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Playing With Other Guys!

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As a younger boy, I masturbated all the time with my friend Bobby. Recently, I met an older man who also likes to play with me...


When I was thirteen, my friend Bobby showed me how to stroke my penis until it felt so good I couldn't stand it, and it twitched and pumped. Neither of us had any cum yet, and we didn't know anything about sex or babies, but it felt SO good. I had played with myself in the shower and could sometimes make my dick twitch with pleasure, but it hadn't occurred to me to stroke like Bobby showed me. He had learned in a book about 'masturbation'.

We masturbated together every chance we got, which was often. I forgot about my other friends, until one finally asked me what had happened. I told him, and that afternoon we pulled down our pants and I showed him. He loved it, but we never did it together again. Bobby and I sure did. We tried it in so many different ways, standing, sitting, hanging from a chin-up bar, indoors and out, always watching each other, telling how it felt and what we were doing, we naturally fell into 'follow the leader' and usually came at nearly the same time.

Sometimes we played with each other, most often in the cardboard-cave 'fort' in his basement, when his mother was out. We would crawl in there, secure and private, and strip naked and jack off for hours, having three or four orgasms. After we had cum a couple of times, so our dicks were 'tired' we would play and play, and that's when we played most with each other. I loved to make him come, feel him in my hand. Always the adventurer, and instigator. It seemed very natural that we should play together, and with each other's dicks.

Bobby started to squirt little drops of semen, which we both tasted. I wanted badly to have my own, but it was nine months later that I had my first. Bobby had already grown some pubic hair, and my family had moved away. I went back a year later, and went hiking to the bushes where we used to jack off. I pulled down my pants and told Bobby I wanted to masturbate with him. He got cold and called me a homo, and left.

After that I only masturbated alone for a long time, except for a couple of furtive times in high school and college. I did not feel like 'a homo', but I always wanted to masturbate with another, to watch and feel and play and tell how it felt and what we were doing, and cum together. But I was afraid to reveal myself.

Last year, at a small birthday party for me, an older man from another office was there. He said something, something about 'getting older' and 'needing a hand'. That night, and for a couple of days, what he said rang in my head over and over, until I went to his office and asked if he wanted to get together after work. He said, 'sure, I'd love to.'

I thought we'd have a drink somewhere, but when we met up, he asked if I wanted to go to his home, which was nearby, and I immediately accepted. We were very awkward sitting there talking. Like Bobby, he was the bold one. After a long silence, he said, 'I've been divorced sixteen years now, and haven't had a woman since. Before I was married, I loved to masturbate. Now I love it even more!'

I was shocked and embarrassed, but felt a huge wall beginning to fall....'Yes, I like to masturbate too.' I must have been bright red!!

'I thought so,' he said, 'maybe I can tell.'

I got more embarrassed, redder, my heart pounding heavier. And at the same time, I started to think about pulling down my pants, about my light blue shorts, and about pubic hair. I'd noticed, at the party, that Ralph had full, even, velvety hair on his arms, and wondered about the hair around his balls. (I often wonder about men this way).

I laughed, and said, 'You GOT me!'

Ralph smiled and waited for me to relax from my laughter. I felt very safe with him.

'Have you ever masturbated with another guy?'

'Oh yes, when I was younger, but never since.' I had forgotten the furtive times since then. I told him that Bobby and I had masturbated together a WHOLE lot.

'Would you like to get naked together?' Ralph asked.

We were both very hard, stiff and bouncing when our clothes came off. Ralph moved over to the couch with me, and wrapped his leg over mine. It seemed natural again. We stroked, and stopped, stroked and stopped, loving the intense excitement and not wanting to cum.

Ralph's hand was warm when he cupped my balls, and I let go of my cock and let him stroke me though to orgasm. Without cleaning up, I stroked him quickly to orgasm, too. I remember we sat for a long time, relieved, relaxed, and I felt all the shame and fear and tension melt away, falling, falling.

Ralph couldn't keep me away from his cock that night. I didn't want to stop masturbating him. And, oh my, how Ralph made my cock tingle and jump, dance for him and pump great globs of cum! Ralph jacks me better than I do myself!!

We get together a couple or three times a week to play with each other. We take our time...jacking together we hardly know which hand is on which cock, we are so eager and busy giving pleasure!

On occasional weekends, a married friend of Ralph, Tom, joins us. He likes most to watch us play with each other, or to enjoy while one of us masturbates him. He's a voyeur, and also very bold and adventurous. It's exciting to be watched like that. Tom is very intense and sympathetic, and he, too, usually comes at the same time we do. He also takes us to a nude beach. I'm too shy for that, but he is very outgoing and we wander around with him talking to other guys and looking at their naked balls. I'm very frisky and ready to play after an hour or two, and Tom usually finds us someone new to play with.

I feel natural and relaxed again. Playing with other men is not something I'll ever give up again. Am I gay? I've been wondering again. Let's just say that I LOVE to enjoy sex with other guys, to feel them cum, to share my erotic feelings with them, to let them enjoy me. It's natural for me to do it...



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