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Playing With C - Part One

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I have enjoyed the stories on Solo Touch for several years now and I finally decided to contribute a story of my own. I began writing this account on a transatlantic flight, as it seemed like a good way to pass the time and to distract myself from the boredom and discomfort of spending almost twelve hours in a noisy tin can.

The encounter I am describing happened about ten years ago when I was in my early thirties. I had just broken up with a girlfriend of four years after finally admitting to myself that I was not ready to get married again. (I had married my high school sweetheart when I was 19, a passionate, if premature relationship that ended in an amicable divorce eight years later). Following the break up with my girlfriend, I became involved in online chatting as a way to relieve my loneliness and to experiment with a new form of sexual intimacy that seemed less demanding than a real, three-dimensional relationship.

Several times a week I would log onto my account and spend hours chatting with people all over the country. Some of these conversations were non-sexual, just friendly exchanges about all kinds of things that two strangers might discuss in the dead of night. Gradually, though, I would spend more time in the 'Adult' chat rooms, exchanging sexual fantasies, masturbation experiences and eventually even phone sex with all kinds of people. (This seems to be where most people who submit stories find it necessary to say something about their sexual orientation, so I will do the same. I have a strong preference for women, but I have been sexually attracted to men. I have not acted on that attraction (yet). I don't know (and don't care) whether that makes me bi or plain 'sexual,' but there you have it.)

I met C online. At first we just chatted about neutral things but gradually we felt comfortable enough to talk about our sexualities. She was ten years younger than I was, and she, too, had recently broken up with someone. She told me that she had a very strong sex drive and that she often masturbated several times a day. She wasn't too upset about her breakup but she really missed the sex. Soon, we were sharing the most intimate details of our solo practices during long online chats at night. Even though we were very open with each other in many ways, she did not tell me where she lived. She asked that I not try to find out anything about her location and background unless she decided to disclose this information herself. I respected her request although I did tell her where I lived.

C had the most active solo sex life of anyone I have ever met. She was also completely open and at ease about all aspects of her sexuality, something I much admired in her. She mentioned that she enjoyed and needed sex as much as any guy and would not dream of apologizing for that or feeling guilty about it. She had a wide range of masturbation practices, ranging from the 'normal' to the 'unusual.'

She loved inserting a vibrator into her pussy and increasing its speed while she made faster and faster circles over her clit with one or two fingers. When she had enough leisure, she would tease herself in this way for long stretches of time, getting closer and closer to her orgasm and then slowing down and backing off to savour the sensations until she finally could no longer stand it and had to make herself come. She told me that she was very visual and often masturbated in her bed in front of a large mirror. She loved looking at herself, all worked up, her fingers in the folds of her swollen, wet pussy, pinching her nipples, her vibrator humming its pleasure deep inside her. She was multi-orgasmic and would sometimes lose track of how often she would come in one session.

Naturally, we soon began to masturbate together online. She liked hearing me describe how I liked to stroke my cock, pulling back my foreskin to reveal the deep purple head, clear drops of pre-cum emerging and then leaking from my opening as I became more and more aroused. Sometimes she would tell me to taste myself, asking me to describe the tangy, salty-sweet sensation that lingered on my tongue. She was fascinated by the fact that I was not circumcised. She wondered how it felt and looked to slide the foreskin back and forth, slowly or fast, but always pulling it back hard all the way as I climaxed. Sometimes she would masturbate with me, but often she would delay her orgasms until I came, getting aroused by the descriptions of my pleasure. We found out that we both liked to take our time, sometimes spending an hour or more before finally giving in to the craving for a release.

Sometimes our sessions focused on physical details, like the sound her pussy made when she was really wet, the changes in her scent as she got closer and closer to coming, or the amount of come I may have shot and how far it splashed on my chest during a particular intense orgasm. We talked about all of those things in extreme detail. Just as often we would share fantasies about things we wanted to try; different positions, having sex with more than one person, getting caught while making love in a car, having sex with a partner of the same gender while the other person watched, the gamut of things two horny, single people might talk about while shielded by the anonymity of their computer terminals. Always, though, we would talk about actually watching each other masturbate, something neither of us had done with any of our previous partners for some reason. In the end, that became our most cherished fantasy.

