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Playing Sex Games

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I remember a few games my next door neighbor and I used to play when we were alone we had been friends for awhile and we would hang out as much as we could.We would wait till either one of us had the house to ourselves and call one another to come over it would just be a few minutes till we were together, so he called me and said everyone was gone and to come over. When I knocked on the door he opened it and let me in. Once inside I noticed that he was playing a video game and said I can play that he was going to use the bathroom. From where I was sitting the bathroom could be seeing,I noticed that he walked in dropped his pants around his ankles and started to pee with the door open which I thought was cool then I noticed that when he was done peeing he squeezed his butt then pulled up his pants and walked toward me knowing that I saw everything.


After walking out I asked if he always squeezed his butt when he was done peeing and he said yes and that it felt really good and that I should try it so I said ok.

I got up walked to the bathroom dropped my pants to my ankles like he did. That's when he walked up behind me and watched as I peed. As soon as I was done he squeezed my butt for me it was such a great feeling. I pulled up my pants and asked him if he ever did that to anyone and he said no but he wanted to. So I asked him if he wanted to play a game so that we could do it to each other and he agreed so we went upstairs to his room and he asked what game we were gunna play? I told him that I was gunna be a guy and he was gunna be the girl and that we had to get naked and rub our bodies on each other while laying down so our dicks could rub together. He said ok and we both stripped down.

He lay on the bottom and I laid on top and we started to move side to side and up and down with our dicks mashing together it felt great. Then I reached under him and started squeezing his butt like he did to me downstairs. Then he reached around me and did the same. We did this for about twenty minutes until he asked if I wanted to play another game that was really fun so I said ok.

As soon as I said ok he reached between us and started to stroke my Dick I was so hard and loving it so decided to take a hold of his Dick too we stroked each other for what felt like hours. That's when he said do you want to let our dicks kiss? That's when I said ok. He asked me to stand up and point my Dick straight out that's when he did the same and said to touch the tip of my Dick to his Dick and lightly move them together the feeling was intense and I needed to cum so I asked him if he ever tasted another Dick and he said no but wanted to try

So I said ok let's lay down head to feet like 69 and do it to each other at the same time he agreed and we lay down side by side. I reached out like him and slowly brought his Dick towards my mouth, he copied exactly like I did. I slowly licked the tip of him and he did the same, next I took the whole thing in my mouth and he copied me. We sucked each other for about a half hour having dry orgasm after dry orgasm until we finally decided we should get dressed before anyone returned. We played a lot more games like that every time we could. I'll tell you about that next time. Hope you enjoyed



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