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Playing With Friends

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This site got me reminiscing about High School!


When I was in high school, I got a reputation for being very open with my sexuality. I was the first at that school to be an open lesbian for years, but it was my ability to freely talk about masturbation that really had other kids' attention.

We would sit in groups while we were supposed to be studying, guys and girls together, and talk about getting off. I was the first to admit I'd done it at school, but some of the guys made my stories look tame. I barely noticed that although other girls were listening, none of them were talking. Most of us were about 15 at this time. I had two girlfriends in high school, both of whom I had sex with (later around the age of 17), but before that four different girls approached me to help them masturbate.


My good friend Leila approached me first. It was right after school, after a 'jam session' where I bragged that I masturbate pretty much every day. She said she masturbated but wasn't sure if she was having an orgasm or not, and she wanted to be sure before she started having sex with her boyfriend. No doubt she threw that last part in because she didn't want me to have the wrong impression.

I was so incredibly hot at the idea of showing off for someone else! Leila was petite and perky and blonde, along with many other things I was not. Thinking back, it's strange that we had enough in common to be friends. She came home with me that day and talked about sex on the way. She was quiet when I asked her questions; she seemed to be losing her nerve. I told her we could stop if she got uncomfortable, but I really wanted to show her how to love her body.

In my room, we both stripped our pants off, but left our shirts and panties on. That seemed to make Leila relax. I showed her how I liked to lie back on my bed comfortably and rub my clit through my panties. I asked her who she liked to fantasize about and she said Mr Drake, our civics teacher. 'Not your boyfriend?' I teased. I made her tell me her fantasy out loud and suddenly her inhibition was gone. She started touching herself, mirroring what she watched me do, as she talked. The fantasy involved her purposely misbehaving in class and Mr D fucking her as punishment. It was incredibly well thought-out and raunchy for our age.

Soon I kicked my panties to the floor and was rubbing my clit ferociously. Leila did the same. I was blown away by the sight of her touching her gorgeous little pussy! She was so wet, I could hear her squelching as her fingers slid up and down her slit. She looked over and whispered 'God, V. I'm gonna cum' and she exploded almost before she finished talking. The sight of her, out of control on my bed made my own orgasm fierce.

When we were finished, the funniest feeling came over me - uncontrollable... laughter. All I could do was look at her and ask 'Are you still unsure if you've ever had an orgasm?'


Renee was also a part of our little 'jam sessions,' although I didn't know her as well. She approached me just days after what happened with Leila. She tried her best to make it seem like an original idea, but I could tell instantly that Leila had told her what we did. She said she masturbated frequently, and the only reason she didn't speak up more was because she loved listening to me talk. She'd always wanted to try it with someone else.

I played it cool, but I was already soaked and my clit was throbbing. Was I getting a reputation? We ditched the rest of our classes that day and went to her house. Renee lived in a really nice neighborhood; she had a pool and a tennis court in her backyard. Inside, there were several rooms that I would call a living room, I liked the one with the soft leather couches that faced the pool.

Renee wasted no time and started doing a little striptease for me, removing first her shirt, then pants, then her bra. Her breasts were amazing! A little larger than the rest of us skinny girls, but I really loved how dark her nipples were in contrast to her pale skin. She ran her hands up and down her sides and fondled her breasts pinching her nipples.

'You wanna try?' she asked. I didn't realize my mouth was literally hanging open as I watched her. She came toward me, straddling me on the couch. I was suddenly very aware of the windows to the pool-there were no blinds or drapes, and although the backyard looked pretty private, we could still be putting on a hell of a show. Renee laughed. 'Don't be shy, I do it in here all the time. C'mon it's a little thrilling thinking someone could be watching!'

I was many things, but I would not sit there and be accused of being shy! After all, I had a fledgling reputation to protect. I pushed her onto the couch and ground my knee into her crotch. She closed her eyes and groaned. I ran my hands over her body, it made me shudder. I'd never touched another girls breasts before. This was a totally different game than the one I'd played with Leila.

'This isn't fair,' She protested. She was indicating that I still had all my clothes on. I didn't think I could make it through a striptease, I pulled my clothes off as fast as I could, and allowed her to touch me. She ran her finger from my collarbone all the way to the crotch of my panties, and then she gasped. 'God V. How did you get this wet?' she was whispering in my ear, it was almost more than I could stand!

We both did away with our panties and I watched as she drew one lazy finger across her clit. Just like on her nipples, the skin on her pussy was darker than you'd expect from someone with such fair features. I loved it, it was like a little secret. I asked if I could touch her. I got the feeling she wanted me to. Both of us groaned as I ran a finger around her pussy. She was so wet it just slid in. 'V. do to me what you do to yourself. Please.' Damn. She wasn't necessarily talking dirty, but every little thing she said was making me crazy!

I started by rubbing one side of her clit, and then gently rolling my fingers over and onto the other side, I really liked that method, and still do. So did she. She grabbed my arms and dug her fingers into my shoulders. I kept going, increasing my pace until her hips were moving along with me. She let go of my shoulder and plunged two fingers deep inside of herself. She also shifted so her leg hit me square between my legs. I kept going until she was just grinding her clit against my entire hand and bucking wildly underneath me.

It wasn't my intention to ride her leg, but the way Renee was moving kind of did it for me. Her whole thigh was soaked, and as she came, she jerked her leg as hard as she could into my pussy, and my orgasm came just seconds later. For a minute we just lay there, recovering, Renee's hand still idly touching her pussy.

After the moment passed, I started to panic. Her couch was a mess! There was pussy juice all over two of the cushions, both arm rests, and somehow, also on the top portion. She just laughed and ran over to the bathroom, re-emerging with some wipes. 'Why do you think I like to do it on the leather couches?' It was pretty hot, seeing the evidence of what we'd done, and helping her erase it so no one would be the wiser.

My hesitation about exhibitionism being totally eradicated, I suggested we go for a swim. I still had one thing I needed. I told her how hot she looked as I helped her get off. But I was jealous. I'd tried in a million different positions, and I couldn't get my fingers inside myself the way she could. Her arms were slightly longer than mine, but her torso was a lot shorter. 'That's a shame,' She responded. 'Too bad you don't have a friend that could, you know, help you out in that time of need.' Ah, God, she was such a tease!

I was getting wet again, and not because we were in the pool. Renee swam over beside me and fully rubbed her body against mine. It felt fantastic. She pulled me to the shallow end steps and laid her towel out on the edge, instructing me to lay on it with my feet still dangling in the pool. 'I like to get off out here too,' she explained, 'but if I have to fuck myself, I much prefer to feel only the wetness from my pussy.' Again, her words were driving me wild.

She started my rubbing her fingers from one side of my clit to the other, mimicking the motion I'd shown her. It was absolutely mind-blowing having someone else do it! She didn't waste much time driving first one finger, then two deep inside me. It was uncomfortable for a moment, but as I relaxed and opened up, it felt amazing.

Her pace was slow at first, then she picked up. 'Now this,' She said in her low sexy voice, 'this is what I really like.' She curled her fingers forward and massaged what I know now is my G-spot. I couldn't help it, I was groaning and crying out almost at the top of my lungs. When I came I squirted a stream right into her pool. She covered her mouth to keep from laughing, but her eyes were wide. She seemed pretty proud of herself.

I went to Renee's place with a pretty cocky attitude after my day with Leila, but I'm pretty sure she ended up getting the better of me. I couldn't wait to see what kind of story she would tell at school!

If you like these two I can post the other two soon!



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