My online relationship with C went on for several weeks, becoming progressively more open and intimate. I suppose the medium of computer chat is especially conducive to this. Online, no one knows who or where you are, and there are none of the usual feelings of shyness and awkwardness that accompany a real flesh and blood relationship. (Not that I recommend settling for a 'virtual' love or sex life, but sometimes it can be a welcome distraction). C and I shared everything and after a while I felt like I knew her better than many 'real' lovers I'd had.

I knew how and where she liked to have her clit touched, how aroused she could get just from having her nipples licked and sucked, knew where her g-spot was located and that she had to touch herself in order to come when making love. I knew she enjoyed oral sex, both giving and receiving, what positions gave her the most pleasure (being on top while touching her clit and the 'turtles position' as she called being on her hands and knees). She would get very verbal when she masturbated and came. It was an extremely pleasurable distraction and I would look forward to our late night sessions, daydreaming about her at work until my cock was throbbing and wet with pre-cum.

As time went on, I became more and more curious about C as a person, wondering what she looked like, what she did for a living and, mostly, where she lived. Little by little C began to disclose a few things about herself that weren't part of our sexual games. Always though, she was careful not to tell me where she lived, implying that it was a city far from my own location. Once, during an especially intense session, we traded pictures of ourselves. Her photo revealed an attractive, dark haired girl, with olive skin and a very sensuous smile. Unfortunately, the upper half of her face had been altered on the picture to make her unrecognizable. Seeing her picture only fuelled my fantasies as I could easily imagine myself making passionate love to her, trying out all the fantasies we had shared in the previous weeks. I was especially curious about masturbating with her.

As it turned out, I was not alone in my curiosity and the temptation to turn fantasy into reality. More and more, C hinted that she was tempted to take our online relationship '3d' as the jargon goes. Still, I was shocked when I opened my e-mail program one night to find the following message from C:

'This is making me crazy. I can't think about anything else anymore. I live in City X too. When can I see you? C.'

My hands were literally shaking when I typed out my reply, suggesting a meeting that night. We spoke on the telephone for the first time that day, her voice warm and inviting, giving me directions to her apartment which was no more than a couple of miles from my place. I was speeding in my car all the way there.

C lived in an apartment building not far from where I had gone to school. It is possible that we had even passed each other on campus when we had both been students at the University, albeit at very different stages in our education. When I climbed the stairs to her flat, my heart was racing, my face felt warm and I was filled with nervous, sexual energy. I have always loved the moment before I become intimate with another person for the first time, that sense of the possibilities. Here, I would also meet a partner for the first time, which only heightened my anticipation.

When I rang the bell to C's place, the sensation was deliciously intense. She opened the door and said 'Hi' and I was immediately attracted to her. She looked even prettier than she had in her picture, alert eyes, very young and in good shape, a stunning set of pert C tits pushing beautifully against a thin, white t-shirt. She gave me a nice, long hug and sat me down on a dark leather sofa that dominated the large, sparsely (yet tastefully) furnished living room of her flat. We chatted for a few minutes. I asked her if she still felt comfortable having me there and she said 'Very much so. I always like this moment, when something is about to happen and you savour those moments right before for as long as you can take it.' Just how I felt. I leaned over to her and we kissed, taking our time to finish. We both started to get into kissing but then we also remembered that we had agreed to fulfill our favorite fantasy about masturbating together first. That had always been something we felt very strongly about and we had agreed that we would share a solo moment as long as we felt safe and comfortable with each other, just in case we decided not to see each other again. (Happily, we were actually very attracted to each other from the beginning as we each later admitted to the other.)

