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Playing With My Wife

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A restless night provides good memories.


Last night I happened to wake up early for whatever reason. When I rolled over and looked at the clock on the night stand I saw that I still had another two and a half hours left before it was time to get up. My wife Becky on the other hand was still sleeping soundly beside me. So I rolled back over onto my back, closed my eyes and just laid there trying to go back to sleep. My wife's steady breathing accompanied by the myriad of almost unperceptible household sounds was like a lullaby in my ears. But try as I may, I found that sleep was not easily coming to me. That's when I decided to entertain myself.

It had been several days since my wife and I had made love and a couple since I last masturbated. So my penis was calling to me to do a little fondling. Of course I had to answer the call. When I sleep I wear only a pair of briefs (no boxers for me). So I ran my hand down in the front of my undershorts and found my flacid penis lying against my thigh. I then wrapped my hand around it and began rubbing the head of it with my thumb. The response was predictable. My cock quickly grew and was standing up stiff in my undershorts. Now as penises go, mine is of the average variety, only six inches long and about an inch and a half or so thick. It is enough to please my wife and certainly has been enough to give me countless hours of masturbation pleasure.

As I laid there rubbing my cock head with my thumb I decided why not just go ahead and masturbate for real. Now masturbating in the bed as I laid beside my sleeping wife was something that I hardly ever did. Yes, I have masturbated in bed with her beside me. But that was while she was awake and not as she slept, and as hard as I've tried to get her to, Becky has never masturbated for me, either in bed or otherwise. Now the thought of me playing with myself as she laid sleeping only a few inches away was enough to make my dick quiver. So I pushed the covers down to around my knees and then pushed the waist band of my undershorts down to under my balls.

My erect penis stood up from its hairy base like a soldier at attention, and the cool night air upon its purplish helmet felt really good. I laid there momentarily enjoying the sensation of my exposed cock before I began to play with it. As I wrapped my fingers over the head of my hard penis and began pulling/pushing up and down on it I reached over with my free hand and caressed Becky's sleeping form.

Becky was asleep lying on her back, which was itself unusual since she usually sleeps lying on her side facing away from me. As I laid there beside her masturbating I had a delicious thought. Why not take advantage of the fact that she was lying on her back and place my hand in between her legs. Maybe if I rub on her pussy it might just cause her to have an erotic dream. I'm sure that she would enjoy that.

So I pushed the covers down from my sleeping wife until they were bunched up over her thighs. Then I pulled the front of her night gown up to around her waist exposing her panties. Now my Becky is a conservative type of woman meaning that she never wears any sort of panties other than the white cotton briefs and occasionally a lacy thing once in a while, no thongs or anything extraordinary for her.

I ran my hand over Becky's smooth abdomen, feeling the softness of her cotton panties as I did, until my hand was on top of her vulva with my fingers lying in her crotch. Then I began to gently rub on her panty covered pussy and on a particular spot where I figured her clit might be. As I laid there with my left hand between Becky's legs and rubbing on her panties I continued playing with my stiff cock with my right hand. This was fun! and I was really hoping that my hand steadily applying pressure on her clitoris was causing Becky to have a 'wet' dream.

All during my fondling of her Becky continued to sleep soundly. In fact, she made no sign of movement at all in spite of the fact my hand was busily rubbing between her legs. So I decided to increase the pressure a little in hope that it might indeed bring about a 'hot' dream. I began rubbing harder on her panty covered clit. If only her panties were out of the way I could really do it properly and I wouldn't have to guess at the spot where I thought her clit might be. That's when I had another inspiration.

Becky was sleeping so soundly that I decided to go all the way with fondling her pussy. I moved my hand away from her crotch and placed it up at her waist. Then I slid my fingers underneath the waistband of her panties and down inside of them. I continued running my hand down inside of her panties and over her smooth abdomen until my fingers reached her pubic hairs. I then gently pushed my fingers lower through her pussy hairs until they were lying across her fleshy slit. Then I began to nudge my middle finger in between her pliant pussy lips in search of her love button. I quickly found it and began to massage it with the tip of my finger. I laid there diddling Becky's clit with my finger while I played with my cock with my other hand. Now certainly since I was giving her clit the proper attention it deserved, Becky must be having quite a good dream as she slept.

I often masturbate Becky during our love making sessions and I almost never fail to get her off. This time however, I was doing it both to stimulate her pleasure center as she slept, hopefully causing her to have an erotic dream and also to provide an arousal for myself. I love to play with Becky's pussy! So I continued lying there playing with the both of us with me wide awake and her sound asleep.

Then I felt a stirring under my hand. At first I thought it was my imagination. But then I felt it again. I continued with my hand in Becky's panties as I diddled her clit when all of a sudden I felt her body react with a definite spasmic jerk. It was the all too familiar reaction my wife has when she's approaching an orgasm. Becky, it seemed, had woken up. How long she had laid there conscious of what I was doing to her I have no idea. It was evident though that she was enjoying it.

Slowly but surely Becky was building up to an orgasm. I couldn't stop vibrating my finger on her clit now if I'd wanted to. The spasms were getting more frequent and her breath was becoming quicker and in gasps as I diddled her. Oddly enough, the entire time she never opened her eyes, just simply laid there enjoying it. Then after a few minutes Becky began to arch her back and exploded in an early morning orgasm.

After she had finished climaxing she opened her eyes and smiled at me and said good morning. Then she asked me if I wanted to screw. What a way to begin the morning!!!



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