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Pleasant Surprise after a Stressful Day

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This happened about seven years ago.


I work as a maintenance worker in a correctional institution. It can be very stressful. The best way to relieve stress is through the little surprises in life that a person might never forget.

One day after what seemed like an eternity, it was slow and boring that day. I made a bee-line for home. My wife and I had a standing agreement. The first one home would start supper. Either one of us would get home before the other, so the first one home would start supper so that the chore would be mostly done by the time the other spouse got home. On this particular day I got the surprise of my life.

As I approached the house that I lived in at the time I noticed that my wife was home first. I thought great she will have supper started and I won't have to wait long before we eat. Boy was I in for something different.

As I entered the front door I noticed that the kitchen was quiet. I glanced that way and noticed no activity of any kind. I could hear what I thought was television sound coming from the bed room. It sounded like a porno movie playing. I knew that this wasn't correct because we did not have any movies like that.

I approached the bed room and on the bed was my wife, totally naked slamming away at her hot pussy with her dong. She smiled at me and said come and help me. I said to her, 'Oh baby you know what I like.' I stripped to my birthday suit and joined her on the bed. My wife told me earlier in the day that she was going to surprise me and surprise me she did. I like to watch her masturbate. I like the way she wiggles her pussy while she moves her dong it in and out. I love to hear her moan and groan as she builds to each climax. She is multi-orgasmic and can cum and cum and cum, each one is stronger than the other.

In return she likes to see the expression on my face as I watch her. She says she is amazed at how my face looks. I can say that my expression is a look of amazement. I am amazed at the capacity of a woman. Her dong is a large silicone dildo shaped like a huge cock and balls. It is bigger tham my penis. Her dong is eight inches long and two and three quarters of an inch in diameter. It has a nut sack base that she uses as a handle. Her pussy takes it all in. All the way up to the nut sack. I am amazed at how hard she drives it into the end of her pussy. I have asked her if it hurts as hard as she uses it. She told me that that is the way she likes it. It is a feeling that only she can feel. She told me that she has an itch deep inside at the end and the only way to scratch it is by slamming the dong hard to the end. The 'itch' doesn't go away easily and she has very intense loud, vocal, orgasms when she is 'scratching'. She said 'My pussy really juices when I do it. I can almost squirt right past my dong.' When she is like this she takes my hand and places it on the working end of the dong and says 'do me'. I do and with pleasure. I know that when she has that final screaming orgasm that I will get my favorite sex. Nice and wet and warm after the dong she says that there is plenty more.

When she has her itch it takes a while to find that 'screaming orgasm'. I help her find it with pleasure. I enjoy seeing her lift her butt off the mattress as she raises her pussy in the air. She wiggles around so that she can get the'touch at the 'end' to her satisfaction.' When she has that final scream she says 'enough'. 'enough', 'enough'. When she reaches this point I slow the dong strokes and then remove it. She gasps with orgasmic pleasure. She says that she enjoys her dildo and only wishes that she would have had one before she got married and that she is glad that I got it for her.

We have great sex. I like to watch her masturbate. It turns me on. When she is masturbating and I see her or when she tells me about one of her solo sessions I get the best erection ever. I totally enjoy and I hope you do to.



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