With that, C leaned back on the couch and got comfortable and I did the same. We had scripted this scene in great detail ahead of time. It was almost difficult to believe this was going to happen. We began to slowly remove our clothes, watching each other very closely. Only her t-shirt and white cotton panties and my briefs remained. She parted her legs a bit and I could detect a moist spot between her legs. My cock was hard, straining against the fabric of my underwear. She rested one hand on her thigh while the other rubbed her flat belly, slowly moving under her shirt and up to her breasts. She cupped one breast in her palm, lifting it a little, her thumb gliding once over the nipple, leaving it firm and erect and then moving to the other side to do the same thing again. I alternated between watching her hand and looking up into her eyes. The tension felt wonderful. She leaned forward a bit and then pulled her shirt over her head, revealing a pair of perfectly shaped 36 C tits. She smiled at me and went back to massaging her nipples between her forefinger and thumb, teasing them to their full size. My cock jumped. C looked at me and nodded in encouragement. I lifted my hips and pulled my briefs down. My cock was fully erect, my foreskin covering the head, which was already wet with precum.

C let out a small sigh when she saw me naked and then slowly, slowly pulled down her panties. She dropped her underwear to the floor and looked at me again. Finally, she opened her legs, revealing her perfectly trimmed, dark bush. Her labia were slightly parted and glistened even in the dim light. The sight made my cock pulse. My hand moved down to my shaft and I slowly pulled my foreskin back, revealing my wet, dark red head. I don't remember ever being so hard and aroused. The sensation of that first stroke was exquisite and I did not dare repeat it for fear of getting too hot even though I was aching for it. C smiled at me and licked her lower lip. Her hand let go of her nipple and moved down to her bush. Very slowly, her middle finger traced lightly over her pussy lips, teasing herself and me at the same time. She repeated this up and down stroke a few times until I noticed her lips parting on their own, revealing the pink, moist shaft of C's clit. I was captivated, instinctively stroking myself, stretching my foreskin all the way back.

Finally, after what must have been 10 or 15 minutes of the most excruciating tease, C reached down with her other hand and spread the lips of her cunt fully open. I must have groaned involuntarily at the sight of the most beautiful, dark red, soaking wet, flowering pussy. C's clit was huge, fully engorged; almost like a small cock. C switched from making up and down movements over her slit to making small circles directly over her clit. I could clearly see her juices running out of her opening and down her inner thighs. From time to time, C would scoop up some of the fluid and spread it over her clit. I could her the wet, sloshing sounds of her fingers, which were now moving at increasing speed first over her clit and then her entire sex. C was groaning, biting her lower lip, lost in her own world of pleasure.

My own strokes became more purposeful, teasing and then speeding up, the craving for a release becoming stronger, wanting it but also wanting to prolong the sweetness and sheer intensity of this unusual encounter. 'I love watching you,' C said, 'I don't think I have ever been so wet and hot before. I love having your eyes on me. So hungry, like you are eating my pussy with your eyes. I am getting so close already.' So was I. My ache for a release was getting very strong. It felt like we had been playing for a long time even though in reality we had probably not been going for more that 30 or 40 minutes. As I was watching her, C's body went rigid and the hand over her pussy started to speed up until she reached a frantic pace. C let out a low, almost animal like groan and closed her eyes for the first time. Her stomach muscle clenched and she finally started to cum with a loud series of moans. Her first contraction expelled a small but very noticeable amount of fluid, followed by a steady stream of juice that soaked the folded towel she had placed under her butt. After a long time, her contractions seemed to subside and I expected her to stop, but C kept circling her clit almost at the same speed and then very quickly she came again. Amazingly, she was able to keep this pace up, her hands flying over her clit and pussy, the intervals between wet, pulsing orgasm getting shorter and shorter. I completely forgot about my own pleasure and stopped stroking myself while watching the spectacle of C abandoning herself to orgasm after orgasm. After a while, distinct climaxes seemed to merge into one prolonged continuous wave of pleasure, C groaning and clenching her teeth, her whole body contracting. Finally, after what must have been at least a dozen orgasms, C slowed down, stopped rubbing her pussy and began to gently massage her belly. She opened her eyes again and smiled at me. 'That was really wonderful,' she said.

My cock was still fully hard and I realised that I had not yet cum and was just dying for a release. My entire shaft was coated slick with precum. [To be continued ... ]



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