwear to reveal my cock to my sister-in- law. Her hand was warm to my skin as she pulled out my penis, and as I raised my ass up out of my seat, released my hard cock from its almost painful confinement. She began, very slowly and gently, stroking my dick up and down. I pulled my head up quickly to see what was happening in the bus, all were sleeping. My rhythm was now quick and deliberate. I noticed her hips were starting to move with my rhythm and I could hear the sound of her juices with each finger slipping in. She was now making a muted groaning sound. I slowed down but she continued with several quick jerks. Her hips came off the seat to meet my finger thrusts. I kept her going for about 10 minutes until my fingers got really wet and I knew she was ready to come. I glanced up at her face in the dark. She sat up slightly, leaning on her other arm. She bucked her hips hard, as my thumb was rubbing her clit. Her breathing was now hard and fast. With a couple of swift jerks of the hips, she collapsed back onto the seat, releasing my drenched hand. She continued to watch me, panting heavily. I lifted my head to my seat. She took my hand out of her thighs and put her churidar in a correct position.

At this point I was so hard I could scream. She reached over to my crotch to return the favor (she was careful to do this without making any noise to draw attention to the others). She began, very slowly and gently, stroking my dick up and down. I let her do this because it was very dark out and there was no chance anyone would be able to see what she was doing. She ran fingers up and down the shaft of her brother-in-law's cock and she ran her thumb around the knob. Tightening her grip around the shaft she began to move her hand up and down. I felt the pressure building within my scrotum. I could feel myself building to a state I had never experienced before. The pressure in my balls was growing with each wave of electricity that shot through me.

Finally, I could hold myself no longer. 'I'm coming,' I gasped as my cock erupted in a hot spurt of my juices. She gasped, as her hand was flooded with her brother in law's semen. She could feel the spasms coming from deep in my loins. She tightened her grip even more around the shaft, not wanting to release a single drop more from my now softening prick. I sat there reveling in the sensations of coming, totally satisfied, and not the least concerned if the other passengers had noticed us or not. She lay back in the seat, had a bottle of water and closed her eyes. I smiled and laid back in my seat and went to sleep.



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