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Playing With My Sleeping Husband

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I know this seems weird at first, but it was one of most erotic things I've ever done.

Ed: Have allowed within the rules as your husband gave you permission to 'wake him up', as stories of m/f taking advantage of sleeping people sexually is not normally allowed.


Reading Solo Touch everyday has really opened my mind up to a lot of new things. For one I've learned to bring myself to orgasm using my fingers. Before last week I could only orgasm using toys or being masterbated by my husband. Two nights ago I stayed up late and ended up surfing some porn sites. After a few girl on girl videos (I've always been sexually attracted to girls, but have no desire for relationships with them) I was wet and ready for some 'me time'. I went to our room and stripped down, laid beside my husband, and spread my legs and rubbed my swollen little clit until I came.

The next day I told my husband I had gotten off right next to him while he slept, and he told me next time to wake him up. So, last night after some more porn, I went to our room and laid down next to my sleeping husband. He just so happened to be on his back so I thought I'd have a little fun with him to get him ready when he woke up.

First I tested my boundries by lightly touching him here and there to see how much I could do without waking him up. Now, I've always been interested in playing with his nipples, but he's always been against it, so this was my chance. I rested a couple of fingers on his nipple to see if he would wake up. When he didn't I started rubbing it in slow circles. His nipple didn't stiffen right away so I licked my finger and rubbed some more. I was getting so wet doing this. I'm not sure why it turned me on so much. Maybe it was the thrill of him catching me at any second. As I rubbed his nipple, I began to rub my own along with it. God I was so wet. I decided to check and see if this was getting him up in his sleep so I slid my hand down to his dick to find it fully erect. I quickly moved my hand back up to his nipple. But, to my dismay, he suddenly rolled on to his stomach.

I was disappointed but I didn't let the fun stop there. I rolled on my back, spread my legs and went to town! I was getting close, when, to my delight, he rolled back to his back. I snuggled back up and started on his nipple again. This time I got a little more daring, licking and even rolling it around betwen my fingers. Eventually I went back to his dick and started rubbing it back to it's full size. I thought for sure he would wake up to this, but by this time he was so deeply asleep it didn't even phase him. Not long after that he rolled back over so I could no longer reach him.

I quickly went back to work on my dripping wet pussy while playing with my own nipples. In no time at all I was having a wonderful orgasm. It was such a turn on messing with my husband like that. I hope it wasn't wrong of me to take advantage like that. Any opinions? I'd love to hear them. Happy jilling!



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