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Playing With Dan, Once Again

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This is the final play date with Dan....


Dan and I haven't had a chance to have any time together since our last encounter in March. He and Kristina went on vacation and I've been very busy with my job. I've had started to think this was a sign Dan and I should just quit this little game before it got out of hand. Then, it happened again and I couldn't say no.

Dan and Kristina's daughter had a big birthday party last weekend. I think Kristina invited every person they knew because there must have been fifty people at the bash. I wanted to sneak out and go home early when Dan caught me and pulled me aside.

'Where do you think you're going?' Dan asked putting his hand on my arm and pulling me into the mudroom. I was instantly turned on.

'This is all a little too much for me, Dan. Tell Kristina I had a headache and I'm sorry I had to go home.' I was looking around trying to make sure we were alone.

'Nina, I've been missing you a lot. I'm sorry things didn't work out last month. I tried to make some time, but it just didn't happen. Nina, I need to be with you.' He whispered in my ear. His body was so close to mine, I could feel the erection growing in his khaki shorts as he brushed against my thigh.

'Dan,' I said pulling him into the powder room 'are you crazy? Someone is going to hear you and see us. Kristina will scratch my eyes out and take you to the cleaners. I don't think we can do this any more. It was great while it lasted, but I think we need to call it off.'

'Nina, everyone is outside and if I don't have some time with you soon, I don't want to think about it.' He said stroking my arm. 'Let's go upstairs.'

'Dan, this is not a good idea.' I looked him in the eye.

'Nina, meet me upstairs in the guest suite.' He gave me a peck on the cheek and slowly opened the door, making sure no one was outside. He turned and mouthed the words 'Meet me upstairs.' Then, he was gone.

I didn't know what to do. I had been very sexually frustrated for the past few weeks. Being with Dan always alleviated that frustration because he was always able to get me off. As much as I needed to get off, I knew this was not a good idea. I was going to go upstairs and tell him no.

I crept up the back staircase, making sure no one saw me and slipped into the guest suite, locking the door behind me. I turned around and Dan was sitting on the bed, in his boxers without a shirt. He was a sight to behold. His abs, more defined than before and he had a nice tan from doing yard work. If he weren't married to my best friend, I would have gone after him in a heartbeat.

'I wasn't sure you would come up here, but I'm glad you did because I've missed you Nina. Come sit with me on the bed.' He said as he patted the place next to him.

'Dan, I came to tell you we can't do this anymore. It's getting too risky and I'm getting too attached. Dan, I'm sorry, I just can't do this...' I started crying as I told him. It hurt to say what I knew was true.

He stood up and came to me, wrapping his arms around me and telling me it was okay. 'Nina, everything is okay, don't cry. Please don't cry.' Then, something totally unexpected happened, Dan kissed me on the lips, something we had done a million times before, but this time, it wasn't a friendly hello or goodbye kiss. It was a romantic kiss. One of those kisses that knocks the wind right out of you. I wanted to pull away from him, but it felt so good. His lips were like velvet and his tongue, when it entered my mouth and found my tongue, filled me with a desire I didn't know existed.

Dan's hands moved down my body and rested at my waist, he massaged my hips while he kissed me like I had never been kissed before. I was like clay in his hands. I knew this was wrong, but I didn't want it to stop.

We broke from our kiss and Dan looked at me. 'Oh, Nina, I don't know where that came from.' He said. 'I've imagined doing that before, but I never thought I'd have the chance to do it. Nina, I don't know what to say.'

'Dan, this has to be the last time we ever do this. Do you understand? We can't do this again. Ever. No matter how horny I get, or how horny you get, this is the last time this happens. You have to give me your word.'

'Nina, this is the last time we will ever do this, I promise.' He looked me in the eye and spoke clearly.

'Okay, with that cleared up, we'd better get moving because someone is going to realize we are gone. They will put it together and it figure out.'

We went over and sat down on the bed, not knowing what to do next. Dan leaned in and kissed me on the lips. It felt wonderful just as it had earlier. I moved my hands up his thighs and scooted in closer to him. His hands, which had been on my waist, were now travelling up my body, taking my shirt along with them. We broke apart so he could take my shirt off and quickly came back together. It was like we had a magnetic force inside our bodies bringing us together.

