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Playing With Friends (2/3)

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Thanks for the positive feedback on the first instalment. If you missed it, catch up with us by using the link:



There were a lot of drawbacks to growing up in Alabama, one being that our school system had virtually zero sex education. Really, we didn't even get abstinence-only lectures. Another big one is that the sale and distribution of vibrators was illegal, even as a novelty.

Luckily for me, I spent my winter break that year with my Dad who lives in Maryland. It was my intent to buy four vibrators, one for me, and one for each of my closest friends. The day I bought the toys, I wore my stepmom's clothes to look older. I didn't know if they'd card me or not, but lucky me I emerged with four (lower end) toys! I was really paranoid about using mine while still at my dad's (low end vibes back then sounded like lawnmowers), so I waited till I got back home.

My friend Melanie seemed over the moon about my gift! But it was short-lived. I don't remember if she showed it to her mom, or her mom found it while cleaning, or maybe she heard Mel through the wall, but within a week her vibe was confiscated. Her mom was furious at me for giving her the toy. She said she understood we'd pleasure ourselves, but we were too young for toys. She said smuggling the toys into the state and distributing them we could be prosecuted the same way as running drugs, and it was especially risky since I'd flown with them in my bags.

Mel's mom had me crying and begging her not to give me up to my parents. Thank god, she had mercy on me. Mel's vibe remained confiscated, but because she saw that she'd genuinely scared me senseless, she didn't say anything to my mom or any of the other girls' moms.

Surprisingly, I wasn't mad at Mel for telling her mom the truth, but she dodged me for weeks anyway. When she finally got the courage to come back around, she wanted to apologize, but I told her to forget it, I was over it. But she just kept bringing it up. 'V. look, that thing ... it felt so great, and I really hate that I don't have it anymore. Do you think I could ... borrow yours? Just for one night!'

I thought she had to be kidding. It was the only one I had, and my clit was in love with it. I'd been practicing restraint techniques and was able to drive myself to the brink of orgasm about seven times before I gave in and came. Additionally, I couldn't bear to think what her mother would do to me if Mel got busted again. But I had an idea. 'Mel, you can use it. But it has to be at my house. My room is far away from my mom's room, you can be as loud as you want, but the vibe doesn't leave my house, agreed?' She didn't have to think long before she took the deal.

We'd arranged a 'sleepover' for that Friday night. When Mel got to my house she barely said hi to my mom before she bounded up the stairs to my room. We spent some time just talking, which of course with teenagers always leads to sex. I told her about my time with Renee, and how I thought about that frequently now when I touch myself, hoping she's doing the same. I told her when I passed Renee in the hallway, I would always look away, otherwise I'd get inappropriately wet-unless, of course, I wanted to be inappropriately wet. Mel seemed to like it when I talked about other girls, so I told her about Leila, and about my fantasies of other women.

Although she had her legs crossed on my bed, I could tell she was starting to squirm. So without further ado, I pulled out Gloria, my vibrator. It was long and cylindrical, with a dull, pointed tip. Ever the kind hostess, I let Mel use her first. She started like I usually do, with her pants and underwear still on. She held the vibe between her legs and closed her eyes, just letting the vibration take her away.

As I watched, I started to ride the seam of my jeans. It was something I'd been practicing with at school; when the seam was close enough to my crotch I could just lean forward in my desk and hit my clit perfectly. I never came at my desk, though. I usually just used it to tease myself all day long. I'd done it all day that day, so soon it became too much and I pulled my pants off so I could get a hand into my underwear.

Melanie noticed me advancing pretty nicely, so she offered me a turn with Gloria. I took it and rubbed over my underwear in a strong up and down motion, riding the shaft, and allowing the vibrations to flow through my entire pussy. I let out a deep moan and watched Mel's eyes get wide. She was massaging her clit through her underwear, which was soaked. I could tell she wanted the vibe back. I allowed myself to get almost to the point of orgasm and gave it back to her.

She took it, pressed it right on her clit, and started bucking wildly. She was grunting and groaning-the look in her glazed over eyes was almost scary, like she left her body. As soon as she was finished she dropped the vibe and groped for a pillow to cover her face. I grabbed the vibe and finished myself off, which only really took about 30 seconds.

When we recovered, I realized she was holding Gloria again, almost stroking it. When she caught my quizzical glance, she simply said, 'Ahhh, I really miss having one of these.'

We spent the rest of the night talking and masturbating; I showed her how I liked it with my hands, which was something she'd never mastered. When it was time to sleep, I think that was one of the deepest and most restful sleeps I've ever had.

Four or five days later I was walking to my locker after third period and got the rudest awakening of my life. The guidance counselor, Miss Kline, was standing by my locker as a security guard I didn't know was tossing the contents of my locker into a bin. 'V. we need to go to my office to talk,' she said. I guess you could consider my high school inner-city, so I'd seen a few locker raids, but never without a drug dog and police. I didn't know what to make of it.

In her office, Miss Kline seemed really uncomfortable. 'V., there's been some talk, and some teachers are concerned.' I felt my face flush and I felt like I was going to throw up as I realized what this was all about. I didn't know what to do. Fortunately, in my silence Miss Kline kept talking. 'There are rumors of a sex ring, kids having sex on campus, and selling illicit ... products. V., some of the teachers think you might know something about this.'

So that's what the locker search was for. Looking for sex paraphernalia. Miss Kline went on about the school board's policy on sex-I already knew their policy, it was that sex didn't exist. I still felt sick; the rumors I'd been so proud of were being blown out of proportion. I told Miss Kline I'd never had sex on campus or had anything to do with selling anyone anything, but with the way I knew my face must've looked, I don't blame her for not believing me.

In any case, my locker search came up empty (come on, I know better than that!), and with my denial and only hearsay to go on, she let me go with a very stern warning. I knew my fun afternoons with friends were definitely over.

Or so I thought.



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