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Playing Nurse

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My 55 year old neighbour Tim was in a car accident which left him bed-ridden for a few months. He is divorced and really doesn't have too much family in this area. Some friends took turns caring for him. He had medication to take, bandages to change, meals to be prepared, etc. etc. I'm married with two kids so my time was limited. I began to take the day shift while the kids were in school. We would sit around and watch soaps and game shows. One afternoon I decided to give him a sponge bath. He hadn't had one in a few days and he was happy that I offered. It was an innocent thing. I didn't see anything wrong when I gently washed his crotch area with the warm soapy washcloth.

A couple of days later on my next vist, I walked into his bedroom and he was in the middle of something. To my surprise he was stroking himself. A VERY awkward situation. Both of us blushed a deep red as we mumbled 'Sorry' in unison. I don't know what went into my head but asked, 'May I help you with that?' That really caught him off guard. I sat beside him on the bed and took his rigid cock into my hand. He let out a small gasp as I slowly stroked it. I had held it in my hand a few days ago when it was limp. Now that I saw it hard I was kinda amazed. For an older man he was in prime physical shape in that area. I reached one hand under his ball sack and wrapped the other around his swollen knob. Having it in my hand sent a charge though me like no other. I became instantly wet. I gave it a good stroking. He moaned deeply the entire time.

Then as if I wasn't naughty enough, I took my blouse off and unhooked my bra. I knew the sight of my 42DD tits would finish the trick. I then jacked him with a quick firm stroke. Just as I did he whispered my name over and over. I felt his shaft thicken. I knew he was there. I then noticed his eyes rolling around. He groaned loudly and his body stiffened. I pumped his pole and took a few huge globs of hot juice on my cheek and neck. The remaining shots sprinkled my tits. His cock throbbed in my hand. I never had any other man's cock. At this point I was horny as hell. I had a nice little wet spot in my panties and my pussy was hot, ready to be filled. His right hand was in a cast that exposed his two middle fingers. I pulled my jeans and panties down and laid across him in a way that he could access my twat with his fingers.

I took both fingers with ease and humped away in a slow grind. It didn't take but a few seconds for him to make me explode into a series of mini-orgasmic convulsions. I rested on top of him for a long time as we caught our breath. I then took a shower since my face and tits was a mess of sweat and cum. We agreed for it to be a one time event, but that didn't last. For the next 7 weeks I assisted him in his masturbatory duties. Now he is walking around on his own and providing for himself. I still visit maybe a couple of times a month. We don't do anything but we still make comments about how I played nurse. I wonder what kind of action he got with any of the other female friends that cared for him during those months.



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