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Playing With Shaun

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When Shaun was 15 I had just finished high school and was in freshman year in the same campus. We did not see each other much since we had to go to class at different times. But since he lived two houses away from mine I would catch a glimpse of him walking to or back from school.

Shaun was tall and well built, an all around athlete with an engaging smile and was very popular with both the boys and the girls. I was not as popular or athletic as he but was well liked in the community. We would wave to each other and give a brief hello-goodbye as we were neighbors and went to the same school.

One day Shaun and his sidekick called Tim, walked past while I was on the balcony with only a towel on. He asked if I had a dvd player to which I said, Yes. He said that they would be back and hurried off with Tim, a wild look beaming from his handsome face.

Since they would always be together, Tim tagged along. I let them in the house and we went to to TV room. I got some drinks out which I set on the coffee table and we moved that to one side of the room so we could sprawl on the rug and lean on the sofa. Shaun went straight for the remote and told me thanks since he couldn't watch the dvd's at home. Since I was alone in my aunt's house while she was in Europe, I had the house to myself. As the porn vid started I picked up a tissue box and laid it between Tim and Shaun, then set myself on his right hand side.

The atmosphere was getting thick in the room. And Tim was the first to give in to the sexual tension. We watched him as he rubbed himself through his pants and gave quick looks to Shaun for approval. I got enough courage and said, Go ahead, it's not like we've got anything else to do. Shaun joined in, yeah. And he nudged the box of tissues toward Tim while he began unbuttoning his jeans.

That was my cue. I pulled my shorts down and we were all three of us stroking our erections and filled the room with the musky boy scent of our exertions.

Shaun wanted to copy what was on screen. This girl was masturbating the boy. He leaned toward me and told me how hot that made him. He reached for my pulsing cock and I reached for his. We were both moaning while Tim was glued to the TV his eyes glazed over while his hand was a blur whacking away at his stiffness.

We had incredible orgasms that day and I wonder why I hadn't thought of inviting Shaun over before that day. It is a good thing to have a jack off buddy or two. I am sure we will be up to more fun stuff together.



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