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Pleasing Jeff

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This is absolutely a true story. I have only told my best friend about Jeff and me, and she doesn't believe me. But I really want everyone to know paraplegics can have as good or better sex life than those with full feeling.


My boyfriend Jeff is a paraplegic. We met as Juniors in high school, and I was instantly attracted to him watching him wheel himself around the track shirtless. His upper body is the hottest I had ever seen on a boy. Soon after we started dating, we messed around on the sofa one Saturday night. He got into my pants, and gave me an incredible orgasm. While he was fingering me, I groped his crotch, and was shocked to feel a large erection. Jeff has no feeling below his navel, but as he told me later, paraplegics do get erections. Apparently erections are a natural reaction to sexual excitement, which happens in the brain. Unfortunately, with no feeling, Jeff doesn't orgasm, but has wet dreams a lot.

My Mom, who is fairly clueless, worried about me falling in love with Jeff, but stupidly told me once, at least she didn't worry about us having sex. If she only knew. I straddled Jeff a lot, and we even used condoms in case he leaked, but usually our sessions involved his expert hands on my clit.

When Jeff was a senior, I went with him to see his Urologist. Like most paraplegics, Jeff does have some leakage issues. The doctor would not let me into the exam room, so I sat in the waiting room. Shortly, I was asked by the nurse to join them. The doctor told me that Jeff told him we were sexually active, and he wanted to discuss it with both of us. We got the little lecture about being responsible, then he asked if Jeff had ever orgasmed during sex, saying that some paraplegics were capable of that. Jeff told him no, but explained the erections he got. The doctor wrote out a prescription and handed it to Jeff. He explained that a product on the market, which he described as a vibrator on steroids, have shown great promise in many paraplegics in achieving orgasm. Unfortunately, while it was covered under his insurance, Jeff was too embarrassed to let his parents know he was getting a vibrator, and without insurance the $800 was way to much to cover.

When we went back to the doctor the next month, the doctor asked if it had been successful, and Jeff told him why he hadn't filled the prescription. God bless that Doctor, because he called a week later, and told Jeff he had got one from the salesman as a sample, and gave it to Jeff. I have never seen anyone more excited, more happy, than Jeff on the way home from the office. It was 2:30 in the afternoon, and his Mom wasn't home until after 6:00. We were naked in seconds of hitting his room, Jeff sprawled on his bed, while I unwrapped and plugged in his new toy. The doctor had explained that the vibrator when rubbed against his penis head, would send signals to his brain of stimulation. He advised that Jeff try and relax, and take our time.

I nervously turned it on, startled by the hum, and placed it on the tip of his penis, Jeff grabbed the base and held it straight out, while I rubbed around the head, front to back. I looked at him, and he sadly shook his head, and I thought I was going to cry. This most wonderful guy, with the most incredible body and quite frankly perfect penis, was denied God's greatest gift. I kept rubbing him, pressing it harder against his flesh. I took hold of the base of his penis, and told him to lean back and close his eyes. I worked him for 10 minutes, only the whir of the vibrator making any noise. I looked up at Jeff's face, and his eyes were closed.

Then I noticed something. His nipples were erect! I excitedly told Jeff to look at his nipples, and he reached down and touched one. Then he rubbed them, and said they felt really good. I tried the vibrator on them, but it was too much, so I went back to penis. He was tugging on his wide pink nipples, and his breathing was getting harder. I reached my tongue out, and flicked his nipple with it, then gently sucked and bit it. He moaned, and put his hand on my neck encouraging me. I bathed that thing with all I had, and his chest squirmed. He panted he thought he was going to cum, and I pressed the vibrator hard into the ridge at the back of his penis head.

He arched his back, grunted and I watched his face contort, and his jaw clench. I glanced down just in time to see the pearly white semen begin to ooze from his slit. It ran in a stream down onto his stomach, and kept coming. His scrotum was drawn tight, his testicles against the base of his penis, not their usual low sagging state. I looked back at Jeff, who was smiling ear to ear. I kissed him so hard and deep, I thought I would touch his tonsils. I pulled away, and he went back to the same cute as fuck shit eating grin. I told him, I've waited a long time to do this, and licked down his chest, and took his juice into my mouth, and swallowed the salty, but not unpleasant liquid.

I felt Jeff's hand in my crotch, searching me. He quickly found my clit, and rubbed me to as fast an orgasm as I've ever had. I looked at the clock and it had taken an hour. We cuddled for a half hour, and I looked at him and told him we had more time, and he broke out in the shit eating grin, and I did him again. This time, with stimulating his nipples from the start it only took him a half hour, before he rolled his head back and came again.

Ironically, we have the best sex life of any of our friends, and he can't even feel his penis. Everytime we can get some privacy we have sex, followed by duelling vibrators, me on him, and him on me.



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