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Pleasant Surprises

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Have only recently found this site. Good to know others are not made to feel guilty about this natural activity.


Like most males I have masturbated since being a pre-teen. Only ever by myself. I have also been an exhibitionist since an early age. This led to two occasions in the last year (for the first time) when I was invited to girls-only gatherings, one a book club meeting, and the other a 40th birthday dinner. Each time I was the nude drink waiter (with a more-or-less permanent erection). The first for about 15 minutes, the recent one for over two hours. Each occasion was a fun event, plenty of laughter, pretend flirting and banter.

As I was dressing to leave the dinner, I was approached by the organiser and a short discussion ensued about how we had all enjoyed ourselves, especially me. Eventually she asked had I ever gone any further in such an event. No, but I've only done it once before. Would I like to? What do you have in mind?

Would you consider masturbating for a small group? I guess I was noticeably a bit shocked, but eventually responded yes, but only if the audience would not be offended.

So the arrangement was made. I drove to the address given, which turned out to be in a prestigous apartment block overlooking the harbour. I was ushered in, introduced to the three other ladies as the drink waiter for the night, and told to get into my 'uniform'. The ladies were all dressed elegantly, but conservatively, as you might expect from business women. What disconcerted me quite a bit was the presence in the adjacent kitchen of a younger man, fully dressed, and attending to the food.

However I went ahead, undressing in a bedroom, and coming back to the group, who were now seated on sofas. I was naked, shaven and with an erection, as requested. Unlike at the party, I was treated as though I was a dressed servant, with the guy just going about his work in the kitchen, and the ladies engaging in polite conversation amongst themselves.

I was feeling more and more humiliated, but this had the effect of arousing me even more. Soon the pre-come, appeared, commented on, and then ignored. Dinner was served by the young man, and I obeyed instructions to pour drinks, take empty plates out to the kitchen, and change CD's as required. The pre-come was now oozing out, and I felt even more humiliated.

Now the hostess called out to the young man to come over and spread the pre-come over my penis, and start to masturbate me. This was a total surprise, and a totally new experience for me.

He was told to keep me from ejaculating for as long as possible, and soon I was lying on one of the sofas, the guy kneeling beside me, stroking my penis, and the ladies standing close, starting to talk dirtier and dirtier. I remember looking into each lady's eyes and drifting off into some lesser state of consciousness, aware of what was happening, but unable, and unwilling, to resist. Eventually the tension subsided as I came, all over the guy's hands, my stomach and chest. He was ordered to taste some of it, and feed some to me.

After a while, my erection subsided, the guy returned to the kitchen, the ladies to the dining table, and sweets were served. The guy then left.

The ladies were now all talking to me, expressing satisfaction with my performance, and asking how I felt about it all. I admitted that I had never been so excited, and though somewhat humiliated, even this caused a new level of excitement for me.

I became erect again, started to pre-come, and was told to masturbate myself this time, but standing. I stood as long as I could, but eventually I had lost all balance and had to drop to the floor. I came again, to the sound of elegant women who seemed to have morphed into fish-wives.

I was then told to leave, naked, sticky, and even more humiliated, and if I wanted my clothes I should return the next evening after eight pm. Luckily my car was in the apartment complex and I don't think I was seen. When I returned for the clothes, they had been bundled up outside the apartment door, with a note telling me that the apartment did not belong to any of the women, but to an elderly gentleman who had loaned it for the night while he was away.

Attached was a rating sheet, scored by each of the ladies, covering general appearance, penis size and beauty, staying power, sportsmanship, performance (two parts, with the guy, and by myself) and obedience.

It concluded that I was now the overall leader, in their competition, and advised that I would be notified some time in the future, my overall ranking, once all competitors had performed.

I had no idea that there were women out there who would engage in this sort of thing, but I am certainly glad there are, and hope it could happen again sometime.

However mere exhibitionism, as previously practiced by me, will seem far too tame now.



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