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Playing Strip Poker and 30 Seconds

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True Story


I live in Johannesburg South Africa and was married to my first wife Rozzie at the time that all this happened. We would visit our freinds Mary and William at least every 2-3 weeks for an evening of supper and drinking beer and wine.

One evening, I forget who suggested we play strip poker, but I very quickly got out the poker dice. We would each throw the dice, remembering who was the lowest and had to remove an article of clothing. This is a far quicker game then using cards and very soon we were all naked.

None of us wanted to get dressed so it was then suggested that the losing throw must do a forfit. The forfit would be described and chosen by the winning dice thrower. At first they were quite tame, like bend over and show your arse-hole, dance on a chair, and do the splits, etc.

Then Mary won and I lost. Mary said I had to masturbate myself for 30 seconds but must not cum.

And so the game of 30 seconds was born.

I was already erect, oozing pre-cum and quite happy to wank in front of them. The most difficult part was not to cum and then to stop wanking after the others had counted to 30.

From there on the forfit was for the loser to wank for 30 seconds, but the watchers were not allowed to touch themselves. We were all getting quite turned on by now and were becoming more and more turned on by not being able to touch ourselves when we were the 'winners'.

We then realized that the 'losers' were having all the fun and it was suggested that the winning throw be masturbated by second and that the 2 remaining losers must watch and not touch themselves.

I won the first throw with William 2nd. Oh shit this had not been planned or discussed. The girls gleefully told me to lie back on the sofa and for Willy to get on with it. With much ribald commentary Willy took hold of my cock. 3 jerks, let alone 30 seconds and I sprayed cum all over my chest.

The 3 of them screamed with laughter, but I think that my cumming had got the ball really rolling.

Mary came next, with Rozzie's fingers in her cunt and was then followed by Rozzie with Mary's help. They had both said that Willy had to wait until they were finished as they wanted to watch me wank him.

That was not the end of the evening as we continued wanking each other and drinking wine for about another 3 hours. The wanking was not just boy on boy or girl on girl as we all mixed it up and wanked each other.

I remember cumming at least 4 times and Willy did as well. I don't know how many times the girls came but Rozzie was a squirter and she made quite a mess on the lounge suite and carpet.

My best cum was when Willy stuck his finger up my arse and it was really great watching the girls together.

Having had some gay adventures as a teenager I knew that I was bi-sexual to an extent, but did not realize that 2 couples could have so much fun all wanking each other.

About 2 weeks later we all met again and it was very quickly suggested that we get the dice out. Our future activities were not restricted to masturbation only, but may not be discussed on this site. The Poloroid camera was also brought out and some very good photos were taken. Pornography was banned in South Africa at this point in time so one had to use a Poloroid in order to have good wanking material.

I firmly believe that we are all bi-sexual to a greater or lesser extent and that it is only the frightend and unsure that yell the loudest against anything other then 'sraight'.

I have a few bi-sexual fuck films in my DVD library and am going now to watch one, stick a butt plug up my arse and have a damn good wank. Cheers



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