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Please, Come on My Face

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I have two real fetishes in life, one is sniffing a girls used panties, and the other is receiving, and giving, a faceful of cum


Hi, I'm a 26 year old bi-sexual male from the UK. There are plenty of stories on here about wanting to taste your own cum and coming in one's mouth, but not any, that I've found anyway, about simply getting a facial cumshot.

For me there are very few better feelings than having a load of warm, sticky, thick cum all over my face. From the feeling of the impact of it as it splashes on my cheeks, nose and top lip to the taste and smell through to the feeling of it sliding and moving over my face and finally lying there in the afterglow of a massive cum being unable to open my eyes, covered in sperm, the whole experience is mind-blowing.

I can't remember why I first decided to try coming on my own face, but I remember the experience very well. Even up to being a late teen my parents were quite strict and I used to get sent to bed even as a 15 year old. The early bedtimes meant there was plenty of time for wanking before I slept and wank I did. I knew from early on that I fancied boys as well as girls. I used to make out with my pillow and hump it and pretend I was doing stuff with whichever boy(s) or girl(s) had turned me on that day. I was also very good at delaying touching my dick for a long time, just rolling around with my fantasy and a rock hard penis. One night I just decided to see what it was like, although I don't remember fantising about it before I did so.

I hadn't started wanking yet that night, just pretended I was making out with and jacking off my mates younger brother (who was 14) and insanely cute, so when I couldn't stand it any longer I threw my legs over my head and started jacking off. The first thing that struck me was how sexy it looked having a dick so close to my face so I imagined it was Simon's. I tried to lick/suck it, but couldn't really get close so just wanked away. Fortunately at that age I was flexible enough so that it wasn't too uncomfortable and after a few minutes I started feeling my orgasm building. As I passed the point of no return I let out a small moan/grunt and came. The first shot hit my cheek, then my nose, then I decided I wanted to open my mouth and stuck my tongue out and a few shots landed on there. The rest, and there was ALOT(!), then landed over various bits of my face, including my left eye.

After what seemed like longer than usual my dick stopped pulsing and I let my legs fall back down and lay there with my sperm over my face. I swallowed what I had in my mouth, although because my insane horniness had passed by that point I didn't particularly enjoy the experience. I soon cleaned up and went to sleep satisfied.

It was the next day when all I could think about was the feeling of the cum landing on my face. I had to go wank in the toilets at lunch time, and then went to bed unusually early to try again. I then started doing this more and more during my solo times. It tended to be only if I'd been fantasising about boys, which was probably about a third of the time. Then fortunately I have been able to find partners that have enjoyed coming on my face, and when it's someone elses cum it adds a whole other level to the experience. But that is a story for a later time.



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