I eased him back on the bed and started to kiss his neck. Dan's hands were on my bra straps, pushing them down and unhooking it in one motion. His hands were moving around my back and he was trying to cup my breasts in his hands as I was kissing him.

'Nina, let me get you off first.' He whispered as I kissed his chest and started to slide my hand down the front of his boxers.

'Why? I think things are going really well right now.'

'Because it takes you longer to get off than me and we can't get caught.'

He was right. He knew how much longer it took me to get off. If I got him off first, it might be twenty minutes or longer before I came. If he got me off first, he would be ready to cum immediately. We could probably cum together if we timed it right.

'Okay, Dan.' I said still kissing his neck.

He sat me up and started kissing me and playing with my breasts. Dan has always been a boob man. He moved his lips down my neck and kissed my ears. I let out a few moans to let him know he was doing things just right. He took my each of my breasts in his mouth and sucked on them and flicked my nipples with his tongue. It was amazing. Dan really knew how to please a woman. Every sense in my body was heightened and I felt things with a thousand times more intensity than I had ever felt them in my life.

As he was suckling my breasts, his hands moved down and unbuttoned my shorts. I was glad I had chosen my little black lacy panties when I got dressed, because someone besides me was actually seeing them.

'Lie down, Nina.' He whispered and I obeyed his command. Dan sat up and my shorts came off.

Dan quickly came back to me and began kissing me. His hand travelled to my panties and he started to rub me through the thin fabric. He had never done this before. It had always been off limits.

'Dan, what are you doing?' I said as I ran my fingers through his hair.

'Playing.' He said.

'You've never touched me there before. Remember, I do that for myself and you, well, you take care of yourself.'

'Nina, I have wanted to do this for a long time. Since we said we aren't doing this again, why not let me have some fun this time? I know you haven't been having any help down there lately, why not let me do this just this once?' Then, before I could say anything, he slid my panties aside and two fingers rubbed my very wet clit.

'Oh, fuck, Dan.' Was all I could say. I had never let anyone do that to me and now, it was happening, with my best friend's husband, in the guest suite at their child's birthday party. I felt like a trampy slut, but at the same time, I was feeling the most sexual pleasure I had ever felt in my life.

He kissed my stomach and continued to move his fingers in and out of my vagina. I could feel myself becoming more excited with every thrust of his fingers. I didn't care who Dan was, I just liked what he was doing. I could hear myself moaning but I didn't know where it was coming from, all I knew was it prompted Dan to continue what he was doing and that was a good thing.

Dan reached up with his free hand and began to massage my breasts. I loved how he would roll my nipples between his fingers and give them a little pinch as his fingers banged my hole.

'Do you like that Nina?' he asked as he kissed my stomach again.

I couldn't even talk because I was enjoying myself so much. I nodded my head and moaned a little while I ran my hand down Dan's head and squeezed his shoulder to show my approval. I could feel my orgasm building inside and I knew it was going to be very powerful. Dan could sense it too and he started to rub my clit with his thumb to heat things up.

'Oh, fuck Dan....uh, uh, uh, babe....' Were the word that came from my mouth. Dan was definitely skilled in his techniques.

'Are you close?' He asked as he slowed his rhythm just a little.

'Uh, huh....'

'Are you ready?'


Dan took that as a yes. He sat up on his knees and straddled my legs. His perfect ass my touching my feet and I had a full view of his amazing cock and beautiful body. He leaned over just a bit and continued to slide his fingers in and out of me. He put his other hand on my lower stomach, just above my throbbing pussy and pushed down gently. When he did this, I almost exploded. I could feel his fingers hitting my g spot and I knew I was a goner.

Dan must have sensed it too because he leaned in and kissed me quickly as he sped up his pace. I could feel every inch of his fingers inside my body, I could smell his cologne, I could feel his hard cock pressing against my thighs. I tightened all the muscles in my body, hoping to prolong the inevitable, but it wasn't any use. Suddenly, I felt this surge of electricity flow from my vagina and spread out through my whole body. I arched my back and slammed my body against Dan's hand and screamed out something that didn't sound human. I felt my vagina clench around Dan's fingers and it was like I was being set free. I felt my body come down from my orgasm and I felt at peace.

