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Playing With Sophie

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Starting about the time we were 10 years old, my best friend Sophie and I discovered masturbation. She and I had both started to develop breasts the year before, and mine were pert 34Cs with large pink nipples while Sophie was already a 36DD with huge brown areola, at least the size of a half dollar. We spent days feeling each other up, making our nipples hard and our pussies wet. We'd put our hands down one another's pants to check on the progress of our pubic hair. I already had a thick black bush and Sophie's pubes were just starting to grow in. We didn't yet understand what sex actually was, but we new that if we rubbed our pussies the right way, we would come.

We had a lot of sleepovers those years we masturbated together. We would take our clothes off, rub one another's tits, pinching the nipples to make them hard. We'd lie across from each other on the bed as we rubbed our pussies, spreading our juices over our clits. We'd come and come and come those nights, over and over again. Finally, Sophie would lie on top of me and rub her mound into mine. I always had to tell her to move down more so my clit would get the pressure it needed. We would hump all night, taking turns at who was on top, rubbing our pussy juices into each other's cunts. Sometimes, we'd sit on the edge of the bed and read 'Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask' and the sex scene from 'Jaws' while we'd finger each other. By then, we were so good at making ourselves come that we'd show each other how it was done and see who could come first. That first year, sometimes we'd meet at a friend's party and we'd go off to the bathroom together and try to make each other come before we were missed. We were obsessed with our tits, their size and shape, and while our bras were badges of honor, we'd also try to make our nipples stick out whenever we could, sneaking away to pinch them to make them hard. Most of the time when we were together they were hard anyway; we just couldn't get sex off our minds. It was all about orgasms with us, just fabulous, explosive, huge wet orgasms.

There were two other girls in our class that year, Sandra and Meg, both of whom were well developed. Sandra had huge soft tits - she must have been at least a 40DD and Meg never wore a bra and had big, perky conical ones that seemed to defy gravity. Sophie and I were obsessed with their tits too. Whenever we were in the locker room, we'd try to glance at their tits and their pussies. Sandra had a mass of curly brown hair around her pussy while Meg had a neat little auburn triangle. I invited both Sandra and Meg for a sleepover once, and Sophie and I got them on the topic of bras, which slowly turned into a 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' adventure. Of course, once we all had our clothes off, it was only a short hop to touching tits and rubbing pussies. They put up a little struggle, but in the end they were more aggressive than we were. Meg lay down across my lap and fingered my clit. Meanwhile, I saw Sandra and Sophie French kissing and Sandra doing something Sophie and I had never done before. Sandra took Sophie's face in her hands and guided her mouth down to her tits, pushing her mouth onto her huge hard nipple. I saw Sophie sucking on Sandra's nipple and caressing her heavy breasts, weighing them in each had. Sandra's hand was on her own pussy, her fingers moving faster and faster until she came in a gush, soaking Sophie's knee. All night long, we played with each other, even sticking our fingers up each other's assholes, but we never once tried penetration. I think we were all afraid to lose our virginity, whatever that was.

The next few years, Sophie and I continued to masturbate together. Sandra and Meg never joined us again. The year I turned twelve, I got my period and I my tits really developed. For a Chinese girl, I was every man's dream, petite with huge, high teardrop shaped tits. I grew into a 40DD that year and masturbated at every opportunity. Sophie, meanwhile, didn't get her period for another year and was fascinated by mine. Whenever I got mine, she would spend hours examining my pussy, looking at where the blood came from. I was using pads at the time, but discovered my mother's tampons, and one day Sophie decided I should try them. I was a little afraid it would hurt, but we looked at the diagram that came in the box, and slowly, I inserted a tampon while Sophie held my pussy open. It did hurt a little, but it also meant I wasn't bleeding everywhere. Now, since I had already inserted something into my cunt, as soon as my period was over, I tried inserting a finger. It felt good inside and I inserted another, and the summer of my twelfth year, I learned about finger fucking. The next time Sophie came over, I showed her my new trick and she begged me to show her how. I took two of her fingers in my hand and guided them to where I was holding her pussy lips open. Slowly, I pushed them into her throbbing and soaking wet cunt, and showed her how to move them in and out. Faster and faster, she finger fucked herself, while I rubbed her clit and pushed a finger into her asshole. Sophie came with a loud groan, over and over again, until she slumped to the floor in an exhausted heap. I lay next to her and fingered my own pussy, controlling the rhythm so I didn't come right away. Slowly, Sophie turned to me and started to suck on my tits while her fingers made their way to my pussy. Just as I taught her, she pushed two fingers in and started to fuck me while my own hand moved faster and faster over my clit. Just as I was about to come, Sophie shoved another finger up my asshole and I went over the edge in a huge orgasm. From there, we moved onto inserting other objects, cucumbers, bananas, whatever we could get our hands on.

I haven't seen Sophie for many years, but sometimes I still think of her sometimes when I have sex with my boyfriend. I heard she was also living in the Village in New York and had come out as a lesbian. Someone told me she's grown up to look very exotic and bohemian, with long flowing hair and that she walks around sticking her huge tits out, never wearing a bra, exposed for the world to see. I haven't fucked a woman since those three years Sophie and I spent together, but I haven't forgotten what it feels like. I think about looking Sophie up sometimes, but she's not in the phone book, and our mutual friends from childhood aren't really close with either of us. Last I heard, Sophie had tried to fuck a man but didn't like it and went back to trolling for girls. The person who told me, who ran into her at a party, told me she's obsessed with girls with big tits, especially Chinese girls with big tits. I grin, but don't say anything, wanting to keep my memories of Sophie to myself. These days, my tits are bigger (40G)than ever, and thinking about Sophie still makes me wet. Sometimes, when I'm using my vibrator on my clit and I have two fingers moving in and out of my cunt, I imagine Sophie fingering in my pussy.



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