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Playing With My Uncle

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My Mom's sister, who is 12 years younger than my Mom, and her husband Gary came to visit last weekend because my Mom and her sister had a shower to go to. Friday night I could hear her and Gary having sex through the wall, and the noises made me really horny. I was fingering myself as they fucked, and had a great orgasm.

The next day Gary helped my Mom by clearing out some brush in the backyard. It was really hot, and he was shirtless. I watched him from my bedroom window, and got really hot watching his sweaty body. Gary finished up just as they were leaving, and went to take a shower. I changed into my skimpy shorts and a halter top, hoping to tease Gary. He came downstairs and sat on the stool at the breakfast bar, and asked if we had some aspirin, because he was sore. He was staring at my breasts the whole time. I grabbed a bottle of aspirin and gave it to him, then walked behind him and massaged his shoulders. I asked him if a backrub would help, and he sighed 'oh yes'. We went into the family room, and I grabbed a towel and some massage oil from the bathroom. He took off his shirt and laid down on the floor. I warmed some oil in my palms, and started to massage his muscular back and shoulders. I worked out his arms, and he complimented me on how good I was. I told him to roll over and I would do his chest. I poured some oil onto his hairy chest and worked it in. His eyes were closed, and his faced looked perfectly relaxed.

'I heard you and Becky having sex last night'

His eyes shot open, and he stammered out an apology, saying sometimes Becky gets a little vocal. I was rubbing his nipples, teasing them lightly, then heavier pressure. They hardened into little nibs.

'No need to apologize, sex is perfectly natural. I wish men my age could make me feel that good for that long' and I moved down to his stomach and hard abs. Gary kinda laughed, and said he remembered having that problem too. I noticed his crotch was very full, no doubt all my rubbing was getting to him. I reached down and rubbed it, and it was hard as a rock. Gary sat up very quickly, but I kept my hand on him, and smiled at him. 'No wonder Becky was so happy.' As I rubbed it. He laid back down, and I unzipped him and pulled his shorts and boxers down. It was lovely. I put more oil on my palm and slowly stroked it, and tickled the sensitive part behind the head. I kept rubbing him, and rubbed his oily nipples with my other hand. 'God that feels good' he said. My pussy was so wet and twitching I was so turned on.

I grabbed Gary's hand and put it on my breast, and he started rubbing it through my top. I pulled my halter off, and he sat up and sucked my nipple, while I kept rubbing him. He moved his hand to my crotch and rubbed me, and I let out a moan. He quickly pulled off my shorts and found my clit, deftly flicking it, and fingering me. I shifted around and spread my legs to allow him better access, and my head was resting on his thigh. From that angle his glistening cock looked magnificent, and I kept sliding my hand up and down, staring at it, and enjoying the throbbing from my pussy. Gary licked his fingers and then quickly diddled my clit, and I could feel my orgasm coming. I rolled over on my back and let go of him and just enjoyed it. I exploded with the best orgasm I've ever had. I went back to stroking Gary, picked up my speed, and soon he grunted and shot his sperm up onto his stomach. I grabbed the towel and cleaned him up as his dick softened. I pulled his shorts up, and tucked him in, I leant over and kissed him and said 'sleep tight!' then zipped him up. I put my top back on, and pulled up my shorts, and looked at Gary.

'Remember tonight when you are having sex, I'll be masturbating on the other side thinking about your dick'

He just stared at me, and said 'You are so fucking hot!. OK I'll remember, and when I cum, I'll groan so you know when it happened.'

That night, sure enough, they did it, and I heard him groan. It sent me into orgasm right after.



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