Dan fell on top of me as I came down from my orgasm. I liked the way it felt having him next to me. The smell of his cologne, the way his breath felt on my neck, how he stroked my body and kissed me. I could have stayed in that moment for the rest of my life. But, we didn't have time. The clock was against us.

I looked at Dan, as he kissed my shoulder. He smiled this coy little smile as to say he was proud of himself for bringing me to orgasm. I felt him growing harder against my thigh with each passing second. Without saying as much as a word, I sat up and Dan lay down on the bed where I had been. I straddled his legs and planted myself in front of his beautiful cock. It was screaming for my attention.

I wrapped my hands around his cock and began to slowly stroke him up and down. I made sure to pay attention to his balls. I kneaded them gently and then moved my hand back up his shaft. When I got to the head again, I made a point to take my time and run my fingers gently around the tip several times. Each time I did this, the tip of Dan's cock became a darker shade of red. I kept my finger there, running small circles around his tip, while my other hand went slowly up and down the length of his ever growing dick.

'Nina, I'm getting close.'

I was proud of myself for getting him so close, so fast. Although, he was already quite turned on from getting me off, so I knew this wouldn't be hard.

'Dan, what are we going to do when you cum?' We were totally unprepared for this. The first time we played together, we were in the shower. The second time we played together, we had a condom. This time, we didn't have anything and considering how much Dan came the first two times we played together, I knew we needed to be prepared.

'Get a wash cloth from the bathroom. Hurry, because I'm really close.'

I jumped up and got a wash cloth from the guest bathroom and went back to the bed. I resumed my position and picked up where I had left off. Dan was smiling and closing his eyes as I stroked him.

'Nina, I need to touch you.' He said as his hand reached up and caressed my stomach and found my left breast. He began to knead and pinch my nipple as he moaned lightly.

I sped up my strokes and moved my other hand to his balls. When I did this Dan opened his eyes and looked at me. 'I'm getting really close' was all he could say. I picked up the wash cloth and put it on his stomach. I started using a combination of stroking speeds, fast, fast, fast, then slow, slow. I kept this up until finally Dan looked like he could take no more. I took my hand from his balls and picked up the wash cloth. I put it over his cock and started moving my hand very quickly up and down his cock. In a matter of seconds, Dan said 'Nina, I'm cumming' and he shot his load into the wash cloth.

His hand dropped from my breast and Dan was quiet for a few seconds. He opened his eyes and looked at me. A smile came to his lips. He started to say something then stopped.

I moved off his legs and stood up. I went to the bathroom and rinsed out the cum filled wash cloth. As I was standing there, Dan came in behind me. He put his arms around me and kissed my neck.

'Are you sure we can't do this again?'

As much as I wanted to say no, we could keep up this little play date game, I told me 'Yes, I'm sure we can't do this again. We agreed. No more playing together. Someone will get hurt.'

Dan turned me around and kissed me. He felt my body with his hands one more time and then he backed away from me. He turned to leave the bathroom and went back into the guest room.

We both got dressed in silence. It was all over. No more playing. No more helping each other out. We had crossed a line and now we were attempting to go back. Dan was no longer the big brother I never had, now he was the lover I wanted but couldn't have because he belonged to someone else.

'Nina, we won't mention any of this to Kristina. Right?'

'Mention what to Kristina?' I asked him.

'Exactly.' He said. 'Nina, I do love Kristina. I want you to know that. I love her more than anything in the world.'

'Dan, I know you love her. I never doubted that. We just sort of happened. That doesn't diminish the love you have for her.'

'Nina, thanks for everything.' He said looking me in the eye.

'No, Dan, thank you.'

Dan left the room and I waited several minutes before I went downstairs. I took the wet wash cloth with me and stuffed it in my bag. I didn't want to leave any evidence of what happened behind. That would only cause a lot of heartbreak and that was never my intention.

It's been about a month and a half since our little romp in the guest room and Dan and I have not talked about it, nor have we brought up rekindling our little play dates. Actually, Dan and Kristina set me up with one of Dan's colleagues and things are going very well. So, things have worked out for the best so far and I owe Dan a big thanks for awakening a side of me I never knew existed.



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