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Playing With Friends (3/3)

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Final memory from this craziness.

Heres the previous two:



Several weeks after the guidance counselor debacle, things had been pretty tame at school. Talk died down, and I was skipping my 'study group' to, well, actually study. So I was pretty surprised when a girl I barely knew approached me.

We talked for a minute about school and regular stuff, the she dropped her voice low and asked 'So do you still ... I mean would you ever wanna...' she was having a hard time getting it out so I said, 'Kate, are you asking if you can come home with me?' She recoiled, as if she'd been bitten by a snake. She said: 'Hey look, I'm not a dyke!' But she didn't walk away.

It hadn't occurred to me that what I was doing with these girls could be affecting their sexuality-I was only thinking of it as a fun learning experience. 'It doesn't make you gay, Kate. But if it helps, if you want to come home with me, I swear I won't say a word.' That was actually mutually beneficial. I don't know how they would have handled it, but I was pretty sure if my school found out, they would have tried to expel me.

Two days later Kate gave me a ride home. She was more affluent than most kids at our school, and it was pretty hot shit that she already had a car. On the way, she told me that she'd become really close with Renee over the past few months. I asked her to define 'really close.' She blushed, and said, 'Close, like you guys were back in September.' Then she looked down at my crotch. I was playing my little game with the hem of my jeans, with a slight variation. I wasn't wearing underwear. 'You know, it's really obvious what you're doing. My brother is in your art class-he watches you all the time.'

It was my turn to be a little embarrassed. 'He watches? Wait, you talk about me with your brother??' I didn't know which was stranger. 'Just once. But he watches you all the time. You have art Tuesdays and Thursdays, last period, right? Every Tuesday and Thursday he comes home and locks himself in his room for fifteen minutes. I had to know what he was jacking over. Haha, turns out its you!' I didn't have to look down to know that I was super wet. I fancied the idea of being watched.

Kate pulled over at a park I'd never been to before. 'What's this?' I asked. She just shot me a violent 'don't-challenge-me' look and kept driving until the park got woodsy. Finally she pulled over. Still not talking she went to her trunk, pulled out a blanket, and started walking, motioning for me to follow. She found a kind of sunken, abandoned area and laid down her blanket. Outside, really? It was only March, and I don't like to be cold.

Before I knew it she was behind me with her arms around me. I felt her hot breath in my ear. 'Lay down,' she commanded. It sent a shiver through my spine and for some reason, made me nervous. But I complied. She laid down with me and started caressing the hair near my face, and before I knew it her huge, soft lips were wrapped around mine. It felt so amazing that it didn't even occur to me that this was my first real kiss from a girl!

Her hands were everywhere, up my shirt caressing my breasts, between my legs, massaging through my wet jeans, and eventually, unbuttoning them. Kate wriggled them down to about my knees and stopped. For some reason, I was incredibly turned on by the idea of doing this with most of my clothes on, quick-and-dirty style. I pushed my hips up at her and rubbed my clit as she fondled me. She stopped my hand and made a motion like she wanted to go down on me, but I stopped her. I wasn't ready for that yet. So she continued to allow me to rub myself and she teased my opening with a finger. I was practically an expert at teasing myself, and she enjoyed watching. She only penetrated me when I started to come on my own, and I was so wet that her finger just slipped in and out with hardly any friction at all, but the sensation was amazing! It occurred to me that she knew exactly what she was doing but at the moment, I didn't care.

I grabbed for Kate almost instantly and pulled her jeans down the same as she'd done to me. Her pussy was completely smooth, and although I kept mine super trim, this was the first one I'd seen that was totally smooth. It was amazing, and for a brief second, I regretted my 'no oral' contract. She watched me as she dipped a finger into her pussy, then spread it all over her outer lips just to show me how wet she was. Everytime she dipped her finger in, she moaned, letting her head fall back, she would arch her back-it was incredibly sexy (although I know now she probably got that from watching girls in porn).

I jumped in and allowed my fingers to take over for hers, finding her swollen clit and rubbing lazy 8's around it. Every now and then I would stop and rub my whole hand over her whole pussy; I knew I'd be going home that night to shave mine down to be just like hers. She wouldn't let me hold her off long though; she grabbed one of my hands and put it right at her opening, making it clear what she wanted. I used two fingers at first, then three when Kate cried for more. She shook violently when she came. She was so wet, I had her fluid running down to my elbow.

She pulled me in for a kiss again, but even through my post-orgasm euphoria, I remember thinking 'this run is definitely over.' Can't explain it, maybe I felt like we were growing up, but by kissing, we were upping the ante on the intimacy level, and I barely knew Kate.

I wouldn't change my experiences with these four girls for anything, though. Each was a little different, and I really miss those days of being 15 and 16-when girls were just soaked at the drop of a hat. I still use these memories when I masturbate today. I should point out that none of these girls grew up to be gay-none that is, except for Kate, who clearly had her mind made up before she ever sought me out. We never dated, but our 10-year high school reunion is coming up, I think I might just have to seek her out to see what I missed out on all those years ago!



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